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I DID get the bike!!

Old 06-29-2006, 04:08 PM
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Default I DID get the bike!!

Wow it's so much fun! I took the MSF Course, which I totally recommend to anyone who's starting from scratch. I mean, I literally didn't know how to start the dang thing and they put you on a little 250 and get you from "This is how to get on the bike" to puttering around the parking lot at 20mph.

My first experience on my CBR was on the back behind my friend who races - going 90mph down the highway gripping him so tight I think I cracked his ribs! But then he let me tool around a parking lot for a little while and now I'm doing 25mph like a champ. Next goal: conquer the neighborhood!!

I'd love to hear some feedback from fellow girl riders, from beginners like me to advanced like him! My friend is looking forward to getting me out to a track day (in a couple months of course). Any advice? Comments? Stories to share?
Old 06-29-2006, 06:26 PM
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Default RE: I DID get the bike!!

I started on a 250 then in a years time moved up to the F4i. I haven't done a track day yet, but will probably do one. I rather not use my bike - JUST IN CASE! But I don't have another one to use....

Wear gear
Be alert
Get your bike tuned to your weight by a race shop (I went to WCW in NJ - look them up to try to find someone near you who does the same stuff)
Old 06-30-2006, 01:23 AM
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Default RE: I DID get the bike!!

congrats on the new addition!!


watch every single motorist out there on the road. never assume that they see you- because chances are-they dont!!!! of course you know all of the avenues of escape from the MSF course, but you will see once you get out there that drivers are soooo oblivious to us riders. so- have fun, and be careful!!!!
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Default RE: I DID get the bike!!

Congratulations! It sounds like you have taken the proper first step and that is to take your MSF course. good job! Secondly, continue to ride with your friend and take it slow... Here are a few suggestions:

1. Find a place to practice things such as your turns at slow speeds which will help with your balance.
2. Practice your braking at slow speeds which will help when you are in a "real" situation and you need to stop suddenly.
3. Don't attempt to "keep up" with the boys when you are riding with them (it's hard not to), but if they respect you and want you to become a better rider, they will allow you the time to develop your riding skills.
4. LOOK thru your turns at where you want to go and not on where you think you're going to go, because YOU WILL GO THERE!
5. Be aware of everything around you... anticipate things before they happen and always be on the lookout for an escape route.
5. Enjoy your bike!!

I've been riding for 17 years and have loved every minute of it. I have had some close calls, but they made me the rider that I am today. Exxperience is the best teacher is what I've found. I enjoy riding with new people and helping them, and I am actually going to a girlfriends house tonite who wants a bike. She has ridden behind me a few times and thinks she wants to buy mine. BONUS! Again, congrats and be sure to post up some pics when you get a chance.
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Default RE: I DID get the bike!!

Great job!

I've been riding for almost 12 years. I started out on a Honda 125 motorscooter. I took the MSF course and moved up to a Kawi Ninja 250 and rode that for about 5 years. Last year I upgraded to the Honda F4i and love it.

My husband and I took the MSF course together and it was a total blast. Those 250's are such a confidence builder! Great job on taking the course. That class will teach you the basic skills. I also recommend progressing with the intermediate class and then the advance motorcycle class as you progress.

Practice, practice, practice. You never know when it'll save your life. You can buy those little orange cones at Wal-mart to practice with or if you have a driving range nearby, rent some time on it.

My husband and I have been riding together for 6 years now. He went from a Ninja 250 to the Ninja 500 then to the Honda Superhawk 996.

Be vigilant. Your bike will surprise you.



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