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Installing a Scottoiler vSystem to a CBR600F (F6)

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Thumbs up Installing a Scottoiler vSystem to a CBR600F (F6)

I've always been a big fan of Scottoilers and have fitted one to almost every bike I've owned. I was tempted to buy one of their new "E-systems" but decided to stick to the original vacuum operated one - mainly because I had a Mk7 model sat on a shelf in the garage!

Please note, this is just MY idea of how a Scottoiler should be fitted to one of these bikes. There'll be another hundred people on the net who think it should be done another way. Only you can decide what's the best for you and your bike.

The reason I chose this setup is because it means that the RMV is absolutely vertical - and that means it'll need refilling a lot less than if it was angled under the seat at 45 degrees.

Fitting a Scottoiler to a Honda CBR600F is a pretty damned easy job. So let's go through it step by step....

**Remove the seat.

**Undo the tank bolts, top and bottom, then remove the grey side panels from the tank.

**Lift the tank up and stick something underneath between the airbox and the underside of the tank to prop it up as high as you can without straining the fuel hoses, etc.

**Locate the right-hand side vacuum pipe connect to the airbox. I attached some long cable-ties to the hose at the points indicated in the photo below, before I cut it, so that if they sprang back out of sight, I could easily reach them with the cable-tie.

**Snip the vacuum hose with some side cutters and insert the white nylon T-Piece.

**Attach the Scottoiler RMV tube to the T-Piece, making sure that the tube is routed where it won't become trapped against anything.

**Fit an RMV Bolt-On Clamp to the RMV. Fill the RMV with oil while it's off the bike (It's easier).

**Locate the Scottoiler RMV in the space to the rear of the back brake fluid reservoir. Secure it to the bracket with a couple of large washers.

**Push the vacuum pipe into the top of the RMV.

**Feed the RMV Filler/Breather tube up to the underseat area and secure to frame with cable-ties.

**Fit the Delivery Tube to the bottom of the RMV and route it along the back of the engine, over to the other side of the bike.

**Undo the middle bolt from the back of the engine as shown in the photo below. Then use a Large 12v Ring Connector as a carrier/guide for the delivery tube to stop it moving around as shown in the photo.

**Feed the Delivery Tubing through a couple of Dispenser Mounting Sleeves and attach to the underside of the swingarm using good quality double-sided adhesive pads. MAKE SURE you remove ALL traces of oil and grease before using the sticky-pads and finish the preparation off with some alcohol wipes.

**Trim the Delivery Tube to accommodate the Injector and position it so that it delivers the oil to the point on the sprocket shown in the photo below.

**Spin the wheel backwards to make sure that the sprocket nuts/studs don't catch the injector.

**Refit the petrol tank.

**Set the RMV to "PRIME".

**Start the engine and observe the oil SLOWLY creeping down the delivery tube to the rear sprocket.

**After about 5-10 minutes, it will reach the sprocket.

**Count how long it is between drops and then adjust the RMV dial from Prime to a number which produces about one drop of oil a minute.

**Top up the RMV

**Enjoy a long lasting chain and a neat installation!


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Your tax is out.

Clean bike too there fella, don't know how you manage it - one winter on our salt laden roads and my bike's fasteners are glowing orange with rust.
Old 05-09-2010, 04:24 AM
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Retaxed now Donny. As for salty winter roads, I am a winter rider but I always spray my bikes with liberal amounts of ACF-50 using an electric spray gun. It's expensive stuff, but it gives amazing protection.
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