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Default Crash

So i just crashed my bike leaning some turns. Anyways so i got some front end damage, my front cowl is totalled, my speedometer is shattered, ignition flew out with the key, brake caliper is hanging and cracked. Also oil was leaking, i don't know where from yet tho. I wanna fix it up, anyone know where i can get cheap parts? or tips on fixing? any suggestions is appreciated. i believe the forks and frame is fine as well as the engine.
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I hate to be the first you tell you... but that sucks

The good thing is that your writing to tell about it so I guess your ok.
How fast were you going? What happened?
How did your gear hold up? and what kinda were you wearing?

Luckly F4i parts are cheap and plentiful online. Sounds like the guage cluster might be the most expensive part to replace as long as there's no major engine damage.

Hopefully you have some decent metric tools and are good with using them.

You say the ignition flew out??

Get her fixed before spring!

Ebay is your friend!

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Okay so the reason i crashed was i've only been riding for a few months now, and i was riding with guys who are ALOT faster than me, track junkies, back when Hawaii had a track. SO basically i came in a turn to hard ended up highsiding the bike, i ended up doing a superman off the bike and my bike slid and hit the side of this small brick wall. I was wearing z1r leather gloves that held well, icon arc leather/mesh jacket the leather is still awesome minus a few scratches, icon boots. i was going about 45mph, only got minor cuts on my legs and a little on my back(which i don't even remember hitting the ground). What's interesting is my friends friend just died on that same turn cruising it at 20 mph when he nodded off. That gave me the chills, so keep leaning turns to the track! conditions on the streets will fk you up!

Word of advice, follow your pace. Just because u ride with faster guys doesn't mean you'll ride faster, bikes are one of those things where u push yourself and not let others push you over your pace, don't get me wrong tho experienced riders are awesome for feedback. also not like most sports like MMA where training with the top dogs will make u a bunch better by getting knocked around, instead of getting knocked around tho u end up crashing your bike.

ANYWAYS: i'm looking at street fighting my bike, any cheap parts sites and stuff would be useful.

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First of all, It's good that you're okay.

Now, I don't mean to be rude but when you said your friend's friend "nodded off" I got very curious... Are you saying that he fell asleep while going around this turn?

And I wrecked my f4i last a year ago and considered going street fighter. It ended up being more expensive. Try to find a good deals and rebuild. It won't be cheap but you'll get there eventually. Ebay is very helpful.
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Sorry about your crash. You're in Hawaii? Which island? Was on Kona a couple yrs back & loved it...lots of great touring type riding.

Besides ebay & craigslist, look for motorcycle salvage yards...both online & in person. When I did my split-seat conversion, I got a couple of much needed parts this way.

As you've learned the hard way... RIDE YOUR RIDE. Point is, you *learned*. Chances are, you won't make the same mistake twice.

Good luck w/ your repairs.
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