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So we somehow ended up "slightly" off the beaten path

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Default So we somehow ended up "slightly" off the beaten path

Well we had a big route all mapped out for yesterdays ride..... here in the desolate areas of western NC it's very common for roads to turn to gravel for a ways, so we've gotten very used to doing a little off pavement riding... sometimes that's the only way to get to another road. There's usually at least one in about every ride, lol.... a couple have been pretty crazy, but I think this one definitely takes the cake... by far

This definitely wasn't planned... It was supposed to be just a quick 'here to there' jaunt on the gravel road, which we're perfectly fine with. But when we got to Bear Paw Ridge Rd, we kinda started to wonder. But we proceeded anyways to see where it went

Name:  4917DE51-A846-472D-9F03-C38A7820BB64-5820-0000064AE7E59A5C.jpg
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We get in a little ways and the road comes to a tee...hmmm

Name:  C4537665-45E1-4A59-840F-A8D6B9BA0685-5820-0000064B3359503B.jpg
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Name:  94D8FCFC-30AB-4B55-9535-179854286F00-5820-0000064B191B38A9.jpg
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First we went left, and that just went right to an old building and dead ended, so we came back and went right.... ohhh boy

Name:  5C360A88-F121-4409-B40B-19983EFA71AF-5820-0000064B4B41E939.jpg
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So after going a good couple miles up what really shouldn't be considered a road, but more a freaking one lane goat path, we end up here. Seriously this was like a straight up dirt bike trail.... jumps and all. Steep with some tight turns along the way, and little bunny hops while going up the hill.... 1st gear the whole way up and spinning the rear tire here and there going up a few of them. Could have easily jumped them on a dirt bike, lol

Name:  DDA30A72-0E70-49CE-AF6F-E3076A4E62CB-5820-0000064B80519925.jpg
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Name:  92AF2694-EE4F-4469-B69E-BC4E03F26019-5820-0000064B98D81825.jpg
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Then at this same spot, saw this sign.... guess we count as 'other' since that's the way we came up, haha. But we were once again at a tee.... where to go

Name:  8EF9D01A-32B1-478E-BFF8-A50254E1B154-5820-0000064B6341175F.jpg
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This is where we were at in the above pics... We were trying to get to the CCC road, so according to the map we needed to go left and continue up the hill

Name:  FA3C8EF9-9580-4C52-8149-A4D7999C3DDF-5820-0000064BD9089C0A.jpg
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Came up on a nice little lake view along the way. The lake was on both sides of the road with a little drainage tube that went between them, and right behind my bike there by the tube, was literally hundreds of brown trout just hanging out there right by the surface (water wasn't deep at all). So many of them it looked like you could just reach in and grab a handful, lol

Name:  91263279-CDF4-4F5F-A403-ABCFE2F7ADBB-5820-0000064BB6CA2E82.jpg
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But yea... we were still pretty much freakin lost, lol

Name:  E7262A66-5D27-4B95-ADC7-86BD97A0F22A-5820-0000064BDA0D8BD4.jpg
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Soooo long story short.... after multiple tees in the road with not a road sign to be had, and every side road we tried ending in being blocked off by gates, we were stuck! We did finally find a semi paved road that went down to the main road we were originally turned onto the gravel road (the main road was gravel at that point too... it turned from pavement to gravel right where we turned onto this one). But it was blocked off with electric gates. So at this point we really had no choice but to go back the exact same way we came in. And that's exactly what we did, and after wandering around for a good 2 hours in the woods, finally made it back to where we turned onto Bear Paw Ridge Rd, and finally made our exit.... phew! SR1106 (first map pic) was gravel for a few miles but eventually turned back into pavement, which was sure a nice break after bouncing around for 2 hours. Continued on our way with the rest of the route... was so nice to be back on some paved roads to play on, haha

Name:  38BEF499-010B-4B6D-887F-40076CA7A94B-5820-0000064BCAB71E31.jpg
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But that wasn't the end of the days adventures just yet..... so here we were headed up NC 215 (awesome road, btw.... SOUTH of the parkway). Right as we were getting close to the top (@ the BRP), I'm braking for a hard right hander and all of a sudden I hear "tap tap tap tap tap tap". It lasted a short time then went away.... crap! So I get to the BRP and pull over to check my tires. Front was good, rear felt soft so I started rolling it around looking for a puncture. Didn't see anything, so had to listen and was able to hear a small leak.... rolled it around and there was a TINY hole, like a needle hole where it was leaking out. Check the pressure...14.5 psi. We were almost 30 miles away from the closest ANYTHING, and of course I forgot to bring my little air pump along with (doh!). I had my plug kit with me, so figured I had to at least keep what air I had left in it and try and limp it back to the closest gas station. Jammed the reamer in to open the hole up then stuck a plug in it as quickly as I could. 7.5 psi left in it, and had to ride down the BRP to 276 then down 276 into Brevard, which was the closest town.... 27 miles of twisties on 7.5 psi in the rear tire... THAT was a fun (and slow) ride, lol. But we finally made it

Name:  215brpmap.jpg
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Both of us had had enough for one day and decided to call it a day, and made our way home

But hey at least we had a nice little ride the day before.... This was a stop at 215 and the BRP (same place I got the flat tire). Looking north where we came down last weekend, which ended up being 18 miles of gravel twisties (also not planned... they were doing road work). Luckily we knew better this time and took the BRP to 215, where it's paved and awesome going south of there, lol

Name:  B6CA6A2B-3E03-4E2C-99B8-B7B992128963-5820-0000064BE94450F2.jpg
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Found a few other nice little side roads too

Name:  845F89E1-C6AD-48F4-AD06-96A7415AE455-5820-0000064BF67147E3.jpg
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I told Scott to try and stick to roads that have actual names from now on when he plans these things out, hahah. Oh well.... my poor bike, the things she puts up with... I do feel bad. Maybe it's time to add a dual sport or motard to my stable...hmmm

But yea... that was our little accidental adventure for the weekend, lol.... hoping for smoother riding next weekend, heh
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Nice pic's mate.

Have you ever thought about buying a Motard bike as well?

I know I want one.
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Originally Posted by kiwi TK View Post
Nice pic's mate.

Have you ever thought about buying a Motard bike as well?

I know I want one.
Ohh definitely thought about it.... I'd love to have a motard! But just not really in the budget for another bike right now.... someday though. Until then gotta work with what I got
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