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Interesting situation.

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Question Interesting situation.

Hi, All.
Now before the mods here jump in and remind me I'm not allowed to post ' for sale' bits, I'm just letting you all know about something that has recently happened to me and I was looking for others thoughts on the subject.
I recently purchased a fairng kit from a seller in China, giving him instructions as to what COLOUR SCHEME i wanted done BEFORE it was to be packed and shipped.
I got an e-mail in reply saying that I would be sent pics of the kit PRIOR to it being sent.
My next contact was a message saying that my kit was on its way.?????
When said kit arrived in it's big cardboard box, attatched to the lid of it was a pic of a RED honda kit, which was nothing like what I asked for, in earlier conversations we'd had.
I did NOT unpack this kit, got on the net, and said"WRONG!".
He apologised most profusely, asked for 24 hours to find out what actually happened, and said he'd contact me as soon as he found out where the stuff up occured. FINE, i said, I'll wait.
Next day, e-mail arrives, he says stores blew it, and he would like a few days to make me a new kit to my specs.
Alright, I said, but I want to see PICS BEFORE you send me anything else!
A few days pass and said pics arrive...... PERFECT_EXACTLY what I asked for in the first place.
Now, is the complicated bit!
I now have 2 kits, 1 I wanted and the other I did not.
Since it was his fault in the first place, and I am storing the other one 'til I find out what he wants me to do with it.
I doubt he'll want to pay the shipping cost back to China, and I am expecting that he would like to be paid for it [ I have paid for the 1 I wanted.] the first one he sent by mistake,so now I have 1 in storage.
Would it be unfair of me to make him an offer on the 1 I didn't want?
As I have no intention of ever using it, I suppose I should just return it to him and let him wear the cost.
I have no complaint whatsoever on the speed of delivery, or any other part of the service provided by this guy, other than the original stuff up that I suspect was caused elsewhere in the organisation, and not under his control.
What say you?
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Either they will tell you to keep it. Or they will pay for shipping costs for a return. It was their screw up. Don't pay them for it!

A part I bought for my truck from China, had a similar incident. They told me to just keep the wrong part. Ended up reselling it on eBay, and made my money back for the original part.
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Thanks, CBRTom.
I don't really mind either way, but I didn't want to be landed with a kit I'm definately not going to use. I figure that someone who has way more painting experience than me might be interested, or I could have sent it back to him - COD- and let him wear the cost of his stuff-up.
I was just being nice and he went to so much trouble to ensure that I got what I asked for, I see it as only fair that I try and help him out as well.
No harm in that I guess.
Just waiting to see what he wants me to do, now.
I haven't paid for the first kit he sent - I did pay for the one I asked for.
I'm not out of pocket - other than the original kit price [which I think is AWESOME! by the way.] - and it was freepost to my door, as well.
As I'd already done some looking around for a tail piece, the quotes on it were absolutely astronomical!
I only wanted to replace a damaged tail piece - not pay for an overseas holiday for all of Honda Australia's employees!!!
It was way cheaper to buy the full kit, than just the tail section from my local dealer.
And they wonder why people shop online?????
Sorry, guys, but this sort of rip-off really bugs me, and I would guess you would have found it , too.
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