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Huge kick out of all the Anti Liter Bike talk

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Wink Huge kick out of all the Anti Liter Bike talk

It seems you cant pass a message board that Doesn't have a thing against liter Bikes and how even a 600 for a 1st bike is such a Huge error and oh-so dangerous.
I got a huge Kick a couple weeks ago in Laughlin where it seemed Every 5'3" tall 100lbs soaking wet chick was on either a 600 or mostly a 1000cc AND they were their 1st bikes.
Then out on a few runs they had NO Problem zipping their bikes around.)) Even tougher no problems in the parking lots either. I remember how once upon a time I was 1 butt-cheek on seat and 1 foot on ground when at a stop, and how quickly the position was normal at a light or such.
The manufacturers are on their campaign against starting on a full sized bike bc why have someone buy a bike as a 1st bike when they might like it just fine for the next 5-7yrs b4 buying another. When instead you 'should' buy a 125cc in June then a 350 in Aug. Then next spring or this fall get a 600 or bigger. I'm sure they'd also rather you get a 600 then 750 before a 1000.
Thinking come Vegas starting a Pro litre-bike campaign. I really got a kick out of from a distance with them tucked in nailing the turns you could see a riderless bike tearing up the road. lol Then the icing on the cake was seeing that 70% of them it was their starter-bike and for the other 30% most all had started on a 600. 1 had started on a Ninja-250 for 2yrs saving up for her CBR1000rr which she now rode. Only one who didn't start on a 600 or 1000 out of about 80 of them who by size alone you'd think all would be riding those 125s or 300s as they're a perfect size for them.

I really hate it when manufacturers put sales way above customer satisfaction, maybe even with could be acceptable, but I'd hope it'd be customer 1st in a better world.
To hear.. Well I took the 16hr rider safety course, and they had Ninja 250s and 500 Shadows for us to ride. After the course we had our bike license so went to the dealer who tried to sell me a 300, but I rode home on my new CBR1000rr and 1yr later I Still LUV IT!! Plus with the aftermarket computer, new exhaust, and new sprockets... NOW its really fast!! Said with a straight face as if their 1000s were not fast enough b4 the

Gave me such a chuckle..
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its really all about whether someone has any self control or not. you have to figure, most buyers of sport bikes are people in their 20's that think they need to impress everyone that looks at them. those people typically have little self control and end up riding way outside of their skill level and bad things happen.
financially, it doesnt make sense to start out on a small bike that you'll outgrow in a year, but for a new rider, the small bike is easier to handle and way more forgiving. not to mention that small bikes are an absolute blast to ride, its more fun to go fast on a slow bike, than slow on a fast bike.
but again, if you have self control, then what bike you ride doesnt really matter. if it suits your needs/wants then by all means.
as for the manufacturers, of course they care about sales, thats how they stay in business. they're always going to promote what is going to sell at any given time. if small bikes typically sell better in the spring, then you're going to see more adds and promotions for small bikes at the time of the year, if bigger bikes sell better later in the summer/fall, then they're gonna market the hell out of them at that point. its just business, and the manufacturer itself could care less about customer relations. all they do is fulfill orders from the distributers/marketers (ie American Honda Motor Co.) the factory that builds vehicles, and the company that sells them are typically two different entities.
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