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Does anyone else regret starting on a 600?(cbr600rr)

Riding Skills Want to improve your skills on or off the track?

Does anyone else regret starting on a 600?(cbr600rr)


Old 12-16-2017, 02:25 AM
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I started on dirt bikes like someone else up thread. A sears mini bike with a Briggs and Stratton (they make or made lawn mower engines back then). Then a Honda SL70 and then various YZ's and CR's...and so on and so on. Even being an "experienced" bike rider I still bought myself a Yamaha SRX250 to get my feet wet on the street and get my bike license. Rode it for a couple of months, scraped the pegs on Angeles Crest and after that bought a beater Ninja 600. Bigger. Heavier. Faster. The transition took a day or two. The basics are the same. Figure out what you've got and go from there.

The OP seemed to me to be someone who "wanted" to ride a motorcycle. Who doesn't? They're F**king cool But as many posters stated up thread, they aren't for everybody. Some folks just don't possess the right skill set. You could argue that anyone can "eventually" learn but if it's that hard in the first place? You probably don't belong on a motorbike. Chalk it up to a lesson learned and get on with your life. No embarrassment. Heck, I've been riding since I was 10 or 12? 40 plus years and I don't possess "mad skills" LOL. I'm just adequate and survive because I've racked up lots of miles. Surviving seat of your pants experience is the best tool for mediocre folks like me.

You can watch all the videos and read all the books. But if you don't have the "innate" tools, most of which are pretty basic, you don't belong on a bike. And again, no biggy, it's just not for you.

I've been rear ended on a bike. I forgot to put the kick stand up (70's bike) and did a lovely high side. I still have a pin in my elbow from that. I got my first speeding ticket on a bike in 2015 when I was 52 (I consider this milestone as quite an accomplishment ). I've been on and off of bikes most of my life. But it never felt "forced" to be on a bike. It has always been a natural feeling and one of joy.

I'm still apprehensive...always aware. I've racked up tons of miles in cars and on bikes and something I always do, both for entertainment and for learning, is always watching what other drivers are doing and why they are doing it. I treat it like a game. A game of paying attention. After many years you just know who the A holes are and adjust. Watch, watch, watch. After awhile it becomes second nature to adjust based on what you expect. Someone is driving in a certain manner and you just know what to do and not to do around them. It becomes second nature. I've avoided so many things because red flags jump out and being on a motorcycle, your surroundings are paramount.

Hmmm...kinda sorta got off topic! So here's my take on 600's as a first bike. It ain't no different than any other CC class of bike. Understand what you have. Respect it even if it's a 50CC scooter. UNDERSTAND IT. If it's difficult for you then you are doing something wrong - or - you don't belong on a street bike? Don't force it, it either feels right or it don't.

A pic of my first street bike. As close as I could get to an RD400 without spending the money!
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Old 01-21-2018, 07:49 PM
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My personal advice is if you want a super sports and worry a 600+ is a bit much - get an MC17/19/22 CBR or Yammy, Kwakka 250 I4, 400cc I4 if you don't have LAMS laws. Not everyone buys a V8 when they start driving. The riding position will set you up as it will be the same, power band is much the same - being an I4 it will fly in the higher rev ranges rather than torque and mid range you'll find in singles and twins. 45 hp is tons of power for starting off when you have little or no experience on a bike, I was happy enough with 45 hp on my FZR for 5 years coming from 2 years on a 50cc scooter. When you feel ready to upgrade 600cc will feel more natural than coming from a smaller cc or lower powered machine. Granted the times when you go full throttle on a 250 and a 600 will be different. I stayed with the 250 a while because I loved the way I could ride it and the way it screamed in the upper rev ranges when it truly comes alive. Bigger bike will be similar instead of 19 or 20,000 rpm redline it'll be 15,000, what you do at full throttle you do at half throttle etc - generally speaking.

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Old 07-26-2018, 04:37 PM
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I really like the 600 too. I used to drive a 50cc scooter before. Honda has really made it everybodys sport bike. Its surprisingly easy and flexible to get into even as a first real motorcycle.
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