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new to riding...question? :(

Old 03-06-2012, 02:35 PM
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Unhappy new to riding...question? :(

I recently bought a 02 F4i (first bike EVER) and I personally feel like I made progress in finding the clutches sweet spot, I don't stall as much in my neighborhood anymore (actually only once yesterday ).

anyways, the question i want to ask is..I have to get gas in my bike now because I've been practicing a lot and 2 or 3 bars were blinking for reserve. I have a red plastic gas thingy but I don't know where it went...

I don't feel too confident in going out on to the street even though the gas station is literally across the street 1 left turn and then a right in to the station, but iono...I'm just really scared of stalling in the middle of hte street or something or holding up the entire left turn lane cuz i stalled lol

Any tips to get over being a ***** and going out there and just ride?
Old 03-06-2012, 08:33 PM
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The best thing to do (well I found anyway) is to just ignore the feeling of perhaps being embarrassed or holding people up, ride how you feel comfortable and the confidence will come. Never be afraid or shut out any fear you may feel if you go at a high speed whether it be in a straight line or on a bend, fear is your friend it can and will keep you alive in some situations.
Old 03-06-2012, 09:17 PM
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Practice makes perfect. Find a big parking lot and practice for extented period of time. Just keep going 1st, 2nd, maybe third if lot is big enough. If getting gas means crossing street, get a gas container and buy gas take it home to fill her up. Take it slow and find way to get bike to nearest lot. You will slowly build muscle memory in you hands where the clutch engage. Usually just 1/2-1" before free play. As for gas, you only need to rev 2000rpm is good for smooth start. Just keep practicing stop and go...1st, 2nd, 3rd....then down shift back down to 1st... And put your gears on too....

You just need a safe, open space to practice without pressure....
Old 03-06-2012, 10:59 PM
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Just do it. the first time jitters will pass. That first time can only be once, and there is a first time for everything.
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When I first taught my wife to ride, I turned the idle up just a bit. It helped her not stall nearly as much. Her reaction time was just slow enough to let the bike stall, but with the ilde up a bit, it allowed her to catch it in time and slip the clutch a bit more on take off. I only raised it by about 300 rpm, but it made a huge difference for her until she got better with the bike. Once she was ok with the rest of the bike, I turned the idle back down and she was fine.

See where your idle is now, it may actually be too low. I think that bike should be around 1200 rpm, ( someone correct me if I'm wrong). You could turn it up to 1500-1600 rpms and should be ok. Just don't turn it up too high or your gear shift into first will clunk harsh. As long as your gear shift into first is not harsh, you'll be fine. Once you are use to the bikes other aspects, you can return the idle to normal and master that part of it. You have a lot of things going on at once and its not uncommon for people to have issues with stalling.
Old 03-07-2012, 01:22 AM
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push the bike down the sidewalk...

fyi do not wear gear while pushing for extended distances.

I once pushed a bike 3 miles with a flat front tire and blown forks...
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I would recommend you sign up for the MSF basic skills course. They provide a bike and teach you many key techniques that will help you ride better, have more confidence and teach you many good safety practices. You will also get your class m license in the process.

Also make sure you invest in all proper safety equipment (boots, Kevlar lined jeans, riding jacket, leather gloves).
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First man up
Ok now that that's done
Get a gas can
Walk to gas station
Get gas
Fill bike
And then
Sign up for a MSF course
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Everything actually went better htan expected i managed to get to the gas station...but i actually stalled right before i got back on to the street lol and dropped it but i managed to SLOWLY let it go down which was good (almost no comestic dmg ) My msf course is actually next saturday! but I'm rather addicted to trying to master the clutch...
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I think i got the clutch down, I realized that the amount of play on my f4i (not sure if every f4i is like that) is a lot more than i expected, but i think i got it down. Just need to practice the amount I actually roll on the throttle. (i have rather..not so smooth hands for my right side of body..lol)

BTW you guys are REALLY nice..I didn't get bashed once..
I remember my friend when he signed up on the r1 forums..got bashed on his first post for no reason.

I really like this forum

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