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why are harley guys assholes?

Old 05-07-2011, 02:51 PM
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Default why are harley guys ********?

I thought riding was riding no matter what you ride? I was stopped at a stop light minding my own and a big group of these douche bags pull up next to me and start revving there gay Harley's like there cool. So I glance over this guy is staring at me revving his bike... wow if I had straight pipes I could do it to. I paid 1/3 of what they did and can have 10x the fun on my cane. It just bothered me. Like your not cool. Grow up your not 18 anymore. Grrrr. What do you guys think? You ever have that happen to you?
Old 05-07-2011, 03:40 PM
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Don't worry mate, you're in good company here. I think just about everyone has had the same or a similar experience

Hardly Ablesons are for insecure types that need to prove they're real men, mean and tough and have everyone quaking in their boots when we hear the mighty thunder of their pathetically underpowered machines.

They really aren't worth your time, pity them, they're most likely challenged in the trouser department as well
Old 05-07-2011, 03:49 PM
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LOL , yeah Harleys ........a whole lotta noise about nothing much ......... yawn
Old 05-07-2011, 04:32 PM
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Don't take what they did to heart bro , You were being played with .
Not all H/D biker's are a**holes . You have to understand the culture .
Biker's, to coin the phase ,,are anyone riding a motorcycle whether its 2-3 wheels , ie trikes and can-am's , but in the culture of H/D riders ,, I mean "hard core" H/D riders ,are in the class of American made bikes that are only acceptable to their standards in being an American "biker" . Yes , its wrong in the meaning of putting all rider's in categories, apart from their own , but think of it this way ,,we all drive cars and trucks and make us "drivers" ,,right? Yes it does ,, but Hard core ford or chevy or dodge etc , owner's consider honda's , mazda's or toyota's as non-American or not in the same class as American made cars and consider these type of cars / trucks as less then better breed of car's / truck's ..heck even American made car / truck owners make fun of each other in the field of ford vs chevy vs dodge , etc etc .
So yes , even some suzuki , yamaha , and other makes of bike ,,the riders do the same thing because you ride a different make of bike .
I ride a Harley and I ride a honda ,,that doesn't make me an A**hole too ,, its about respect ,,and I consider all rider's or "biker's" as my brothers & sisters as we all share the road . These H/D bikers were just having some fun with you and obviously got the response they were looking for , or they would have just got off theyre bikes and beat the crap outta you ,,and most will if you in return disrespect them. I'm not saying what they did is right , and not all H/D riders are like that , but understand the culture , like it or not it's the way they ride . Next time just give a little rev back to them , and let them have their fun ,,they'll ride off ,,its not worth any thought on your part with making fun back ,,not recommended ,, I'm sure they ment no disrespect to you , it's just a "Rev" letting you know ,,they know you are fast and able to give them a run for the money ,,to see if you fall for it .
Don't think ALL H/D owners are A**holes ,,they're not,,and if you ever see one broke down on the side of the road,,offer assistance ,, as don't be surprised if a H/D rider offers you the same one day,,,I might be me .
All "Riders" ARE "Bikers" and are all my Brothers and sisters , one in the same , as we all share the road , and share the love of riding ,,,no matter what type of bike we choose to ride . Give respect to all riders regardless of what respect is given or returned ,,It makes you the better person Bro.
Oh, to answer your question ,,it has happened to me ,,no biggie ,,I just tell them my Harley is in the shop ,,AGAIN! LOL!
Ride safe my Brother!
Old 05-07-2011, 05:24 PM
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Actually, I get $hit from both sportbike guys and harley dudes...

My bikes:

Old 05-07-2011, 10:30 PM
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Originally Posted by morpheus View Post
Actually, I get $hit from both sportbike guys and harley dudes...

My bikes:

I had a HD v-rod about 2 and a half years ago ... Had to sell it because of it's upkeep costs ... other than that, it was a decent bike ... just not worth all that money to me ... and that's a nice rocket ya got there !! ...

But back to the subject, it's really all in the mindset of the riders you deal with honestly ... I never looked down to sportbike riders when I had my harley but I know ppl who did .... and I don't look down to harley riders now, just because I ride a sportbike ... I see no point in it .... I agree with the original post in this thread comletely, as long as you ride a bike I'll ride right next to you ... I don't care what kind or brand name or whatever ... (of course it would be nice if they could actually keep up ... but still ) ... lol
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I agree. Not all are like that. My dad an grandpa ride softail's and my uncle ride's a Honda cruiser. and a few of my dad's friends ride different Harley's as well. They all did push me to get at least a cruiser and in a way I understand. But told them I could't do it bc it wasn't my nature. They still like my bike regardless, but prefer the cruiser style. I don't care who or what kind of bike I ride with. Today it was me on my 600RR a Honda Interceptor and a Honda Scooter. just done some riding around town and went and looked at new cars. was a good time regardless!
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most harley riders y me are ******...*most* not all. i remember one time on my old bike(93 cbr900rr) some guy on a harley pulls next to me and starts revvin it. well, what he didnt know was that my bike had the headers choped after about 2 feet. i silenced him and he turned off somewhere soon after.......i think its mostly a pride thing. they think that harleys are better because they are more expensive and that it makes them a better person because of it
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ahhh, harley davidsons, the most efficient method of converting energy into noise, without the side effects of horsepower...

Not all harley riders are c*cks. alot are though, many buy them because they are (or used to be) a status symbol of toughness, and thats why some are retards.
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Harley riders world wide seem to pick up "attitude" when they buy their bikes.
Most of them here are fairweather riders, and older guys with too much money and very few real riding skills (it's hard to learn to corner when your bike won't lean more than 10 degrees without something scraping on the tar)
But I don't hate them, just pity their ineptitude and waste of money.
Why would anyone want to buy a big bike and ride slowly - In formation ?
Makes no sense.
Ah well, each to their own.
I'll stick with my old reliable 1000F. (at a quarter of the price)

Harleys are definitely a case of "form over function" IMO

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