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HOWTO: Install Flush-Mount Rear Turn Signals on your Old F3

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Default HOWTO: Install Flush-Mount Rear Turn Signals on your Old F3

Here's somethin for the new guys that can't leave well enough alone. What's the worst part about constantly sliding your bike? Braking those stupid eyeball turn signals on your F3. They look like snail eyes, and who wants snail parts on their bike? Not me (unless it's that Racing Snail from neverending Story).

On second thought, I still don't want them. Eww.

So, off we go. You're going to need:

Wire strippers, wire cutters, wrenches (size may vary), cleaning solution, alcohol, soldering iron, solder, mini clips (Radio Shack has 'em), heat shrink tubing, a source of heat.

Since you're interested in doing this, we're going to also assume you got rid of that ugly-*** fender these bikes come with, and your bike looks like this:

Well, assuming you've laid your bike down recently. As for that mass of duct tape back there, I get to blame that squarely on Competition Werkes in Roseburg, OR. I don't know what they did in there, but it's about what I'd expect form someone who can't spell "works." We'll save that for another day.

I've gone ahead and picked out these tiny little guys:

They're like $10, all over eBay, tiny, and LED.

So first off, unbolt both of the signals. I was lucky enough to have two different sizes in there (thanks, Competition Werkes!):

Pop off your tail fairings, and clip the wires so there's only about an inch remaining on the signals (in case you want to sell them off):

Strip the ends 1-2cm, on both the bike and the new signals. The ones I had came pre-stripped, but it wasn't enough, so I did it again:

Now, weave and twist the yellow lead on the signal to the solid black lead on the bike. Attach the solid black lead on the signal to the one on the bike with the white stripe. You can verify you did this correctly at this point by turning the signal on. If it doesn't work, swap the wires. Once you've confirmed everything, make it permanent with SOLDER AND SHRINK TUBING. I swear, if I see any of you twisting wires together and wrapping them in electrical tape, I'm gonna tip your bike in the night like a sleeping cow. I WILL, however, accept liquid electrical tape, BUT YOU STILL BETTER BE SOLDERING!

Then, pull the wires taught, and twist them until you get 2-3 twists per cm. This will help immensely with cleanup:

NOW, figure out where you're going to stick the things. I picked the underside of the brake lens, as there really isn't any good looking place to stick a turn signal on the tail fairings. CLEAN the Hell out of the surface you're putting the light on, then wipe it down with rubbing alcohol to remove any residue form the cleaner. A lot of bike \ car cleaners have a wax in them that will make the adhesive fall off if you don't wipe it off with alcohol. Now, stick the lights on:

This next part's gonna vary based on where you stuck your light, but: hide the wire. For me, I tuck it all straight back over the plate into Duct Tape Hell, then I clean part of the bracket with more alcohol, stick a mini clip on it, and snap the wire into it. Cleanlieness is next to Godliness, and we all know bikers need as much of God's help as we can get:

Annnnnnnnnnnd, you're all set. test the blinkers one more time, then put your fairings back on. Get out on the road and show off yer new blinkers, even though we know none of the cars will pay a lick of attention to us, anyway.


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