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How do you teach someone to ride a motorcycle?

Old 05-02-2010, 05:01 PM
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Default How do you teach someone to ride a motorcycle?

Hello, my brother wants to get a 600cc sports bike, and been wondering if he can practice on my 2001 f4i. I introduced him to the basics of the motorcycle, brakes, clutch, ect. Before sitting on my motorcycle he was already familar with some of the fundementals of riding; thanks to youtube. My question is, how do you start someone off on a 600cc sports bike? I stated on my ninja 250ex, and in a while moved to a 600cc sports bike. However he doesnt want to go on that path. I let him sit on the bike, and balance it at around 15 miles per hour, than practice stopping. I just hate all the little mistakes newbs do to the bikes like pop the gear down without the clutch, or almost forget the kickstand! it scares the crap outta me. Everyone i taught always hangs their feet behind them when the bike drags along, and they always wobble the handle bars and lean over to one direction causing the bike to run off the road. However after a while he learned to balance the bike, stop and go at 15 mphs. How do you teach someone to turn without risking the life of your beautiful pride and joy, honda cbr.
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send him to the MSF beginner course, and let him start out on one of their bikes. training new riders is what they do.
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You teach them by showing them where to sign up for an MSF course.
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  1. They're actual instructors so they tend to be better at getting ideas across
  2. They use a structured course which is better for practicing the things taught
  3. They have free 250cc bikes you won't wince or cry about when he drops them

He's your brother. It's your bike. You care about them both then stick him in a BRC. If it costs in your state, look at it this way: MSF fee vs new upper / lower fairing (if you're lucky).

PS: Bonus is you get to go watch, laugh and video it for posterity
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a bicycle??? lol No, go get a dirt bike for them to start on. its less expensive if it falls over. they will inevitably tip it over at least once.
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I suggest the MSF. Everyone and their dog told me to start on a 250, but I started on an f3 instead. MSF was definitely worth the $100, I took it two years ago and (most of it) stuck with me. I think it's much easier to learn from instructors than from family and friends.
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Dude, you gotta either send him to a course or teach him how to ride on an old dirtbike. A buddy tried to show me how to ride b4 I did the course and I dropped the bike....luckily it was a dirtbike but I did do a bit of damage to it. After the course I actually felt I knew how to ride and felt much more confident. Learning on a 600 is a bad idea for a thousand reasons.
Old 05-05-2010, 11:53 PM
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There are 2 ways, in my opinion, and they've both been said.
First way is to get him on an old dirtbike. I learned on a mini-trail, and then quickly moved to an XR80 when I was about 9yrs old. I learned real quick that falling on yer azz (then i did it repeatedly for years... )


send him to the MSF beginner course, and let him start out on one of their bikes. training new riders is what they do.
Definitely. Just like regener8ed said... "training new riders is what they do!"
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You send him to the MSF course where he'll be taught by pros.

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