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Had to do some pre-trackday bike surgery today

Old 08-23-2014, 06:48 PM
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Default Had to do some pre-trackday bike surgery today

So here recently my bike decided to start jumping out of 4th gear..... nothing real bad but if you got on it say to pass a car or something, or shifted into 4th at higher RPM it didn't want to hold too well. Got a trackday coming up on Sept 6-7 and really didn't want to have this going on during that. So had to kinda hurry and get the parts then get it out and apart. A buddy came over and gave me a helping hand and we had it out and apart in no time. Actually got it all back together today as well (motor wise), but I've gotta check the valves on monday and put new plugs in it too

Still looking quite clean..... that always makes me happy

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Should have it back together this week some time, and should be good to go for my trackday! Can't.....wait!!!!
Old 08-23-2014, 07:42 PM
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well thats one way to get the bike off of the ground!

But hope it goes back together smoothly and have fun at the track!
hoping ill be able to get my newly acquired f4i to the track soon
Old 08-25-2014, 02:12 PM
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Glad you've gotten it taken care of.

How many miles are on it now?
Old 08-31-2014, 09:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Conrice View Post
Glad you've gotten it taken care of.

How many miles are on it now?
Just a hair over 282k

Anyways hadn't updated with the rest of the progress yet..... I had gotten the trans fixed and the motor put all back together (cases and whatnot) the same day I took it out, and then been working on it here and there during the week when I wasn't busy at work. Got the valve adjustment all done..... it was really weird, almost all of the intake valves were tight, while almost all the exhaust valves were spot on perfect. Usually it's the other way around, lol. But got them all adjusted perfect in spec. Now just gotta put the new plugs in and replace all the radiator/coolant hoses..... I figured it's probably time, they're still original (starting to crunch a little when you squeeze them)

A few more pics..... the worn gears and shift fork. Can see the rounded off ears. Both are completely original gears

Name:  D3CAA825-02BA-404F-A2D9-74907C9DCFC5-790-000000A2A6A3C519_zpsc26043e8.jpg
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Cases all put back together

Name:  818C9EEE-7526-40FC-BCC9-C5556709A581-226-00000043EDBB8717_zpsd8d7505f.jpg
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Now time for..... this, ugh. My favorite part, lol

Name:  127BB80D-0B71-4F68-B259-3163B5D73346-226-00000048F09E605B_zps8593c593.jpg
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Started tearing everything up top out, and as usual..... spotless. Everything literally looks like brand new. I guess the Mobil 1 and Rotella T6 have done me well, haha

Name:  B22E8191-44A2-446B-AEB0-750A32970BBE-247-0000002E238893C6_zps0db0792a.jpg
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Decided to do a compression test while I was in there too just out of curiosity..... can't complain there either. Was pretty much this across the board..... 1 was just a little lower but not much. Not too bad for 282k and 100% original rings

Name:  465D5F22-4BDC-42DC-BB8C-62E66A4AD076-247-0000002E5B3096D3_zps6209cb1c.jpg
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First time I did this cylinder I about thought I had a diesel there for a minute as it breezed right on past 180, hahah. I didn't snap a pic the first time but it had gone all the way up to 240. This was one of the cylinders that had a bunch of oil get down into it when I had the motor sitting upside down, so that's why the higher compression

And in the meantime..... it's been a whole week since I've been able to ride, the withdraws were setting in pretty bad, lol. I had noticed my steering stabilizer was about shot, so I had to take it over to Ohlins to get rebuilt. Met up with my buddy John to go and grab some dinner while I was out there (he works right across the street from the Ohlins place so I just dropped it off with him), and he says "lets go for a dual sport ride". So sure enough we ride down to SC for dinner, via some little podunk dirt road that weaved around straight through the woods, popped out back on the main road and continued on our way, lol. Not gonna lie it was actually a LOT of fun! I may have to pick one of these bad boys up here before too long

Name:  56659A5C-9E8D-4EF2-A075-21AE2FADB82C-247-000000303B16D888_zps04283075.jpg
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Should have it all back together on monday..... we're closed at work but the front sales area is still open so I can still go in and work on it for the whole day uninterrupted, should be able to get everything buttoned up
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