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Would a 954 be a good second bike?

Old 07-14-2013, 09:40 AM
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Default Would a 954 be a good second bike?

So the 954 is kind of a dream bike for me and I have an opportunity to get one on the cheap, $3,000 to be exact. The bike is salvaged and has been laid down lightly at very low speeds. Minor crack in the upper fairing and a scrap on the rear fairing. The bike starts and runs and rides excellent so no issues there. I have not rode it but the company deals in salvage bikes and they know their bikes.

My question is and I am sure this has been asked many times and that is would the 954 be a good second bike for me. I currently have an 09 Ninja 250R that I have rode for over a year now as a commuter bike (pretty much what I do as a rider and the occasional back country rides) I am not much of a racer or wheelies kind of guy but I do have the need for more power and fuel injection. I ride my buddy's 03 600rr from time to time and that bike is perfect for me but I have a good opportunity to get my dream bike here. So having some experience on the 250 and 600 would a 954 be a good second bike. By the way the 954 will replace the 250R as my primary bike and I only ride on nice days no rain no snow. Also how much is one of these bikes to insure because I pay like $20 a month for the 250R. And lastly is 30,000 miles to high for this bike and price.
Old 07-14-2013, 11:30 AM
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I guess the main reason why I ask this is because all I see on YouTube is 954's racing, top speed runs, and doing wheelies. So can the bike be a good commuter bike and cruising bike, I have no intent on racing, wheelies, and top speed. I will be going fast but nothing 2 insane.
Old 07-14-2013, 04:23 PM
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I personally wouldnt even consider that big of a jump, the HP difference alone is over 100.
it sounds like you would be responsible on it, but its still alot of power to handle.
I would suggest going with a 600, you can get an f4i for around that price range and it would make a much better commuter bike IMO.
Old 07-14-2013, 10:12 PM
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just sold my 99 f4 had it for a while, rode it as my main transportation for two years, very very reliable and comfy. the f4i is a little better with the FI (if i where you i'd still go with the 954). next day after i sold the f4, i bought a 02 954. lol, huuuuge difference i love it and its perfect for me. if you know how to ride and have common sense get the 954. its an insane beast, can pick up the front wheel at will on hard excelleration, in 1-4 gears. and its comfy too.

main difference is the 954 has 45-50 more hp and at higher speeds it handles like your on roller coaster rails while going around corners...effortlessly. and the f4-f4i's handle like a pig and come off the line like a turd compared to the 954.

insurance is ten bucks more on the 954 for me.
Old 07-15-2013, 05:11 AM
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I'd grab it if I were you, I've had mine for 6months and love it. It's comfy handles superbly. You can just cruise along in top gear like you're riding a big scooter its got enough torque. They're a bit of a rarity too I've only seen 2 since I got mine. It's the last "real" FireBlade when less weight was more important than more horsepower. For riding on the street it is not lacking any horsepower anyway, if you give it the big rev in any gear the license is on the line. I'd grab it and keep it forever I reckon it'll be a future classic.
Old 07-15-2013, 07:54 AM
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If you want the 954, get it. I would continue to use the 250 for commuting for the fuel mileage and to keep the useless miles off of the 954.
Old 07-15-2013, 09:54 AM
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I am planning on getting the 954, I have my 250 up for sale and have been riding my buddy's 600RR around to get more comfortable with the power difference. I will most likely pick it up tomorrow.
Old 07-15-2013, 10:16 AM
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Not sure where your from, but IMO $3000 with 30K and a salvage tittle sounds way to high of a price to pay for a 954. Wait a while and you can get one with at least the same miles and a clean tittle for that price. I see them often over here on the west coast for 4k low miles and clean tittle.

I paid 4500 for mine with 11,400 on the clock and bone stock with a clean tittle. I had been shopping for about a year for it. I passed up a 03 with 3k on it for the same price because i liked the red and black color scheme better.

And you will love the 954. I cant ride it enough.

Again this is just my 2cents.
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get it, it's not that big of a jump off of a 250. people that ride 600's for some reason tend to think that bigger bikes are too powerful or whatever. if youre not WOT and in the top rpms - it behaves like a smaller sport bike - like the 600rr. be careful about all the power - because it has a lot, but so long as you have the basics of riding down, and take your time, you'll be fine.

remember, your right wrist controls the bike.

as far as the value, that depends on how much YOU value it
Old 07-18-2013, 01:57 AM
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My 954 was my second bike. First bike was an '84 GS400E. 40 bhp to 154 bhp.....quite the jump in power, but it was manageable because I had good baseline skills. It can be done.

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