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Sliders install?

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Default Sliders install?

so this probably is a simple question but i was wondering if there was someone who could help me figure out how to install frame sliders onto my bike. Ive looked at descriptions on the packages for the sliders but im more of a visual person. did anyone see a HOW-TO on the forum for sliders? I know i just bolt the sliders onto the frame but which hole does it go into and how am i suppost to figure out where to cut the holes in the fairings without missing and having the hole screwed up. thanks
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I can do a write up real quick - but can't do the how to, cause I've already done mine. F2/F3 would be the same since our frames are the same. I'm gonna pull some random pics off the net for illustration:

first off - remove your lower fairings - and the center. Set them aside for the time being - notice the red circle below - that's the motor mount bolt that needs to be removed - do each side one at a time so the motor is as supported as can be during this process. Notice there is a spacer on each side - remember where the spacer goes, and each side is different, so don't get them swapped up (Like I did) then you have to go and redo it all.

Once you have one bolt out - find a drill bit (or a drift punch w/ a pointed end) that slides through the bolt hole in the frame, but has very little wiggle room to it. Slide it in, then put that side's lower fairing back on - just 2 bolts needed - enough to line it up to the frame/upper.

Once you have that bolted up - reach in and run the drill bit up against the back of the fairing. You need to feel for the drill bit thought the front of the fairing and press on it/hit it w/ your hand hard enough to make a mark on the back side. You might even put some wet paint/nail polish on the tip of the bit. Pull the faring off and make sure you can find the mark you just made. Once you're sure you have the mark identified - install the slider to the frame. Torque the motor bolt back to spec, and then get the fairing you just marked.

The mark should be in the area you see the slider in the pic below.
from the back side of the fairing - drill yourself a pilot hole something like 3/16" in diameter. This should be the center for your cutout to clear the slider.

Time to cut the hole - Some people do this with a dremel tool and a rotary cutting bit - some have done it by hand with a jigsaw blade. I like using a holesaw in a drill. If you don't have a holesaw in the 2" range - take one of your sliders to a hardware store, and go find a hole saw with just slightly bigger an outer diameter than your slider.

Once you have your holesaw - chuck it up and put the pilot bit on your center hole you've already drilled. Drill through the back of the fairing until the teeth just start to touch the plastic. Stop. Switch your drill into reverse, and cut through the back of the fairing in reverse - takes longer, but it cuts through plastic smoother. (keeps the pilot bit from wallowing on the pilot hole if there's some side force on the bit - like cutting on a contour)

Should create an almost perfect hole. Slip it onto the frame and check alignment - everything should line up. If so - congrats - go repeat the process for the other side.

Hope this helps.

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On my bike. I put it up on a stand and used a laser pointer. I had it set so that it was pointed at the center of the bolt the slider would attach to. I then re-installed the side fairing and drilled where the laser dot was. I would suggest this method as it worked perfectly for me, and others who have used it.
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