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"Zero" a 98 Speedo

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Question "Zero" a 98 Speedo

I just bought a 98 Blackbird - originally an import but registered new in UK at that time.
Came with a LHD headlight and kph speedo (at 40+K kms).
I now have bought for it a RHD headlight and a mph speedo head (showing 12.5+k miles).
In an ideal world I would take photos of both to record the date of change over (the bike has a complete kilometre/mileage check through it's MOTs, that I have) and then either "zero" the new mph speedo or "wind-it-on" to the mile equivalent of the kilometre mileage accumulated at the date of change.

Does anyone have any experience of this or similar or any suggestions? Failing being able to effect any change to the mph speedo head reading I'll just keep well documentes/dated photos at changeover.

I have searched the forum but not found anything relevant so far.


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There was someone with an f4i that increased the mileage on a speedo using frequencies. So its been done. But I don't remember the thread or author atm.
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it's a bit like legal clocking,,,,,

it's not illegal unless you sell it on and don't tell the new owner from the first moment, otherwise you are leading them to a purchase.

document and photo it all as you said..
keep a service history (independant would be better than yourself)
and when selling , state the facts immediately.
CoC certificate
or have it sva tested to comply with uk regulations would be helpful for insurance etc.

there's defo a difference throughout purchase, ownership and insurance,,
personally i wouldn't have one about me.

they have a large depreciation and owners are stuck with them.

no matter what happens,, you'l love it while its yours no matter what.

good luck.
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Interesting perspective.
Bike is a Parallel import (not a Grey one) and insurance cost no higher than "normal". and since everything else is the same (tax, MOT, service costs) unclear why one should be nervous about buying one. OK, they are a little cheaper to buy and hence to sell on but that equals out. And the clearest check on mileage is through the yearly MOT certificates. I have every MOT for the bikes time since first MOT in 2001. I think I'm comfortable that if I take sufficient photos before, during and after changeover with enough shots of both dials side-by-side etc., and prospective owner in the future could be satisfied. And if not they can always walk away. I certainly not illegal to change the speedo (in fact will actually make the bike fully compliant with UK regs) and so the issue is whether one is seeking to conceal the change and the bike's true mileage - and since that's not the case..........
None of which helps me find out if it's possible to wind back or wind on the ODOmeter. I'm not expecting it is (easily) and if not it's no issue as I'll proceed as outlined earlier.
But I think there's a lot of circumstantial comments around about imports as such that depend for their true accuracy entirely on what they are, how, by whom and when they were imported, and whether they mirror equivalent or same models imported by the manufacturers into the country at the same time as their importation.
I'm more than happy with mine anyway.
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Interesting perspective.
It was cheaper to buy and hence sell on but that equals out.
It's a Parallel not a Grey import, hence new when first registered in UK and in spec terms (other than speedo & headlight) exactly as models imported by Honda (except of course cheaper). In insurance it's cost is as normal and all other costs are same. I have all MOTs for bike so it's mileage history is crystal clearly known. So if I cannot wind back or wind on the ODO, I'm confident that with good before and after and side by side photos will be able to satisfy an future prospective owner. If not, after all they can walk away. There's a lot of circumstantial comments made re imports but as always depends on what they are and who, when and why they were imported and whether at that time they were a mirror of same model in Hondas import portfolio or not. Cost wise mine was a little cheaper but to run exactly the same. So one need not necessarily consider an import as an "issue" of any type. But each to their own as they say. i love it.
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