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Default Engine smoke

Hello i have a 05 Cbr1000rr fireblade. I just went out to start it and noticed alot of smoke coming from the front of engine under the tank/forks/radiator area. Its not steam it is smoke. Could it be a exhaust leak or what could it be??? Any help is appreciated.
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Sup Lorenzo,

So how fast did you notice the smoke? Did you happen to note your temperature when said smoke started? There was no way you could get a light under there to see where it was starting?

White smoke points to coolant/rad burn off. Could be a few differnet issues. Piping, bad rad cap. Blue smoke points to oil in the cylinder getting mixed with fuel, more typical out of the exhaust. Black would be unspent fuel as in a rich condition. This should get you in the ballpark for what is happening.

I dislike speculating, but depending how long it sat, if it was on side stand etc. you could be in for a valve seal job. Could really be a number of things as said above. I wouldnt think there would be much smoke coming from that specific area unless you had a leak in the manifold. (exhaust) as well in which case it didnt just happen overnight, unless it got hit or you recently serviced the area, or manifold gasket failed (it happens)

Oil or coolant (hopefully not) in combustion chamber would surely heat before just a coolant leak to produce white smoke that fast among startup. This should help narrow it down. So whats the color of it?

Get down there with a light and carefully examine where you are starting to see it as welll as the temperture and time elapsed before it began as well as the color then we can go from there. Multiple areas and causes that this can be happening and we need to find a way to narrow it down. May have to move some fairing out of the way to get a look. Carefully examine the area as well.

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It has been sitting for a month but ive started it regularly to make sure it stays in good running order. I started it and about 3 minutes after it started smoking. I seen the smoke and started looking the choke shut off and idle lowered like it should and smoke began to get more and more. Its white Smoke. Wondering it just a exhaust leak. But not sure. It did it this summer while i was riding and at a red light. Seen smoke got off and looked for it but by time i got off bike the smoke stopped. So im really confused. This my first liter bike.
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Grr, had a post but the page didnt load or something. But I basically said this....

Exhausts shouldnt be blowing consistant smoke like that, leak or otherwise. That indicates the engine is burning through coolant. Starting and stopping the bike for short periods "just to see if it starts" could potentially warp the head if done a lot and coupled with long periods of rest. Has the bike sat since you noticed the leak at the light pretty much?

Check your coolant at the resovior (if equipped) and at the radiator cap. Make sure its not cloudy, Also check your oil as well make sure that looks up to snuff. Does the smoke come out of the tailpipe as well as from under the front of the bike? Also, be advised that if it is cold out your bike even just sitting there idling could take some time to burn off natural condensation that builds up there, this is also more pronounced in the winter time because of the drastic temperature change. If it is warmer where you are take it for a spin if after a couple miles you are still getting the smoke then there is more than there is in fact coolant being burned off somehow some way, we will narrow that down as we learn more.

Get down there and check those things also try to find the damage that you think is there. Start at the block and work your way down the exhaust. Let me know.

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