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Back Roads vs. Highway:

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Default Back Roads vs. Highway:

Hey all,

I'm very new to motorcycle riding and I took my first long-ish trip today (about 35 miles). The thing I noticed, which seemed contrary to most opinions I see, was that I preferred riding on the highway around 55mph to riding on back roads at around 35. Maybe it was the roads I picked, but I found the back roads had a lot of blind corners that left me feeling pretty nervous about what was waiting for me up ahead. Granted, there was minimal traffic all around, which probably helped more on the highway. Anyone else feel the same way, though?
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i love back roads, but they are not for the new riders or timid. They will test all your skills around EVERY turn, but so will busy traffic on I95. It all depends on my mood but in my opinion, the back roads are where its at.
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Highways suck!!! Nuff said?
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Stick to what you are comfortable with. I work in commercial construction and tell my guys, "If it doesn't feel comfortable, it probably isn't safe." This applies to more than operating heavy equipment.

It would help your skill and confidence to practise on some of those backroads in the daylight hours at a speed you can handle.

Stick to the highways for any night driving you do. Things don't tend to sneak up on you so easily.

In the words of Josie Wales, "A man's got to know his limitations." Can ya dig it?

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Are you on the back roads for the destination or for the ride?
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ive been riding for 4 years now and i feel the same as you. back roads are awesome dont get me wrong, but you have to have a super hightened sense when your on them. so many chances for people or animals to pop out from nowhere, not to mention head on drivers. the highway as long as your going faster than everyone else all you have to do is worry about whats on the sides and ahead
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Good point Kuro!
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At least you guys have a choice. Around here back roads are unpaved and laid out in a 1 x 2 mile grid.
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I ride country roads whenever possible. Much more fun than straight highways. A quick interstate blast is fun every once in a while tho.
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highways suck. there the roadsto get to the good roads. where do you live dude? ill show you some backroads you will enjoy. no homo! lol

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