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Cbr 954 engine removal

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Default Cbr 954 engine removal

Remove the following items: Remove all bodywork (seats, tail, side, nose, intake covers, fuel tank, and rear fender). Remove air box. Remove rear set assemblies. Remove rear wheel. Remove exhaust system (headers back). Drain engine oil and coolant. Support engine assembly (I used a jack on the oil pan). I supported the front end with a stand.


I personally place as many bolts back in their original location to keep from losing them. Some bolts are not cheap!


Unnecessary items

While reading thru the manual, I noticed it instructed me to remove a few items that were not necessary. Although I didn’t remove them, they are entirely up to you. Again these items DO NOT need to be removed……..The kickstand/side stand, sprocket cover, thermostat, throttle cables, and lower engine mount. You do not have to remove the throttle cables; after you remove the throttle bodies just place it out the way!

If you have trouble getting to this stage, then maybe you should not be removing your engine…..

Let’s get started!

Swingarm Removal

The swingarm has to come off; I prefer not to remove the engine with the swingarm attached. Locate your upper shock mount bolt (1), remove it. Locate the dog bone (2) and identify where it attaches to the lower engine bracket (3), remove the bolt/nut. On both sides of the lower engine bracket (3), there is a pinch bolt (4). Loosen the pinch bolt (4). You will have to either make a special tool (5) here or purchase the special tool (**** that, a couple bucks and your local hardware store works) for the swingarm pivot bolt (6). Remove the swingarm pivot bolt from the lower engine bracket (3). The swingarm will fall out and hopefully not on your face……Let’s proceed.


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Throttle Body Assemblies

Locate the injector plug harness (1) and disconnect it. Locate the wax unit (2), locate the two coolant hoses (3) connected to the wax unit (2), and remove them.
PAY ATTENTION! There are two clamps (4) per throttle body, YOU DO NOT NEED TO LOOSEN THE UPPER CLAMPS. Loosen the four lower clamps (4) on the throttle body boots. I had to pry mine off because they had never been removed. Do not grab the rails, if you have to pry these off do this at your own risk.


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Cooling System

You should have already drained the cooling system prior to getting this far, I hope. On the stator/alternator side of the bike is the lower coolant hose (1); disconnect this from the water pump (2). Locate the thermostat (3) and remove the smaller and larger coolant hoses (4) from the thermostat (3). To the lower right of the thermostat (3) is the engine coolant temperature switch (5), disconnect the plug. On the right side of the bike is the larger hose (6) that connects to the radiator, I removed this and completely moved it out of the way. You do not have to do this; I did for ease of access. Next remove the upper reserve tank mount bolt (7) which doubles as the lower radiator mount bolt. Locate the lower reserve tank bolt (8), and remove it which will allow you to free the reserve tank of the engine. Locate the upper radiator bolt (9), remove it. You do not have to remove the other upper radiator bolt as the other two bolts being removed will allow you to swing the radiator forward and out of the way. Your cooling system is now prepped and you can leave it alone.

Electrical System

This part will seem like a lot, but it is impossible to **** this up. If you can match colors then you will be fine with the installation. In the center of the engine will be a wiring harness. Disconnect the side stand switch green two pin connector (1), cam pulse generator red two pin connector (2), speed sensor natural colored three pin connector (3), and oil pressure sensor blue two pin connector (4). Locate the large white connector six pin (5) which is the servo motor, disconnect the plug. For this connector (5) I removed the servo from its mounting location and pulled it out of the way. Again for ease of access. Next, locate the ECU box and find the large white three pin connector (6); this is the stator/alternator plug. Disconnect this plug (6) and fish it out. Next locate the starter (7); there will be a wire boot (8) which is the power for the starter (7). Disconnect that line (8). To the right of the starter (7) is a ground bolt (9). Disconnect this.

Locate the valve cover (10). You will need to remove the coil harness (11) from the coils. Locate the ignition pulse generator connector (12); disconnect the black two pin connector (12). In front of the coil harness (11) are two breather lines (13), one on the left and one on the right. Disconnect those lines (13). You are done with the electrical portion.

Clutch Cable

Locate the clutch cover (1); there are two mounting bracket bolts (2). Remove these bolts (2). Disconnect the clutch cable line (3) from the clutch arm (4). Place the bolts (2) back into the cover (1). Done!

Motor Mount

Loosen the rear motor mount pinch bolt. Remove the rear motor mount nut and bolt. Remove the four upper motor mount bolts. Lower the engine out the bike. Or you can do it like I did; I pulled the frame/sub frame off the motor and placed it to the side. I don't have pictures of this process but if you can do the steps prior then this shouldn't be an issue. THERE ARE SPACERS ON THE RIGHT SIDE MOTOR MOUNT BOLTS! DON'T FORGET THESE!


You should be complete. If there is something you would like to add then let me know! I did this write up on fresh memories! Installation is the reverse order. I don't have a write up on this because mine will not go right back together..... This should be your final product.......

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