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02 F4i Problems

Old 06-17-2009, 10:58 AM
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Default 02 F4i Problems

So I'm beginning to think there is something incredibly wrong with my bike. It started off with me hearing a slight clunking noise coming from the region around my front sprocket. I just thought that my chain was just a bit too tight, so i loosened it up a little and the sound became quite but is still there. Now this is where I dont know if I am being paranoid or not but when I am moving real slowly I feel what i believe is a binding vibration. I can feel it on my right foot through the rear brake pedal. Also when I am riding at a constant velocity it almost feels as if the gears are getting slightly hung up because it feels like if I were to slightly accelerate and then let off. I am afraid that there is something wrong with my clutch, but I have no idea wether or not there is, nor do I know how to figure out if there is. The bike only has 7000 miles, and I change the oil regularly. I am not experiencing or rather aware of any other problems that are related. Has this happened to anyone before or does anyone know of a way that I can figure out whats happening or am I going to have to say F^%$ it and go take it to a mechanic to tell me what I already feared and end up paying him double. On a side not there have been some other little things that once again I am probably just being really paranoid about but I want to go to the track in the near future and I want to know that my bike is going to behave. At about 90 when I brake with the front I feel a bit of chatter almost like an ABS system only problem is that I dont have ABS :P. And lastly I am hearing a loud mechanical whine coming from around the front end of the bike, I have done some reading and I am thinking its the CTT, but I have no idea if thats the sound people are describing. Any insight? Any help would be most appreciated. I know I sound like a complete moron when it comes to motorcycles but I swear I am not a complete idiot. This is my first bike and I really want to learn this thing inside out. Thanks for listening

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Alright, where to start... lol

I agree, you're probably just paranoid in some cases.

Lets sum it up so its a bit easier for other people to get involved seeing as that is a huge wall of text...

-Slight clunky noise coming from front sprocket
-Binding vibration feeling coming through rear brake pedal
-Front wheel chatter, similar to ABS
-Whining noise coming from front

The whining noise is definitely not the CCTL. The noise coming from a worn out CCTL is a ratteling noise in the RPM ranges of 3K-7K roughly.

I can only imagine the front wheel chatter would be warped brake rotors. Or maybe loose steering stem bearings?

The front whining could be wheel bearings i guess.
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Yup that about sums it up. I believe the clunking sound in the front rotor and the vibrations in the brake are related though. And I may have inaccurately described the noise coming from the front, Kinda hard to describe. The noise is coming from what seems to me is under the gas tank, and it is most definitely a type of high frequency rattling that is so high that to me it produces a whine like sound
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What's a CCTL (I'm hearing the same clatter)
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