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F4I or 929?

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Default F4I or 929?

Hi, I am thinking of getting back into riding and did some research and it turns out that both the F4I and the 929 are the most 'comfortable' bikes of their era according to most.

Anyway, here's my decision: I used to ride a F3 a couple years ago, and while it was definitely fast, I could feel the power lacking on the freeway. I don't need to be a speed-freak but could have used more power.

So my question is: Would an F4I be a big step up in performance(mainly due to the lighter weight) or should I go with a 929? Thanks
Old 08-24-2011, 04:20 PM
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I used to have an F3 and now have an F4i. I've only ridden a 929 once, though.

The F4i is a much better bike than the F3, mostly due to fuel injection and an aluminum rather than steel frame. But it's still a 600, which means that it really doesn't start putting out power until you get the RPMs up. On a 600 you have to stay focused on keeping the RPMs in the power band, for example making sure you downshift properly when braking for a turn so you're in the right gear for your exit. A liter bike has power at pretty much any engine speed, so you can be a little more relaxed about it, at least for street riding.

I never felt like my F3 was underpowered for highway riding, but I usually take it easy on the slab.

The other thing to keep in mind is that comfort is individual. A bike that is generally considered comfortable might not fit your body dimensions, so you need to spend a little saddle time to know for sure what bike fits you.
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u wont be disapointed with the power of a 929.
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Thanks guys. Yeah, I knew once I was getting up into 7,8,9000 rpms i was hiting the sweet spot, but I do like the idea of not needing to be way up there for feel the power. From the prices in so cal, the f4i is coming just under the 929 in price, sometimes being above it, so I think I'll choose the 929(after trying it out of course).

Sorry to say this in the f4i forum, but my question was really on the difference in power(real HP or shed weight) between the f4i and the f3, and while it sounds like there is some, the CCs still mean that power will have to be reached higher in the rev zone. Thanks again guys(and gals).

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