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88 600 F1 cafe / bobber cross build photos

Old 05-19-2011, 10:41 AM
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Default 88 600 F1 cafe / bobber cross build photos

Plenty of nice lookers on this forum! I seem to have went down a different path with my bike... pulled it out of a junk yard bare bones and kept it simple... bobber / cafe style. I have new rizoma mirrors, grips and rear tail light/ license holder coming soon so i can ditch the rear fender.

dropped tank right after wet sand ugh! since been fixed.


this is what it more or less came like streight from the junk yard. brakes all siezed and leaking, handlebars and wires hanging everywhere, seat and tank not attached... was a mess.

i shaved the subframe and cleaned everything up... all wiring, rear brake resevoir etc were all relocated.


coming together

needed a good cleaning and massage

Fuel tank was giving me issues... wonder why? cleaned it out with muriatic acid and got 99 percent cleaner

had to fix some tank blemishes

had it apart to get new rubber put on... and for some cleaning

sanded the rims and painted by hand... note to self... sand blast.

coming along

exhaust looked like some old dead hand... creepy

angle grinder

black ceramic spray bomb


tank took 9000 coats of spray bomb... looked pro. but didnt like the color and was having issues with the paint staying soft... switched brands but created more issues.

had it perfect... then it slipped off the bike and egged the tank.. big dent no good.

had to fix it...

finishing the tail

at this point i just wanted to ride, so instead of customizing the tail etc, i assembled it and rode it.

before the fixed tank

last but not least my favorite picture...

SO... this build took me approx 60 days, ended up waiting on a lot of parts. the only engine work i did was clean the carbs, change the plugs, change the oil... and thats it.

When i first rode it it was gutless and powerless... figured engine was tired. seriously had almost no power. i also kept getting stranded because of stalling. For some reason gas kept pouring from the carbs... (stuck float ) THEN i heard about SEA FOAM... threw half a bottle in and went for a burn. Complete new bike afterwards! 70% power gains, cleaned the carbs right up.

I did a few mountain touring trips 5+ hrs each way with it and went camping carrying a 75lb hikers pack on my back and hauled ***. at one point i even raced a corvet c6 up to my top speed on some country roads... what a rush, esp with a 70lb pack on!

UPDATE: just ordered a butt load of new parts, Rizoma style billet mirrors to mount in the same place (overtightened one), new led signals all around ( issues with cheap ****) new brake light / signal / plate light mount to ditch my rear fender junk. also threw in some black billet grips and a APE manual CCT to cure some rattling noise!

will post pictures when done!
Old 05-19-2011, 12:11 PM
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I LOVE it. Finish up that tail and I'll wanna have my way with it! It seems like you're operating on the KISS principle (keep it simple stupid) which I totally dig. And by the way, what headlight is that? That's what I'm looking for on mine!
Old 05-19-2011, 02:03 PM
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I love it! My F2 will look very similar once done. Yeah,what headlight/brackets did you go with??
Old 05-19-2011, 09:18 PM
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That looks awesome. It makes me want to put a bid on a damaged 600 I saw on ebay yesterday! (even though I have a half-finished 1K)

How do you like the under bar mirrors? Are they functional?

Also did you just bolt some MX risers onto the triple top plate to mount the handle bar?


EDIT and I forgot, awesome work with the grinder on the pipes!
Old 05-19-2011, 09:59 PM
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Thanks for the feed back! the headlight is amazing, perfects the look of the bike. its a 5.75" BATES style headlight. i guess they were popular on old school bikes...

i cant wait to clean up the tail, i have been having a hell of a time choosing the brake lights though... ordered one pretty plain set, then found 2 other really cool ones.. will see...

all in all if i can get the tail cleaned up this is a perfect bike for me. no need for any other! the best part is when i pull up people assume its a brand new bike! wow! what kind of bike is that!? pretty cool for an 88 junk yard pull
Old 05-19-2011, 10:11 PM
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forgot to add, the under bar mirrors are simply amazing. i HATE the look of standard mirrors / elephant ears. they are so ugly and really take away from the styling of the bike. when i ordered the 10$ mirrors off ebay i simply played around with their placement. under the handle bars looked coolest, and took some tweaking to get working. that particular style BARELY clears the tank when turned full in either direction but clears none the less!

when riding you merely glance down under your wrist and can clearly see any traffic, and the mirrors are extremely adjustable so i see no difference...

unfortunately i overtightened one and broke it, thus i have a different all aluminum style coming, but im not sure if i like them yet... i like the shape of the cheap ones... the aluminum ones were also 100 bucks! but may look great. and vibrate a bit less.

as for the bars, im not quite sure whats on there, the previous owner had them on there i guess... they looked brand new, and were bolted on... im sure theyre just standard 7/8 bar though renthal i think... there are tons of style bars for motorcross at every store...

personally, i wouldnt own this bike without that bar. upright riding is a godsend, carrying passengers or my camping gear for hours and perfectly comfortable! try that hunching over.

i did have broken / ugly throttle housing etc, so bought a new set from a newer bike... cant recall which one, f2 or f4 maybe? they fit nice and look nice and new

it is starting to smoke a bit, but i also have done 0 engine work... any suggestions?
Old 05-19-2011, 10:47 PM
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Ride it till you can't put up with it any more then look for an engine from a wreck!

I doubt it would be worth cracking a motor to change rings and stuff on something like that where there's plenty of low-mileage engines that will fit kindly donated by weekend warriors.

I like the mirrors I have on mine now are cheap ebay jobs with LED indicators, I don't mind them on top, but Will give them a try underneath. I have trouble seeing round my elbows and the under bar mount is a little more interesting.

Old 05-20-2011, 12:38 PM
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nice man, it looks real tough and tons better than stock.
Old 05-30-2011, 03:06 PM
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Very nice. I"m about to pick up a '99 and that's what I'm planning to do w/ mine.
Old 06-07-2011, 01:56 AM
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Got around to finishing my bike today! was quick and dirty, but should work out nicely for riding around. the rear tail lights have integrated signals, but i added rear signals anyways for visibility... all signals are LEDs now for a nicer look and greater visibility... the tucked tail shortened tail is nice, not sure how it will hold up riding with out the under fender now... the mirrors are stunning quality billet, and billet grips also. i finally also got my speedo working (new sensor) and tach also! fixed wire. tightened up my throttle cables, and lastly just need to find a 4 inch longer choke cable... mine is too short for some reason...

Feedback anyone?

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