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1987 Honda CBR750 Hurricane

Old 09-25-2012, 05:58 PM
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Originally Posted by tenpastnine View Post
No takers?

A lot of keen people down here in the Antipodes 10past9, but just too far.

If you feel like posting it piece by piece I can PM my address

Good luck with the sale.

Cheers, SB
Old 09-25-2012, 11:25 PM
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Originally Posted by tenpastnine View Post
No takers?
It would be sad to see you part it out but if you think your going to profit on it as it sits your wrong. It is alot of work, But when it's done it will be a collectible.
Old 09-30-2012, 09:47 AM
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Well as it sits i was offering all the parts i have bought and the bike for a price almost Ģ200 less then what i paid so im not after a profit, Just someone that will take it and hopefully fix it up!
Old 10-05-2012, 03:01 AM
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Hey tpn how goes it bud, shame your offloading the beast. Darn good bikes. Check out my profile pics of my 750 gear grinder, beauty of a bike that makes modern stuff sit and take notice. Check out Honda CBR Hurricane 750 forum - Index this site is dedicated to the CBR750. there is a few English members that may be interested in your bike.
I sold my girl at the start of the year due to having a bad knee, couldn't ride it more than half an hour before i lost complete feeling below the knee, makes for interesting gear changes when you feel nothing..lol. I replaced it with a sit up and beg gsx 1200 y(inazuma) in red (google that, something different). Good bike but not a patch on the cbr, the only draw backs with the 750 is getting cosmetic parts and they devour fuel like drag cars (but man do they gooooo!)

Nothing better than that CBR 750 RC27 motor climbing past 7k and that awesome howl of the gear cams and the constant growl from those erm... slightly (read as highly de baffled) modified twin pipes....still miss it.

Best of luck with the sale bud. In the future when you want a decent bike, you know you need a CBR 1000................. all the way, lol.
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Here's mine

Anyone got info on exhaust replacement for cbr750f. Mines original and ok but just got an eye on the future. UK ebay has a company called Sandybikespares selling a 4 into 1 stainless which looks ok but have seen pics of cbr750s with various systems though wondering if they are custom made.
Old 10-10-2018, 07:44 AM
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Originally Posted by tenpastnine View Post
Heya CBR owners!

Just bought a 1987 Honda CBR750 hurricane project without knowing just how rare they are! Turns out very, so i thought would i would come on here to show you all what i got and my progress and hopefully get some help on part finding
Attachment 36920

I also have another project on the go 1987 Honda CH250 witch mechanically is almost working still needs paint and some wiring tidying up.

Back to the Hurricane, i have started taking it apart today frame looks to be all good, can't get it started but the fuel is 10years old, so iv emptied the tank and put new fuel in it but still not starting so i have ordered the very long reach wrench i need for the spark plugs and hopefully will get it started next week!

Also need a new exhaust as to my surprise considering its been in a garage for most of its life it totally rot, unlike the rest of the bike
So hopefully getting a nice stainless system!

Attachment 36921
Attachment 36922
Attachment 36923
Attachment 36924

Hi people... I dont want to hijack your thread bud, but am still finding my way around and dont know how to post a new comment as yet lol... But seeing your comment about the Hurricane was perfect timing, and I couldnt resist! I live on a small island in the Gulf of Thailand (Koh Samui)... 'Retired' here almost 20 yrs ago. I have a cb1300 (sc40) and a cbx750f based lowrider/chop... Today I collected my new lady... a cbr750f Hurricane (swapped a god awful fat-tyred cb750 based chop for her!)... Rode her home from half way around the island (about 25k), and O...M...F...G!!! It is bloody amazing! I kept wanting to change up when the engine sounded like it needed it, but looked down and she was only at 6k! Lol... a bit more of a limp-wristed twist was applied and she took off like a cruise missile on speed! Didn't have to steer around bends... just thinking about it was enough for her to go... I am utterly in love already! Lol She needs a bit of a tidy up and a touch up on the paint (she currently wears a chamelion blue/purple paint job), but all the running gear seems spot on (although front brake is a tad squishy for my liking). This is the first sports-type bike I have ever had... all previous bikes were naked sit-up and beg types (suzi gs1000, cb900, norton 850, various other kwackers, suzies etc) but I have to say she was a fun ride... got me grinning anyway!
SO... Will get some pics up soon (night-time here atm) and will no doubt be picking your brains for help/advice in the near future 😀 Thanks guys 😎
Old 10-11-2018, 10:05 AM
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Hey HondaHippy,
Awesome to hear about another 750 Hurricane on the road. Over here in North America we didn't get them, but they have a reputation of being awesome bikes

To start a new thread, you'll want to look for the grey "New Thread" button. It should be fairly easy from there. Would love to see some pics of the bike

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions
Old 10-13-2018, 08:34 PM
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Welcome to the forum HondaHippy, sound like love at first ride, as stated, plenty of help here if needed.
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