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Tips for riding in the rain/ wet weather?

Old 05-24-2013, 02:28 PM
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Default Tips for riding in the rain/ wet weather?

Well I've been riding around for like a month, I would say that I have put atleast 400 miles riding around without much rain. I was just wondering if anyone had any good tips about riding in the rain. I am going to be using this bike as a full-time vehicle so I would like to know what I would be getting into with the weather conditions and the road.
Old 05-24-2013, 04:30 PM
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slow down. Sorry had to say it.
Old 05-25-2013, 11:57 PM
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Follow in other vehicles tires tracks they'll clear some water, try to stay above a 45 degree lean angle in corners, don't gotta ride like a cruiser but take it a little easier
Old 05-31-2013, 04:41 PM
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be really smooth rolling on/off the throttle, and don't have a death grip on the bars, unless you hit ice, oil, or debris, there's still quite a bit of grip, you just can't get away with chopping the trottle or clamping down on the brakes like you can when it's dry
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Buy some michelin pilot road 3 Tires (or other rain tires), ride slightly more straight up around corners, keep it in lower rpms. Don't use rear brake, act like its not there. Example - don't use engine braking type rpms, shift sooner to keep lower rpms. It keeps the rear tire from breaking loose
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Basically, just slow it down and take it easy.

Even more than normal, keep your head up and planning the path you take.
Stay off the center of the lanes, follow the tire-tracks of the cars.
Except for lane changes (of course), and even then,
don't linger and/or make sudden throttle changes as you cross over.

Just after it starts to rain is the worst time.
It takes a bit of time to clear the road, of all of the 'dry weather' drips/spills/etc,
that have accumulated from all of the pre-rain traffic.

Other than the first 30-ish minutes after rainfall begins,
it's really no different than regular riding.
Don't push your limits and you'll be fine.
Relax and just give yourself a little extra time,
so you don't feel 'pressured' to get to your destination.

Finally...get some decent rain-gear, if you're planning for a 24/7 lifestyle.
That eliminates the distraction of cold/wet from the equation.
Hypothermia isn't a joke and even warm weather at 70 mph,
while soaked through can be really cold on a distance ride.

Good luck, hope this helps, Ern
Old 05-31-2013, 10:18 PM
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I honestly thought rain gear wasn't going to be mentioned haha ... I always have a backpack with me and keep my gear in there. Makes a huge difference to me and keeps the focus on what I am doing rather than how cold I am and how hard those rain drops are hitting.
Old 07-25-2013, 07:24 AM
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I was thinking of this thread on my ride home from work last night... as it started raining on me. I had no intention of being in the rain on my bike... ever... but I had read this thread just to see the tips in case rain snuck up on me...

Everything said here was definitely helpful, although being my first time in the rain I was still a little 'nerve-wracked" by it. The one thing that stressed me the most, was really the extreme limitation of visibility, both by the spray thrown up by cars and more by the water on my visor that didn't seem to blow off like I assumed it would.

Which brings me to my "tip". As I was riding, taking care to pay extra attention to what's happening in front of me so I could have ample time to react, I was just basically looking forward the whole time and the rain just gathered on my visor... I didn't try to wipe at it, figuring that would make it worse... but then I stumbled upon a solution...

I wasn't doing any lane changing just trying to keep things as simple as possible, but when it came time where I had to change lanes, I looked over my right shoulder and suddenly all the water on my visor just whisked away! and I had clear vision again... Whew!

So my tip is, as the rain gathers, just give a slight head turn every so often and it will just blow off to the side. And in addition I wonder if maybe some rain-x would help?

(Sorry for my long winded posts everyone... I'm a little wordy...)
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Jmeekman I strongly suggest you intentionally go out and ride in at least a light shower a couple times. Unless you watch the forecast like a hawk (and they're never wrong) you WILL get caught in the rain on a motorcycle. Especially living near Boston. Best to get some practice and comfort under semi controlled conditions.

Cause it'll suck worse when caught in a full fledge tstorm with 0 cover and more dangerous to pull over than ride thru.
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Originally Posted by cBrentb View Post
Don't use rear brake, act like its not there. Example - don't use engine braking type rpms, shift sooner to keep lower rpms. It keeps the rear tire from breaking loose

Sorry mate, but I don't agree with this. On the street you should always use both brakes.

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