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noobie questions!

Old 08-27-2009, 09:08 PM
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Default noobie questions!

I feel really at home in this forum, so i just wanna thank you guys.

alright. i took the msf course a couple of weeks ago. and i finally got my bike. its a cbr600f4i. yeah i know 600. but under circumstances, it was my only choice. anyways. i need a refreshing. this is how i start and progress along my riding.

in order.

-check the bike
-warm up (wait for rpms to lower from around 2 to 1.5)
-i rev the engine to 4~5000rpms first and then slowly let go of the clutch.
---question. is it suppose to be that high? if i start any lower, the engine just stalls.
-im riding, at approx 12-13mph, i switch to 2nd gear. 19-20mph i switch to 3rd gear.
---question. when i shift gears, say from 1st -> 2nd, the rpms are VERY low, like 1st gear is around 1-3000rpms and then switch to 2nd is 1-3000rpms as well or something of that sort. is it alright to keep 1st gear and then switch before it red lines?
EDIT: the manual says shift 1st -> 2nd at 12mph. the rpms at 12mph is around 2-3k rpms. am i really suppose to shift that soon? when do you shift between 1st and 2nd? etc.
---question. when im switching gears, i let go of the throttle, pull in the clutch, shift up, SLOWLY let go of the clutch while throttling. the question is am i suppose to slowly let go of the clutch or can i fast release and throttle right away?
-i pull in the clutch as a stop sign is approaching, letting go of the throttle, down shift all the way to first gear, right hand and leg both break slowly.
---question. how should i come along down shifting to first gear? right now, i pull in the throttle and just keep down shifiting, one click after another click.

random questions.
--so today i was riding along just practicing with my new bike and after a bit of time, i start hearing this loud fan? like noise. i cant really hear it too well since im wearing an ski mask as well as a helmet (the helmet is not mine, burrowing until i get my own, and im sort of a germaphobe, so i wear the skimask)
--how exactly do i know or find out the power band of my f4i (2002)?

more questions to come as i ride more!

thanks for the help everyone!

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Old 08-27-2009, 09:38 PM
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Your still sounding a bit sketchy on your new bike.

That being said keep your revs down low until your confidence builds and you start to get more "comfortable" on your bike.

as for your questions. You sound like your reving a little high to start off in first gear. don't really have to rev to high to get it moving. just play with it a little, in a parking lot somewhere.

as for your shifting, all your shifts should be smooth and fluid. If you just throw the clutch out it could cause some violent jerking to happen. but if you let it out to slow the bike could bog down and once again cause a possible mishap.

as for braking I usually just use my front brake, or my right hand as you put it, unless I need to stop in a lot shorter distance.

And last but not least your no where near your powerband. My bike doesn't start really pulling until about 8500 - 9000rpms. When I run the canyons and am really railing, I am usually around 10500-12000rpms
Old 08-27-2009, 09:55 PM
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forget the shift points the manual recommends, you need to learn to ride where it feels the most comfortable to you

you do seem to be revving a little too high for take offs though
just rev to around 2500 and let the clutch out slow and try to hold the rpms there until you have the clutch all the way out

your fan gets cut on around 220 degrees, try not to focus on that for now since you're just learning

also, it's ok to downshift through the gears the way you're doing it...just don't click them through really quickly
i prefer to engine brake through all the gears when i'm slowing down
Old 08-28-2009, 01:36 AM
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Yea, that sound you're hearing is your fan. Since you're just starting out, I assume you're not going that fast, which means your bike is getting pretty hot. My fan starts at 225. As for the gear shifting, just find whatever is comfortable to you. No need to follow the manual. Obviously don't do it too low/too high. I usually shift around 5-6k.
Old 08-28-2009, 02:07 AM
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wow maaaan... that's pretty impressive.

I don't know if it's alright, but sometimes I'm doing 40mph on 1st gear at 9-10k RPM. It gives you that nice sound... Or that's the way to do roll ons, when you lift the front without using the clutch.

The sound is produced by the fan, yea. The fan kicks in at about 220 on my bike.

At the very beginning I never rev my bike (maybe it's bad?), but I just release the clutch with simultaneous slight throttle. Makes your take off silent.

Down shifting can be done as it pleases you. Also you can use so called "Engine braking" or properly known as "Compression braking", when going on 4th and approaching red light\stop sign, down shift to 2nd - 1st (depending on your speed) and start releasing the clutch. Sometimes works better than brakes lol

The very very very main thing is to not get nervous while riding and never hurry. Someone is behind you? Let them be, they need to go around, they will find the way around. Do everything at your own speed. And forget what manual says about shifting, just practice and learn to feel your bike. There is another way to switch gears by the way. It's called power shifting (correct me if I'm wrong). So, basically you shift without using the clutch, by just getting at the right RPM and speed, clank! and you up one gear.

GL on the road!
Old 08-28-2009, 02:20 AM
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Power shifting is hard to do for beginners, and I do not recommend doing it until you are much more competent with your bike.

Power shifting is basically done the same way in a vehicle. On a bike, you accelerate to your normal speed, and when you usually shift, you roll off the throttle and immediately kick to the next gear, or down a gear, depending on if you're up or down shifting. A lot of the times, especially for newbies, when you power shift and roll back on to the throttle, your bike will jerk a bit. The reason you can power shift is that, obviously when you're accelerating, your throttle is open, and just for a slight moment as you release the throttle bar, the throttle is still fully open momentarily and that is when you up/down shift. You can also look at your RPMs as well. If you really insist, accelerate then let go of the throttle and immediate look at your RPMs...right when it reaches its MAX and begins to fall, that's when you kick the gear.
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