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1991 CBR 600 F2 problem, I need help.

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Default 1991 CBR 600 F2 problem, I need help.

I just bought a 91 F2 about a month and a half ago. For about 3 weeks or so, I was riding it around no problems, enjoying my first bike with the heat we have been getting. I then tried to ride it on the highway, and about a half an hour into my trip the bike acted weird. I would open my throttle to accelerate and nothing would happen, the bike kept slowing down and when it got to a stop, it shut off. When i tried starting it, the bike was making clicking noises like the battery was dead. Me, being young and having a first bike, replaced the battery and stator thinking the problem was those two because the stator might have been not sparking the plugs, or might not have been charging the battery. $300 later, and a few scars, the bike started right up. I rode it around for about a half an hour again and it died and was having the same acceleration problems. Instead of paying $80 an hour to fix it, I figured Id ask someone who knew what the problem might be. Help me please

The fuel Petcock is slowly dripping fuel, but I don't think thats the problem. Thats my next project for this bike.
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I'm going to guess -> reg/rec failure.

I know, I know, there's never been a recorded instance of an F2 reg/rec failing before.

But that's my answer. And I'm sticking to it.
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If it's that hot and missing a heat shield it could have melted some wires. Worth checking out
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Just a general comment, NEVER start by just replacing stuff that you think might have gone bad. Test and then replace. The stator has specifications that only require an ohmmeter to check and the battery can be tested by any shop that sells batteries.

That being said, riding around with your new battery does make it sound like something is not charging so do check the charging system. Charge the battery, fire it up, put a volt meter on the battery, and see if you are getting more than 12V (Harley's charge at just over 14V, not sure about the Hondas but should be similar). If not, then regulator or wiring.
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Originally Posted by Phil314 View Post
I'm going to guess -> reg/rec failure.

I know, I know, there's never been a recorded instance of an F2 reg/rec failing before.

But that's my answer. And I'm sticking to it.
I'm with you on this one. A regulator/rectifier is a component that will likely go bad at some point. Once the battery has been confirmed good, the reg/rec is the next most likely culprit. The only stators I've ever had fail were due to physical damage. One was on a CB750F that had tipped over onto its engine case. The others were on old Brit bikes where it's a miracle if they worked in the first place.
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Do you have a electrical meter or maybe borrow one ?
Your reg/rect unit is normally bolted to your rear subframe. Follow the cable back to the connector which will probably be under your seat and check for possible heat damage.
The cables coming from your unit could be checked here with a multimeter if you have one. Unplug it, and you will probably find continuity between two of the cables.
Best of luck mate

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