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New rider: Basic what "NOT" to do? (s)

Old 06-07-2011, 10:17 AM
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Default New rider: Basic what "NOT" to do? (s)

I was hoping some of the experienced riders could lay down the basics in what NOT to do...?
i see tons of advice for things TO do as a new rider,
and sometimes the obvious is overlooked due to lack of experience....
some obvious factors, like ego,speed,all the gear all the time,are very evident.
what are the "hidden" or not so obvious "do not do's "

Old 06-07-2011, 10:23 AM
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1) Do NOT grab the brake when you're leaned over in a curve. Later on you may develop the skill and feel to brake in a curve, but as a beginner you're likely to overdo it and lowside, or at best stand the bike up and run wide. Easier said than done in a panic situation, but it's important.
2) Do NOT get in over your head trying to keep up with another rider. Ride your own pace. He/she will wait for you, and if not, he/she is a jerk you shouldn't be riding with.
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3) Do not think that you can handle sudden acceleration without a second though. The first time I rode a superbike and wailed on the throttle it almost threw me off the damn bike.
4) Do not underestimate your bike, and do not overestimate your skill. Your bike can do more than you can handle, and a hell of a lot more than you expect.
5)Do not try to learn with a "Sink or swim" mentality.
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Ride to your 'comfort' level not anybody elses. Its the smiles per miles that count not the miles without smiles.
Find a local route of an hour or so and use this as an improvment circuit. As you ride it more often you can start thinking - I can do that better, I should brake later/early, run wider, etc. This will improve your riding and fun.
ALWAYS wear the right gear!
Treat your bike with respect and it will look after you. Buy the best you can afford.
Find some like minded riders and ride as a group. You can learn/observe each other for good and bad habits.


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6) Don't try to corner aggressively on cold tires.
7) Don't forget to shift into neutral before letting the clutch go at a stop light.
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8) Never assume your kickstand is down.
9) Don't look directly in front of the bike. Keep looking ahead.
10) Don't let your guard down/don't be a passive rider.
11) Don't ride when you're totally pissed off.
Old 06-09-2011, 11:05 PM
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12) Don't assume you have enough oil / air / coolant / gas in your bike
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13) Don't assume a cager sees you even though they're looking right at you. Chances are they are looking through you. In fact, assume they are going to do the most stupid thing there is to possibly do! And actively scan for an escape route!

14) Don't stare on the object you're trying to avoid, look where you want to go.

15) Avoid grass clippings, leaves in fall, sand, oil, even manhole covers, road stripe paint... things of this nature... and if you can't avoid them.. proceed with caution, no sharp maneuvers/actions.. be ready to throw your foot down... sand is the worst that I've experienced. In the spring and fall when it's windy it can get pretty deep in the beach parking lots around here.

16) Don't let others attitudes toward reckless behavior or gear influence your better judgement. If you live in a state where you can choose whether you want to wear a helmet or not.. I would definitely suggest buying one sooner than later. Invest in something you like and would be willing to wear. Get used to it..

Always know you're welcome to ask yer buddies on CBRF anything.
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Originally Posted by Kuroshio View Post
12) Don't assume you have enough oil / air / coolant / gas in your bike
Good one! lol
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17) (Following up on 12) maintain your bike and make sure everything is ok. No need to do a 20 minute check before every ride but do a quick once over to make sure nothing is about to fall off. Give it a close look when washing the bike, it's a good opportunity to see if everything is ok (oil, coolant, any leaks, break pads, tires etc.)

18) Don't thrash a cold engine. This also includes revving it at start up. Either warm the bike up fully before you go or ride it calmly and let it warm up that way. I do both depending on how much time I have before having to leave.

19) BUY A MANUAL. Even if you aren't planning on doing that much work on the bike yourself, it's a great thing to have when you do.

20) Not only get gear but get the right gear. That all leather racing combi might look sharp, but if you are going to do a lot of commuting you might feel it's too much hassle to put it all on. Some will wear it regardless and some might go for textile (like me). Is the sun too strong for your regular jacket? Get a perforated leather one or a summer (with mesh) textile jacket. Of course you could have one of everything e.g. leathers for the weekends blasts and textile for the commute.

21) Don't worry about chicken strips. Unless they are wider than the used patch in the middle, you'll be good.

22) Don't be a douche (crazy speeds and/or stunting in traffic etc.)

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