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ABS/traction control: good or bad?

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Default ABS/traction control: good or bad?

As great as CBRF is, I had to join another forum for Yolie's sake. And I'm finding the regard in which BMW's dtc and ABS is held somewhat surprising. In some cases its almost disdain.

Dynamic Traction Control, or dtc, basically compares the differencein speed between the front and rear wheel. If the difference is greater than the preprogrammed slip limit, the ecu modulates the torque so the rear wheel regains traction. It does this based on the riding mode selected and detected lean angle. ABS simply detects impending front wheel lock from too much brake application and lessens the brake force so it doesn't lock.

Basically these systems are safeties to prevent rider error from becoming catastrophic. To me there's nothing wrong with these systems so long as the rider doesn't rely on them. I have experienced where the "nanny" was too cautious, kicking in where it wasn't necessary for my skill. But I could have avoided that by changing to a more aggressive riding mode.

But some people seem to think the systems unnecessary (dunno why they paid extra for them). Even going so far to say they interfere with learning to ride. Which is strange because I believe more motorcycle manufacturers will begin adding traction control to their bikes. ABS is already on many newer bikes.

The 2012 R1 is being offered with it. And I think its only a matter of time before Honda brings it BACK

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I think both are excellent safety measures that riders will only feel when riding at the edge of traction limits. Most beginners are never in this area, and they won't notice these systems at work. People who don't like DTC or ABS are, in my opinion, stubborn and unmoving in their thought process. Ask them if they prefer drum brakes over discs...
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Down in a fast turn the front wheel naturally pushes a lil so now the rear wheel speed is much faster as front wheel slows.. Normally hardly even notice as you naturally give more throttle to speed up rear even more getting abit of rear wheel slip until time to stand up bike exiting the turn safely.. Done subconsciously on the riders part..
BUT this is all counter to a TC system.. as normal response makes an even larger difference in wheel speeds..
SO.. you have TC.. It will slow the rear tire in the turn to match the front wheel speed that is currently being Pushed through the turn, slowing rotation more and more every foot... Any Guesses?? ..9..10 ok.. what happens in a turn when you release the throttle?? The bike stands up.. what happens when a bike stands up in a turn vey quickly.. Its called a High-Side.. and you flop over the front end like a fish.. a squirrely fish..
Do you still like TC??
Perhaps on a well groomed track with maximum grip conditions it could help.. BUT as most of us don't ride on a track or no longer do.. We deal with dirty and choppy roadways where sliding or spinning a tire is so common we don't even notice the things we do when feeling a tire getting out of shape in a turn, we simply react with more or less throttle, which most of the time is counter-intuitive but the correct thing to do under the circumstances.. Makes as much sense as telling a noob that to go right you turn left.. How many riders actually think.. ok Im turning right so need to turn handlebars left.. its just something you do.. not something you'd think about.. understand?? TC tries to do the thinking, but it doesn't get that its mostly road conditions that are the cause for it to kick in and that would usually end as badly as turning right to turn right.. not a pretty sight.. keep TC on the track and off the roads.. Oh that's right no one on the track wants to give up control of their bikes so they remove it before even using it..
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