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Default FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) F4i

Hey guys figure I would make a list so this would help everyone out with questions that come along. If you have anything good or want to add let me know and ill add it to the list. I left blanks since I myself have no clue.

Here are the most common questions asked about the F4i:

What year were the spilt seats available:
01-03 were spilt seat. 04-06 were one sold seat

Are these bikes fuel injected:

Grade Gas:

When does my reserve tank turn on:
When you have about .92 gallon's left.

Gallon's Of Gas It Holds:
4.76 gallons

Dry Weight:

Tires Information:
Front:120/70zr17-Pressure Cold:36psi
Rear:180/55zr17-Pressure Cold:42psi

Battery/Fuse Box Location:
Below main seat. There are bolts that hold on the seat. Lift the corners up at the fattest part and you will see them holding it down.

What are the most common power mod's to do:
1.Power Commander
2.-1 Front Sprocket, +2 Rear Sprocket
3.Slip On(aftermarket exhaust)
4.Air Filter
What are the most common body mod's to do:
1.Undertail kit
3.Good frame sliders(One's that require no cuts haven't had significant luck with working)
4.Tires(Find a good brand name that's proven to work)
5.Aftermarket Windscreens
6.Flush mounts(Blinker lights)
7.Good Chains

What are some good websites to get OEM parts:


Basic Maintenance How To's:

Basic Maintenance:

Oil Weight:
10w-40 (oil - needs to be molybdenum free (for the wet-clutch)
3.5 quarts of oil it holds
Oil filter options- supertech st7317(longer) st6607, fram ph6607 ph7317(longer), Purolator pl14610 pl14612

Use pro Honda hp coolant or an equal ethyl glycol that is corrosion resistance safe for aluminum engines. 50/50 Mix

Front axle: pinch bolts 16 ft/lbs
Axle nut: 44 ft/lbs

Rear Axle Nut Torque Spec: 69 fbp

Stock Sprocket Size:
Rear: 46T
Chain: 108 links. Its a 525.

Common Issues to look at first!

Do you hear a rattle? Look no farther but here!:
CCTL Link:

My valves tick is this normal?:
Yes this is. In order for your valves to work properly you need to have clearance. With having clearance you get a "ticking noise" which is normal. If you don't have any clearance they will be to tight you will have major major problems.

Long cranks? Bad gas mileage? Rich gas smell?
Fuel Pressure Regulator is going out causing a rich mixture.

No headlights? Wont start?!?
Headlight/Starter Switch issues- F4i's are known for a bad starter switch since the solder falls apart very easily in it causing a disconnection or intermittent working.

F4i Review:

Reliability of the f4i? Check here!

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Good frame sliders
Good Tires
Where to get fairing bolts
Rim Stripes
Oil Type
Oil Filters

Would all be good things to add...
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This is going to be a sticky, and Krux, I know Chainstretcher was wondering if you'd make one for other sections, that's totally up to you, but I appreciate, and I'm sure many other's will, this nice addition.

I'll try and keep it updated. Same with the CCTL thread, if anyone has any questions, or things they should add, let me know, as well as which category they would fall under (Feel free to recommend new categories too!)

Krux, Vangill, and F4ith, I'm just going to delete your last posts so it isn't clogged alright?
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Oil filter options- supertech st7317(longer) st6607, fram ph6607 ph7317(longer), Purolator pl14610 pl14612

just to try to help these are some oil filter numbers-sry i forgot which purolater is longer
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Sweet. We need that for the oil filters big thanks. I use to use bosch 3300 I wounder if that can be used still?
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a few things i would add:

oil - needs to be molybdenum free (for the wet-clutch)

removing seat - 10mm bolts

OEM part sites - www.mrcycles.com www.ronayers.com

aftermarket parts - www.solomotoparts.com www.kneedraggers.com

basic maintenance how-tos: http://www.shraz.net/motorcycle/f4i/
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Originally Posted by mad dog tannen View Post
Yes it may not knock but that doesn't mean there is no damage being done. I am not arguing that 87 is not the right grade for this bike. I am saying that putting low octane in a high compression engine can put more stress on parts over time parts life will be reduced.

Basically what I really want to know is what makes this bike an exception to other high compression four stroke engines? This is what I cannot figure out. Can anyone tell me that?
There isn't a hard and fast rule that relates compression to the necessary octane of the fuel. There are numerous factors that play a role. Combustion chamber shape and material, air/fuel ratio, spark plug heat range, ignition timing, cylinder filling (which itself dependent on RPMs, air pressure, intake geometry, valve timing, etc...)

Basically, a well designed aluminum combustion chamber should be able to prevent pre-ignition of the mixture up through the maximum cylinder pressure (a function of compression ratio and cylinder filling). Then, the ignition system has the proper timing to prevent knocking. Less precise ignition systems need more of a safety margin, and in some designs the ability to run on 'regular' fuel is sacrificed to allow more spark advance (which may be needed to produce the desired power at high RPMs).
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Lets not turn this into another octane debate. This is a sticky for FAQs.
If you wanna argue fuel grade, there are literally hundreds of other threads to do it in. Seriously.
Since the manual says 87 octane is ok for a stock F4i, then it's ok. If you get knocking, try something higher. I'm gonna clip the 7 or so octane related posts. No offense.
Old 06-14-2010, 04:44 PM
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Awesome job! I was changing oil yesterday and thinking how great it will be to have just one page with all necessary info. This is it!!!


And the rear axle torque is super easy to remember; it's 69 fbp or ftb...

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