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Who buys classic bikes and what do they do with them?

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Who buys classic bikes and what do they do with them?

Old 06-08-2019, 03:39 PM
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Default Who buys classic bikes and what do they do with them?

This is a strange question, but I guess I'm wondering who would want to buy an old classic bike.
If this were a Ferrari 288 GTO, the buyer would want to take it to shows and very rarely take it out otherwise.
For a very rare exotic supercar, I am picturing someone like Jay Leno or people in an exotic car club.

But for a 90's classic superbike, like a CBR900RR, or FZR1000 or a ZX7, I think you know the bikes I am talking about,
If you go down on one, getting the parts would not exactly be easy. Newer bikes are faster if performance is your number 1 concern.

There is a site called https://raresportbikesforsale.com/raresportbikes and I was just wondering about their typical buyers.
Do their buyers mostly put these bikes on display (in a garage or a shop)?

For me, I have my 94 CBR900RR kept in a shed and I sometimes do photoshoots with it. I don't like to ride it too much as I don't want to fix it.
If I had a big garage and tons of money, I would have it on display.

Anyways, who buys old superbikes and what do they do with them?
Or who would most be interested in buying a bike like mine?

Old 06-10-2019, 10:47 PM
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That, my friend, is beautiful bike.

A work of art? Yes. When do you ride it? How do you ride it? I'ts not a Vincent or some lost to time brand. It's a Honda.. Preserve it, for sure, but it's only transpo in my mind

It's a matter of perspective I suppose. Where I live and the matter in which I ride is and I confess I haven't done it recently, is the relationship between a cowboy and his horse..

If I take care of the old mare, she'll get me where I want to go and get us home.together. Through any weather and be in good spirits about it

Bikes can be art, but they're kinetic. Enjoy their energy ,

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Old 06-11-2019, 07:46 PM
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Thanks, I try to take care of it.
When not winterized, I ride it about once a week. Where do I ride it?--usually not more than 10 miles from its home.

Quite a poem on your part.

It is kinda weird, when I bought it, it was a year old. I bought a modern superbike and treated it with just as much respect from day one to day 8,910! heh I just googled how many days I had it--8,910!
But...I'm not sure I would have bought a 25 year old bike. I keep it because it is my work of art, and my friend from days ago. But other people may not see it the way I do. So I wonder who would be the person that would most want to take it now, because their relationship with it would be different than my relationship with it.
Old 06-15-2019, 04:53 AM
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Personally I think the difference between the car club you imagine , and someone that would buy a bike like yours?
the car would be bought for status , the bike would be bought for passion.
Not to say all these car collectors are just status seekers lol
For the record, if it were an option I would buy that bike of yours in a heart beat. thats a beautiful bike.

Mines not that old, shes only 18 yrs old , but I reached way back past a lot of newer bikes to buy her specifically.

I have a huge bay window (out of the house) it just sits in the garage has like 10 panes of glass and wraps around a bit.
When I store the bike for the winter I always put the bike in the corner with this window in front of it like its on display lol
My son always jokes about building a turn table for it, little does he know , when she's seen the last of the road thats exactly whats going to happen.

I think certain bikes just speak to some riders.
Ive known quite a few guys that will wheel and deal away bikes all the time, Ive always assumed they simply have no soul lol

I think bikes tend to be more personal than a car. Thats probably where most of the value will be found in older bikes.

I had a shot at an 1980 something Interceptor, to this day I kick myself in the *** for not grabbing it. Finding parts would likely be a pain but I could definitely see one of those sitting in my garage even if I never put a mile on it.
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