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High-pitched noise, what to do?

Old 08-08-2011, 08:41 PM
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Default High-pitched noise, what to do?

I rode my 01' F4i around for about 20 min when I first got it started a few days ago and it ran great, I also changed the looong overdue oil with some Rotella T6 5w-40 I don't think the oil is a factor in this though. Now, whenever I crank the engine it runs okay until it gets up to operating temp. then a high pitched almost whistling sound starts coming from around the tranny area. If I give it some gas it goes away, or if I'm riding it goes away, unless it's at idle RPM. After some research it seems it could be a bearing somewhere, possibly a clutch bearing. The guys that stole it left my tires balding in the center so they must have been doing burn-outs. Is the clutch on the left side of the engine, and if that sounds like the problem which bearing would I need.. any advice would be greatly helpful. Transmissions are the only thing I haven't touched on an engine. I can't ignore it and ride because the last time I ignored a bearing it shredded an entire engine on my dirtbike. Would I need a clutch assembly, kit, bearing only, how do I go about telling what needs replacing? I'm on a tight budget this and next month :/ And what is a throw out bearing vs i guess the main bearing? Thank you guys a ton
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I'm curious to see who else has input on this issue. I have the same problem as well. I thought it was the cctl at first, but it does sound more like a bearing issue. I'll let you know if I find something out. Haven't had a chance to inspect it yet.
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if it sounds like a bearing in the transmission or the engine, stop riding. immediately. but before you stop take it to at least one or better yet two QUALIFIED MECHANICS and see what they say. That sort of thing may me heard by qualified ears or people who work on japanese sport bikes for a living. if the guys who stole it were doing burnouts, they probably burt out your clutch or destroyed your transmission. The last resort would be to get a mechanic for me because i am the only one who works on my motorcycle. But transmissions are part of the areas i have no business in so even i would get one of them to look at it.
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I'm betting it's a clutch bearing after searching a few other forums. The f4i clutch has 2 bearings, I'm not sure which is the throw out bearing but i'll replace both when I work on it. If it's not the clutch then I'll have to take it to a shop but i've never paid for a mechanic I like DIY. Here's a schematic for the clutch with the parts list. The bearings are parts.. 19 and 20 i think.
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Take it in and pay for the diagnostic time. Usually $75 bucks or so settles the
what's wrong issue. It doesn't hurt to ask for their price to fix it, sometimes, the
hassle vs cost balance out. ;-) If not, at least you're sure, you are working
on the problem.

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