CBR600RR runs like crap after 8 miles

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Default CBR600RR runs like crap after 8 miles

I recently bought a 2006 Honda cbr600rr and it ran great when I test drove it. After about 8 miles of driving it just starts riding like crap. I don't know much about this stuff but it seems like its running on 1 cylinder or something. I plan on taking it to a professional but I was just wondering if anyone could help before I spend the money. Thanks in advance!
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Could be something as simple as bad gas. Hard to tell without actually riding it or listening to what it's doing.
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I have ran through a couple tanks of gas already... Would I have to completely drain it all?
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It's probably running on 3 cylinders - sounds much worse than it really is.
Try running some Seafoam through the fuel, and see if it helps.

Look in the owner's manual - if you don't have one look in the manuals section for the 600RR. There's a section on "poor performance" or something like it which will give you some pointers.

No, I wouldn't drain all the gas, but I'd take all your plugs out and check for fouling.
Maybe a new set while you're in there.
There are a number of areas I would look if that doesn't solve the problem
1 Carbs - dirty jets
2 Blocked tank vent - try running the bike then when it starts running badly open the tank gas cap - if you hear a "whoosh" - the tank vent is blocked.
3 Sticking needle and seats in the carbs - insufficient fuel getting to the engine.

As Dub said there are sooooo many areas to look it's hard to tell without hearing the bike running, but the problem sounds "gas related"
Good luck with it.
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It doesn't have carbs but yeah running some seafoam through there is a good idea. See if that cleans it up. If not check for spark in each cylinder and like shadow said maybe put a new set since you'll be in there.
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As noted above - these are fuel injected bikes. Hard to diagnose without more details. Have you let the bike warm up before you start out? May be temp related. If it starts out strong through rpm range and pulls hard, then that would rule out a single plugged injector or bad spark plug.

If you are starting out with the bike cold then 8 miles may be how long it is taking to get up to full operating temp. Could have issue with fuel injection leaning out too much (should get leaner as temp climbs), or something in electrical system breaking down with heat. As noted earlier, looking at the spark plugs can tell you which cylinder has an issue. If none look different, then this may be a issue with the fuel filter, ECU or other sensors that provide inputs to the ECU.

A good bike shop should be able to quickly diagnose.
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