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cane streetfighter Build input please!

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Default cane streetfighter Build input please!

hey guys im new to the forum and honda motorcycles, im just gonna list the parts ive bought and what im going to get and ask a few questions regarding transferring parts from newer bikes and whatnot.

what im starting with is an 87 hurricane 600f with 11k on it used to be a race bike so im just going to streetfighter it.

already bought the Trail Tech Vapor Digital dash kit, Spark advancer, full D&D exhaust, chain+Sprocket set (520 chain -1,+2) 150 70r17 rear tire and a 110 70r17 front tire, ebc brake pads, K&N Filter, Dynojet jet kit, ebay front headlight (Streetfighter)..... i know these bikes only made 85 hp or whatever but im just wondering where i will be after i finish installing all the parts i bought, im not expecting a rocket but just more than it was lol

im also looking at an 03 600rr tail and seats is that a fairly straight forward swap?? and i plan on doing an f2 rear swingarm so i can put a 170 rear tire in the back ,and 95 900rr front forks so i can get a 120 front tire anyone heard of any other front fork swaps the only reason i say 900rr is because i read somewhere they are the same diameter tubes.

Input pleaseee!
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welcome to cbrf, and welcome to the fighter section.

as far as hp, you might be able to get close to 85 hp, but you won't get much more out of it since its an older motor that has been raced. as the engines wear, they lose a lot of power. it all depends on how you jet the thing. however, dont get caught up in power numbers, 85 hp is still enough power to get you into trouble, so don't worry about it.

as far as the headlight. if its one of the tawainese ones.... you should start thinkin bout finding a new headlight. mine only lasted 3 months before it melted and i was running cooler bulbs than it came with... plus it blew bulbs almost every other day. and they're impossible to find unless you have a scooter store near you (you can get them on ebay though).

as far as the front end, don't do a 900rr. you're going to be making harder to find a front tire for you because they carry a 16in. rim. almost everyone else runs a 17in. rim. it'll be a bitch to find tires for. here's a site that'll help you out though as far as front end swaps go... . have fun with that

o, put up some pics. i'm sure your bike is going to be sweet as hell.
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If you want to do a fork swap do a complete front end -- forks, triples, front wheel, everything -- not just the tubes, caliper mounts etc won't be the same and nothing will work. Whoever told you the 900rr forks are the same diameter was sniffing glue, they're not even close. However, steering stem size is the same for all CBRs so a complete front end will bolt right on.

You might want to consider an F4i front end like I did -- not USD forks, but still a huge upgrade over stock. And parts are easy to find because all the F4i guys want to swap to 600rr parts
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so what year f4i do i want the complete front end off of?? ill need the tubes, triples, clip ons, calipers, and rim with rotors right? also a turbocharger might be in the works for this thing, in the mean time before i swap the rear swing arm how can i lower the rear an inch or so i feel like it sits to high, keep in mind the whole reason for the front end conversion is because i want bigger and better brakes, the tiny f1 rotors arnt doing it for me lol plus they are fixed not semi floating!

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Any complete front end from anything with a "CBR" in its name will work. Except the 1100XX; it will still bolt on, but the forks are longer and will raise the front end. Plus you'd have to get a delinking kit for the brakes.
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ok so now that i know im going with an f2 rear swigarm setup as long as the f2 rear rim will take a 180 60 17 tire, an f4i front fork setup, a 600rr tail section w/ integrated taillight, and an aztec8 front light and windscreen, the new question is about the motor, what is interchangeable, it will have to be carbd, i have fabrication expeiernce, and am good at welding, the frame is steel so i can mig and bend whatever i have to, i just need more power then this is going to give me, and saying just go buy another bike doesnt work for me id rather build it myself its more satisfying. will a 1000f motor from the same year fit in this frame? or an f3 motor? any1 who knows the dimensions on the motor between the frame rails and will the countershaft be in the right spot to line up with the rear sprocket??? info please!
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I have a Taiwanese ebay POS front light. Mine melted in about 10 minutes.

Being stubborn and cheap (and liking the shape) I cracked the light open, and made little 'heat shields' out of an aluminium can, I have put 4000+ K's on since then and it is sweet.

The light output was terrible though, but I always planned on running some car driving lights for the 'real' high beam.

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