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Rider Awareness

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Default Rider Awareness

One thing I do that has saved my **** at many intersections is to look directly at drivers when I don't have to stop, but the intersecting traffic does. I also make myself very conspicuous in the saddle, and am amazed at how many drivers seem like they didn't see me until I picked my head up further than normal. Occasionally they still won't see you, if they planned on making a rolling stop, and looking at their eyes has always given me enough reaction time to avoid a collision.
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That's a good thinking. You often times have to "gauge" drivers in predicting their intentions while anticipating their actions, and planning your own.
If approaching a vehicle which I suspect might potentially cut me off, I'll actually ride straight towards them, and will even throw-in a little weaving/swerving action. Not only does this get their attention, but it also changes their frame of thought from "OK, I have to turn now", to "WTF is this crazy guy doing?" Maybe somewhat odd, but effective nonetheless.
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That's a heck of an idea, to swerve a little like that! Hadn't thought of that. To upset the otherwise straight trajectory of your headlight is a great attention getter for oblivious drivers, kinda like the idea of the newer 'Wings with their oscillating lights! Gonna add that one to my bag 'o tricks! Thx Cog!
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One of my buddies blares his horn whenever he see's someone wanting to turn onto the street he's on, or when they are wanting to make a left turn. It's a little annoying to ride with him, but I guess it's a somewhat affective way of getting driver's attention.
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Thumbs up

LOL-Without looking down, the only time I can seem to find the horn is when I'm not trying to find the horn! Yet, still good advice!
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Good suggestions. I also look at the front wheels to see if they are turned onto the road as this can potentially mean that driver is turning or making a U turn if I'm heading straight. As a newbie years ago, I also had poor perpherial vision which cost me an accident when the driver from right turned and hit me. Now, I'm scanning everything and anything and having to check out the front wheels have been helpful.

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Default Left turn

I think one of the most dangerous situations is when someone tries to make a left turn in front of me, coming from the other direction. I look in the driver's eyes carefully and occasionally switch from low beams to high beams to make sure they've noticed me. Very subtle yet effective!
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The one thing I have to add is if you feel like someone is going to hit you or pull out in front of you, ALWAYS look for an out to avoid the situation. By that I mean a place to swerve to that is already clear.. I know you can't always have an open spot, but it helps to train to automatically look for it! Also, since we're on the topic of people not seeing us and all...remember, no matter how stupid some cage drivers are, and no matter what they do, stay calm and don't give us street bikers a bad name..well..a worse name than we already have Especially because when you act all bad and shoot off, you may not see it, but you could very well over do the 'bad' and go straight into another wreck.
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STREET D'fence

The Top 10 tips for Street D, that's Defensive Street Riding for Motorcycles. If you don't read or do anything else, read the first three, they will save your life.

1. You should always slow down when approaching an intersection. Intersections are where most accidents happen, and unfortunately, it is where most motorcycle riders are crippled and killed.

2. You should never speed up to make a yellow light. Adding speed going into an intersection is the most dangerous move a rider can make. Cars and trucks might anticipate the green and pull into the intersection early, or someone might make a quick right turn. Not to mention all the others possibilities, like a pedestrian or bicycle crossing the road.

3. You should never anticipate the green and lunge into the intersection. Cars are always speeding up to make the Yellow Light and more often than not, they are going thought on the Red Light.

4. Slow down when you see a car waiting to pull out or to cross the road that you are on, see if you can make eye contact or at least see that they are looking in your direction.

5. Always slow down in areas where cars are pulling out into traffic, ride in the outside of your lane. This will make you more visible and will give you more time to react.

6. Always slow down in areas where where cars are parallel parked. Cars will often pull out without looking or open their doors, and cars will often make a quick stop to grab a parking space.

7. Don't ride too close to the vehicle in front of you.

8. When in traffic, ride to the outside or inside of your lane. This will allow you to see changing conditions in front of you, especially those ladders, matresses, desk, chairs, couches, and BBQ Grills that falls off cars and trucks.

9. Don't make rapid lane changes.

10. Last but not least, don't think for one minute that cars are looking for you, the fact is that they are not. Too often I see motorcycle riding with "road-rage" against cars that don't see them. In my opinion, this is not only stupid, but a waste of time. I have accepted the "fact" that cars do not see me, and I ride accordingly. It's bad enough that they don't see you, it's even worse when you let them make you act like a fool.

11. Beware of cars with idiots talking on the cell phone. Like I said before, people in cars are not paying attention and are not looking for motorcycles. So be onguard.

I hope that people will share other tips and comments for Street D'fence, this is what keeps us alive so that we can ride hard and fast when conditions allow, or on the track.

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I have always made an effort to make the light, not run it, or double stomp the shifter, but make it. Maybe my thinking is wrong but I don't trust the cars behind me either; and I can't see em. If I do stop I don't go to N until the car or TRUCK behind me has at least slowed considerably.

As far as people entering traffic, check mirrors when you think they might be about to think something stupid. You may not have time for more than a quick look when they act.

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