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Old 07-22-2017, 07:35 PM
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Default Help... F4 cylinder head the same as f4i???

Hello all

I need some advice please, The top end of my bike has eaten itself! Cylinder case, rods, and valves. I am looking on the web for a new top end but not having any joy finding a complete cylinder head for a f4 ( for the right price ) but plenty for the f4i and I need to know if I can use the f4i head on the f4?
I know mine is carbs and the other is throttle bodies but I can't see any diffrances in the Haynes manual or online other than possible timing being different and that f4i has sensors for the Ecu. In my mind the injection model would inject strait into the cylinders?
I am finding a lot on people using the f4i head on the f4 block but then converting to injection with throttle bodies not using the f4i head with carbs.

I am new to motorcycling, I only past my test last September and have nearly coved 10k miles on my much loved f4.
Being new to it all I am still learning about my bike and how it works and runs. I knew when I had done the damage I had a ticking noise for a good couple of thousand miles and after changing the tensioner with no joy and running a compression test with all cylinders over 150psi I decided to check valve clearance and that was all well with in tolerance but when I started to remove the top end to change the cam chain the horrible ticking showed me it's true colours!
Rods and case are a mess and the fact that she was running well for a couple of thousand miles and still doing 140mph with a slight ticking that only I could hear is a testament to how strong these engines are!
I will post some picks of damage, taking the top off has opened a can of worms but I couldn't take it anymore, that sound had to be found.
Inexperience is the reason this happened, a long journey and I ran her low on oil. Mistakes need to be made to learn from them and out of this I have learnt a lot about my bike.
She is my first and will never be put on the scrap heep but I can't just throw money at it and anything that saves money with girl number four coming up to her first birthday on 25th and Brexit sending everyone mental and costing me a fortune every week to feed the tribe any money I can save on repairs saves my ears a bashing from the missis when she notices the holiday fund has taken a right hook.
Sorry I am waffling on! Any help is much appreciated, hopefully someone has done the same or has experience doing a conversion or if anyone has a top end sitting about let me know what you want for it. I can get a f4i head online for 150 hence why I need to know if it is possible.
Thank you for any help
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Old 04-14-2018, 07:55 PM
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Default f4 carbs

Yep i asked the same question and searched the forum and cant get a definitive answer.
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Old 04-16-2018, 12:57 PM
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Major caveat - I have not (and probably would not) go this route personally, but if we know that people are able to swap the heads for the purpose of going to fuel injection, then we'd have to assume that they are a physical fit - ie, you can bolt it up and it will fit together

Looking at the fiche, the head gasket, cams, and cam chain are all the same part number. Right off the bat, you've got a good chance of making the swap work. First trick will be ensuring that the carb boots will fit on the Fi head. Different part numbers, so you'll need to verify fitment some other way. Second trick will be the cam pulser on the Fi, which will need to be blanked off, or if it comes with the head, just leave it in place

As I say, for a straight swap, it's got a good chance of success. The OP (if he's still around) was running oil-starved, so for what it's worth, I'd bet that his mains are chewed up, with likely damage throughout the block. He's probably looking for a new engine, or at least a complete overhaul. Pity

Hope that helps
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