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My 87 600r build

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Default My 87 600r build

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Here whst the bikes suppose to look like lol here's how i got my 87 hurricane. Long story short I ended up getting the bike with a truck and a lot of other cool toys fir cheap the pervious owner decided a paper clip would be best to bypass the 30amp main fuse then thought hooking up two battery's and a jumper box would help turn it over lol smh. Here how it looked once in the garage
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Yea talk about a wiring nightmare wasn't sure where to start so I decided from start to end looked everywhere online for a wiring digram found one then started from there long story on the wiring but when all was done and said I just made a custom one everything was fired and burnt spent around 80 bucks for everything then decided to pull the motor and strip the frame to be painted
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So now everything's going good flipping cars outda my house and still working 60 hour weeks I'm getting tired just wanna ride then the rain just stopped so I started waking up early before work trying to understand the electrical aspect of the bike and its nightmare smoked a lot of weed and even drunk a couple beers Just sitting testing the ohms and volts everything was good but random things were happing like I would go to hit the starter switch and my lights would come on and just random things like this so I thought **** my custom wiring harness is all ****ed i switch back to old one but then realized the one part I order they sent me a 04 cbr 600 stater relay and not a 87 starter relay then boom switch the plug wires 180 degrees and had my girl help put in my custom wiring harness an the bike just shoot to life I was so happy
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So now knowing the motor is running a Lil rough I decided to just pull it back out real quick and check all my clearances make sure everything is good and do a Lil paint job to help make things look better then I found a brand new 04 cbr fairing and some seats got to thinking and decided those seats and fairing would look sexy and since the bikes pretty dam old it'll be a old school with the new school look
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Now I had to make this work with no metal really to weld things so I cut off the back part of my bike flip it upside down And made a battery tray and on the sides I have two holes to help a line my fairings without having to spend money on materials since I'm trying to prove a point to my girl on flipping things so now everything's good just doing the custom taillight and rear seat mounts all metal used on this build is off it from the front fairing cage to the seat holder
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Now so far I started this build as one I love two wheels and two it was a deal in my eyes while everyone I know talked hella **** and called a fool when it came to the wiring since i spent 2 days in my living just redoing it all I was set to prove to people I know what the **** in doing yea I'm young but I've been doing this since I was a lil kid I'm literary 80 bucks in and two weeks times and another 300 for title and DMV bs not to mention I had two other cars I was flipping plus work I'm ****ing happy been a good month of builds so now it's today spent all day yesterday riding my bike had the thought of selling it but then after I did my carbs and timing my bike was killing it then my friend yea that one friend that's the dick friend comes over to play some beer pong sees the bike and was asking who's it was and if its for sell mean while he saw it before when I first got it then starts asking me if I have the peace of **** still I started laughing then I went outside and just started her up lol now he's freaking starts offering me 1500 right now literary in my face money my girls freaking cuz that's some serious profit but no the ride to me is better then that lol money he got pissed cuz I once again showed him up k. A build he said I can't do then I rub it in his faces when pulling Lil 3 footer wheelies now the highest offer I came across just In One day of riding is 2850 I'm about to wait a week and get the 89 cbr600r higher compression sell this bike make hella profit pay my bills and Start then same build but better and hopefully get another 600 if I find any deals on Craigslist Name:  image_zpsb1ededb3.jpg
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Deffinitly looks a hell of a lot better man !
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looking good, a grand job
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I'm liking it!
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Nice! Looking real good. Good luck with the wiring, a lot of people have trouble with it, but if you just methodically make sure every wire is taken care of, you'll be fine!

On a slightly more critical note, could you please use some punctuation? I found it difficult to follow what you're saying. Thanks!
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Lol thanks English is my second laugage so im still getting use to it. But yes the wiring on this bike was a nightmare spent many hours on the wiring harness but it runs badass putting some bigger cabs on it and she'll be a blast to ride now it's time to start my civic build makeing it rwd
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