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The new MFCC completed challenges list and picture archives

Sights 'N Sounds This forum is for pics, vids, and sound clips pertaining to Motorcycles, Racing (Street/Strip), Interviews, etc.

The new MFCC completed challenges list and picture archives

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Default The new MFCC completed challenges list and picture archives




UPDATED AS OF 4/30/2015


001 Next to a Harley/cruiser
002 next to a body of water. (River, lake, really big puddle)
003 In front of a Honda shop
004 Next to a roadkill
005 Next to a small block
006 Next to a Peterbilt
007 Next to a police car
008 Outside a Hooters
009 A truss bridge
010 A wooden bridge
011 Next to a prison or prison entrance sign
012 In front of City Hall
013 In a grave yard
014 Next to a hot rod, rat rod, or antique car.
015 Next to a fire engine
016 At a drive-in movie
017 A sunset or sunrise
018 Next to a field of cows
019 BBQ joint
020 In front of a wall mural
021 Next to a Male nurse
022 Next to a casino
023 Next to a funny looking riced out car
024 With a sailboat
025 Next to an airplane
026 In front of a gun shop
027 Next to a tank
028 In front of a Strip Club
029 With a girl dressed only in a towel
030 With a red bull vehicle
031 Next to a porta john
032 In by a Caterpillar Bulldozer
033 With a beer delivery truck
034 At the entrance of a cave or tunnel
035 Sitting in gridlocked traffic
036 Next to a covered bridge
037 In front of a fountain.
038 In front of a Honda powersports billboard
039 Next to a state welcome sign
040 In an automatic car wash.
041 With real Hooter Waitresses
042 On the Top Floor of a Parking Garage
043 In an elevator
044 Outside the front entrance of a pro teams Stadium or arena.
045 Next to a caboose a National Monument.
046 In Front of an abandoned warehouse.
047 With at least TWO (to make it interesting) willow trees
048 Playing Twister. Front Tire: Green, Back Tire: Red
049 Next to a Orkan Man Truck
050 Picking up food in a drive-thru
051 A photo of a senior woman sitting ON your bike with you. Bonus for lots of gray hair (never completed)
052 With at least two hotties
053 With a Car Seat strapped on the back.
054 Near a horse.
055 In fornt of a library
056 Next to or on a beach
057 Next to one of those "your speed is:" radar thingeys
058 Next to a "World's biggest _______" something
059 Next to an unusual speed limit sign.
060 With a state capital building.
061 Next to (or near) a water tower
062 ON rail road tracks.
063 Next Challenge is next to a end Highway sign
064 In front of a statue
065 In front of a Cabelas or Bass Pro shop
066 Next to scheels or dave & busters
067 With a somebody dressed up in costume on it
068 Next to a honda car of the same color
069 Next to a ronald mcdonald statue or a person dressed as ronald
070 In front of the sign of a college or univeristy
071 And an ACTIVE military vehicle
072 With a 60 or older classic car or truck.
073 Next to a can am spider
074 In front of your place of employment
075 On a football field at the 50 yard line
076 By a swimming pool with bikini clad hotties
077 With no fairings, gas tank can be intact, and sign with your CBRForum.com screen name
078 At a gas pump
079 In front of a 7-11
080 In front of any military recruting office.
081 At an amusement park with a roller coaster in the background
082 In front of Waffle House
083 Next to ihop or dennys or waffle house.
084 Next to a hearse.
085 Next to an all you can eat KFC !!!!
086 With a Santa of any type
087 In front of a yard sale sign.
088 In front of a store advertising black friday or day after thanksgiving sale
089 Next to where a movie or tv show was filmed
090 With a turkey on it
091 In front of a red barn
092 Next to an unusual store
093 In front of a town xmas tree
094 And an overly decorated yard
095 Your bike (or some recognizable part of it if it is in "winter teardown mode")
096 In front of a out of business/closed down place
097 With a real snowman
098 As living room decor
099 In front of a Best Buy store
100 With a torn down engine.
101 In the dark with neons or leds on (any color)
102 A kid on a bike with your helmet on
103 With skis on each side of the front wheel (snowmobile look) on snow.
104 In a football (soccer) goal with a football (soccer) on the seat (never completed)
105 Next to a volkswagen beetle convertible
106 With your wifes or girlfriends bike
107 In front of a Church Steeple (church w/a steeple)
108 Your favorite teams jersey on the front on windshield
109 In front of a stretch hummer
110 At Chipotle with a burrito on the seat
111 Next to an old steam locomotive.
112 Next to a bonfire
113 With samurai sword
114 With a set of false teeth on the seat
115 Parked up in your favourite place to unwind.
116 With a dog on the seat
117 In front of the store of your cellphone provider
118 On a playground.
119 In front of your favorite federal building
120 In front of favorite downtown coffee shop or donuts shop.
121 Next to a security guard booth
122 By farm equipment
123 Parked on something taller than you
124 Parked next to something of the same color
125 Next to item of same color
126 In front of a city skyline
127 In front of opposite color from your bike
128 Next to a sign or seal of your local college
129 With Bobcat the equipment
130 Next to live fish
131 Next to a smaller scale car, or preferrably motorcycle
132 Next to Interstate Mile Marker 77 or 111
133 With a windmill
134 At sunset
135 At a classically modeled Diner
136 Next to a vehicles monument
137 Parked at a little league baseball/softball/soccer field or other outdoor kids sport
138 Next to a Victorian style house
139 In front of a cathedral style church
140 An aerial shot of your bike
141 Your Bike With Palm Trees Around It Or Next To It
142 In front of chinese restaurant
143 Next to a HUGE tree
144 Your mother sitting on your bike
145 Your bike facing a dirtbike
146 Your lucky fishing pole leaning up against your bike
147 Next to a cactus
148 Next to the Big Brown U.P.S truck
149 And a real full-size helicopter
150 In front of a Motel 6 sign.
151 Next to a road/street sign with bullet holes in it.
152 In front of your favorite ice cream place.
153 Next to a " no parking on Wed " street sign
154 Parked Next to A Truck That Has NFL Team Decals On The Back Window
155 Plus a car worth more then a 100k
156 Next to Red Prius
157 Next to your local video game shop with a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 poster in the window
158 With an officer of the law
159 At VA National Cementary with American flags in the background
160 Next a park with a sign "Free Candy" hanging of the bike
161 And a smoking BBQ
162 Next to a streetfighterin a store parking lot
163 Next to a Carrera, Viper, Custom Vette or Seleen S7 with a bag of wintergreen Lozonges on the seat
164 At the produce market/stand
165 Next to a barber shop with the spiral blue,red and white thing
166 In front of the museum
167 In front of an ICE box (must say ICE in capitals)
168 Next to a white short bus
169 Next to an airstrip
170 And at least 2 silos
171 Next to a Bruins piece of clothing(souvenir) or a Canucs piece of clothing on fire (never completed)
172 Next to a very large pile of mulch
173 Next to an icecream parlor/store
174 In front of a sports store ( dicks, sports authority)
175 Next to a geek squad vechicle (not parked at Best Buy)
176 Next to a fox body Mustang
177 In front of a strip club
178 Beside an Emergency Room entrance sign for a hospital
179 With your friends bike in front of a delivery vechicle for your favorite automotive parts store
180 In your living room
181 At a Bush's Chicken
182 Next to a fire hydrant
183 In front of the movie theatre
184 With a skyscraper
185 With a park ranger's squad car
186 Parked in a cart station at the department store parking lot
187 In a chicken coop
188 Next to a US Navy Ship
189 Next to a public payphone. Even better if you can get you or someone sitting on your bike using the phone.
190 Your bike on or in front of a racetrack that does not race motorcycles. An MX track is acceptable
191 Next to a beer/alcohol delivery truck
192 In front of the high school you graduated from. If you don't live near the school you graduated
from, just take the pic in front of a random high school
193 Next to a 18 wheeler with a trailer or two
194 With a girl in a bikini ( never completed )
195 In front of an abandoned house
196 In front of a farmers market / produce stand
197 On first base (taken from home plate)
198 By an ambulance
199 In a tunnel
200 Next to a couch or a bed
201 Next to a smart car
202 Next to a thing/person you love the most other than your bike
203 Next to a cat(s)
204 With a mascot (or person in a costume) (bonus if they sit on it) Never completed
205 In front of a museum
206 With the welcome sign for the town you live in. Sign that has your town/city name on it
207 With a homeless guy ( bonus if you let him sit on the bike )
208 Next to a milk delivery truck
209 With a no littering/do not litter sign
210 Under a shelter house
211 Beside a boat ( boat must be in the water )
212 With a dead end sign
213 Next to a sign with your states name on it (ex. state university, speedway)
214 In front of your place of employment
215 With a police officer sitting on it with his car behind your bike with its lights on.
216 On a ferry boat (not completed)
217 Your bike on a tow truck (not completed)
218 Your bike next to the effects of a "natural disaster" (not completed)
219 Your bike next to a tree
220 Your bike with a football stadium in the background (not soccer). (not completed)
221 Your bike in your garage
222 Your bike next to a gun shop
223 Your bike in front of a cemetery
224 Your bike with a costumed mascot (not completed)
225 You on your bike in a Halloween costume (not completed)
226 Your bike in front of a Halloween Store
227 A picture of your bike next to a vehicle that's faster from 0-60 (not completed)
228 Your bike and a crane
229 Your bike next to a big pile of leaves (not completed)
230 Your bike next to walmart
231 Your bike with the golden arches (mcdonalds)
232 Your bike with Halloween decorations on it
233 Your bike next to a Haunted ______ sign (haunted house, wood, field, maze, etc)
234 Your bike somewhere spooky
235 Your bike next to a national / state park sign.
236 Your bike in front of a house from the 1700s.
237 Your bike next to a camper / motor home.
238 Your bike at a Sonic WITH one of the skating servers.
239 A Veteran with your bike.
240 Your bike with the thanksgiving turkey.
241 Your bike next to an inflatable Rudolph the red nosed reindeer -or- just about any outdoor Christmas decoration.
242 Your bike next to a cop car.
243 Your bike next to a Geek Squad VW bug/vehicle.
240-2 Your motorcycle in front of a fraternity house. (not completed)
241-2 Your bike in front of a restaurant that starts with the letter C.
242-2 Your Bike next to a Exotic Car Dealership.
243-2 Your bike next to a fountain.
(244-268 compiled courtesy of 929bumblee.) Thx! :-)
244 Your bike with Mr. Santa
245 Your bike with the chucky cheese mouse
246 Your bike in the snow
247 Your bike with a Detomaso, pantera ( not completed )
248 Your bike next to a large greenhouse
249 Your bike with town christmas tree
250 your bike with Frosty
251 Your bike with a unique mail box ( not completed )
252 Your bike with anything NFL related
253 Your bike with at least one wheel off the ground
254 Your bike + some type of firearm
255 YOur bike on a tennis court
256 Your bike as a christmas present (not completed in time)
257 Your bike with a personality
258 Your bike with a lit stained glass window
259 Your bike with a swimming pool
260 Your bike in front of a Harley Davidson shop
261 Your bike with its own reflection
262 Your bike at a gas pump showing Exactly $5.00
263 Your bike playing a sport
264 Your bike with curves ahead sign
265 Your bike in front of a pool haul
266 Your bike with a movie rental kiosk i.e. redbox/ blockbuster
267 Your bike at a wing resturaunt, Ex wing stop, Buffalo Wild Wings, etc
(268-280 compiled courtesy of 929bumblee.) Thx! :-)
268 Your bike at a golf course
269 Your bike with wooden carved bear or indian
270 Your bike with a draw bridge
271 Your bike with a bus stop
272 Your bike in front of a tree, bush, a sign or pole covered in ice
273 Your bike isolated
274 Your bike next to a propane refill station
275 Your bike at your favorite get together spot
276 Your bike in front of a jamba juice
277 Your bike with a HOT person of the opposite sex that you just met. (cannot be a friend/current/Ex gf...etc)(not completed)
278 Your bike at the best chinese food resturaunt in your area
279 Your bike with a car identical to yours (model,color,generation)
280 Your bike washing you, or a family member or your bike shovling snow on you/family member
(281-298 compiled courtesy of 929bumblee.) Thx! :-)
281 Your bike surrounded by conex boxes at a city port
282 Take a pic your bike next to stack of at least 5 wooden pallets
283 Your bike and a large stone "animal statue".
284 Next to an ice cream truck
285 With a tow truck or car carrier.
286 Spell out C,B,R,F using the first letter of 4 different buisness'/signs in different locations
287 Spell out C,B,R,F using automobile/car/make/model
288 Spell out C,B,R,F using street signs (First letter)
289 C,B,R,F with license plates. You can find these letters in the first 2 but each plate has to represent a different letter.
290 Your bike in front of a tattoo shop.
291 Your bike in front of some graffiti art.
292 Your bike in front of a pet store
293 Your bike at any street address, home or business, that matches your bikes engine size.
294 With something Disney.
295 Your bike next to your favorite car. One that you hope to buy sometime in the future.
296 Your bike at a bowling alley.
297 Your bike with the sunset or sunrise in the background. Bonus points for pretty sky colors.
298 Next to a State Troopers car.
(299-353 compiled courtesy of 74demon) Thx! :-)
299 your bike with a green tractor
300 Your bike next to a girl scout (not completed)
301 Your bike next to a shopping cart
302 Your bike next to Taxi cab
303 A picture of your bike with your bike set up to look the same size.
304 your bike at MACYS
305 You bike and a boat on a trailor
306 C B R F using the first letter of a town (not completed, but done late)
307 your bike in front of a veterinary clinic.
308 Your bike and a 'non' vehicular bridge
309 your bike outside Fuddruckers (not completed)
310 Your bike in front of a music store
311 Bike & a Fire hydrant thats NOT red
312 your bike in front of a non-chain, dine-in, pizza restaurant
313 Your Bike at a Business named with a PUN
314 With something misspelled on a billboard/building/etc...
315 your bike next to its clone (not completed)
316 a picture of your worn out, torn up rear tire
317 Your bike with a Maserati
318 Your bike at an Arboretum or Botanical Garden
319 Your bike with a cornfield
320 your bike at a bar with a motorcycle related name
321 Your Bike and a "DO NOT ENTER" Sign
322 Your bike dressed like a super hero (not completed, done late)
323 your bike with a city view
324 Your bike under a bridge
325 Your bike with a U.S Benchmark / Azimuth Benchmark
326 your bike getting worked on at the shop
327 your bike on a running trail at sunset /sunrise
328 your bike in front of a theater poster with a movie opening this weekend
329 Your bike hiding/blending in with something
330 your bike next to a garden gnome
331 Bike next to a military ship
332 your bike with extreme sized heavy equipment
333 Your bike with an Easter Bunny (not completed)
334 You with your bike, full gear in front of a local grocery store with shopping bag(s) you just bought
335 your bike next to a race car
336 A sign w/ a handpainted cartoon character
337 Your bike in front of a self storage facility
341 your bike next to a boulder, that is near the size of your bike or larger
342 You and your motorcycle playing a video game
343 a picture (or video) of your bike with any characters video games related
344 A house or building the same color as your bike
345 Your bike at a Drive In movie
346 Your bike crossing a state line (not completed)
347 a county, state or international boundary
348 an abandoned gas station or store
349 A recently leveled building or structure
350 Your Bike next to Tumbleweed
351 your bike in front of a specialty bakery. (cupcakes and cakes)
352 Your Bike on a Cobble Stone Road
353 your bike by monument of something
(354-367 compiled courtesy of 74demon) Thx! :-)
354. Your bike with a round about(bonus points if in the center of it)
355. YBNT the most complexly crooked tree you can find
358. YBNT: In & Out burgers.
359. You bike in front of a Krispy Kreme store.
361. YBNT: Salvation Army Center.
362. bike by a road closed sign
363. Something on fire
364. your bike on top of a parking structure
365. Your bike with a train.
366. your bike playing in the park.
367. by a working water fountain.

(368-395 compiled courtesy of 74demon) Hoooooahhhhhh. Thx! :-)

368. With a motorcycle cop or his bike (NC)
369. Your bike with a soldier's memorial.
370. YBNT: An Official Armory. US Brigade, National Guard, that kinda thing. (NC)
371. YBNT: A radio station AM/FM, your choice
372. YBNT: A Dr. Pepper advertisement.
373. next to a Pepsi delivery truck
374. With a sign spinner
375. YBNT a Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man.
376. how about YB getting a drink
377. by a church billboard with a funny sayin
378. between a rock and a hard place (get creative)
379. ybnt to a out of season/holiday decoration.(NC)
380. Next to a medical transport Helicopter.(NC)
381. with a Cash For Gold sign
382. Your bike in front of a gas station price monument sign with at least three 5s on it.
383. by a beer delivery truck
384. YBW with a funny balloon (NC)
385. How about Your Bike With a Stuffed animal
386. Ybnt a company mascot guy (NC)
387. YBNT a super car (NC)
388. Your bike next to a police vehicle
389. Your Bike Looking Over Some Corners
390. Ybnt a welcome to sign
391. by a convertible with the top down
392. YBNT a hybrid getting gas (NC)
393. ybnt a rice with a huge wing
395. Ybnt another bike with your same paint scheme
(396-406 compiled courtesy of 929bumblebee - aka gixxersquid ;-) Thx!
396. ybnt a truck lifted high enough to park underneath
397. ybnt the flag of finland
398. ybnt a junkyard sign (bonus for ugly looking cars and junkyard dog)
399. ybnt a temperature reading
400. ybnt a chiropractor office
401. ybnt a road side vendor
402. ybnt a microbrewery
403. ybnt a classic muscle car
404. ybnt a row of 10+ individual mail boxes
405. ybnt a newspaper vending machine
406. ybnt a locksmith van

407. ybnt The Olympic Symbol
408. Your bike next to a toilet (NOT a port-a-potty), with some form of reading material.
409. YB on a pier/wharf (has to be completely over water)
410. YBW: 1) Red 1) White 1) Blue...colored objects of your choosing
411. YBNT a REAL street fighter bike aka stunt bike (not just a bike with no plastics)
412. YBNT a detour sign
413. YBNT a car with panoramic glass roof
414. YBNT next to a actual working pay phone
415. your bike at a forestry station.
416. with a 3-way stop sign
417. YBNT a car from a second manufacture. ( sms, saleen, shelby, ruf, etc... ) (NC)
418. your bike under a gateway to nothing (NC)
419. ybnt a vehicle without a top that is not a convertible..
420. ybnt any kind of caution tape...
421. YB At a playground with a jungle gym
422. YBW college landmark(building, statue, stadium, etc.)
423. YB in front of a restaurant's outdoor dining area
424. YBNT A pink car, truck, bike, boat, motorhome, or other vehicle.
425. YB in front of a Starbucks Coffee shop
426. Ybnt: Coffee bean
427. Your bike at a Putt-putt / Miniature golf course.
428. ybw a geocache that you have found.
429. YBNT a recycling symbol
430. YBNT Googie architecture.
431. YBW a billboard or big ad for high speed Internet
432. YBNT a commercial establishment that encorporates a musical instrument in their advertisement/logo.
433. YBNT a business/company named after a girl.
434. YBNT a "Share the Road" or "Motorcycles are everywhere" road sign or a bumper sticker (NC)
435. YBNT an Audi Vehicle...
436. YBNT an un-kept yard immediately adjacent to a well kept yard.
437. YBW the first signs of the fall.
438. YBNT an ad for the iPhone 5 or in front of an Apple Store
440. YB NT/in front of - a QUONSET HUT.
441. YBNT A Flying Aircraft
442. YBNT or parked in (Don't get in trouble) a parking spot for expectant mothers only.
443. YBNT a cellular tower.
444. YBNT A Lottery Billboard or Advertisement
445. Your bike in front of a Claim Jumper restaurant
446. YB Under a Railroad overpass (bridge)
447. YBNT a Glass Building.
448. Ybnt: Oak tree....
449. YBNT A building with a metal roof.
450. YBNT An electric car.
451. YBNT: the pawn shop logo (NC)
452. YB with a 24 hour gym
453. YBNT A Dominoes Pizza Delivery Vehicle
454. YBNT a cluster of political campaign/prop signs. (NC)
455. YBNT a stop sign
456. YB at an Elementary School.
457. YB with Sushi on the Seat
458. YB with a bunch of Halloween candy on the seat
459. with a Vote Here sign (NC)
460. YBW An empty lot with a For Sale sign.
461. YB straddling a speed bump.
462. YB with a building taller than 8 stories
463. YBW hedges cut in a design (NC)
464. YB with a boat under a cover
465. YBW your favorite weapon
466. YBNT a sign that says SALE, in big red letters.
467. YBNT: a hearse

------------(Thanks Kiwi TK!!! 468-483)-------
468. YBNT : a non-police emergency vehicle.
469. YB : at a retirement home.
470. YB : with barbed wire.
471. YB : with a large inflatable Santa.
472. YBNT : an RV - motorhome.
473. YB : with your cage.
474. YB : with a Nativity.
475. YB : at the Mall.
476. YB : at a shoe store.
477. YB : with a Happy New Year 2013 sign .
478. YB : on any road, street etc this has the name of a past US President.
479. YBNT : an unmanned roadside stall.
480. YBNT : a tree of historical significance (with a plaque) (NC)
481. YBNT : a yellow aircraft.
482. YBNT : the altitude marker sign at the top of a mountain pass.
483. YBNT : a fruit tree with fruit on it.
484. YBW a bright green vehicle
485. YB with an Open sign.
486. YB next to a scooter with same color scheme
487. YB next to a piece of farm machinery other than a tractor.
488. YB with a current movie poster.
489. YB with a 3 wheeled vehicle that isnt a trike.
490. YB at a nail salon.
491. YBW A House With The Big Red Door
492. YB in a truck stop between two semis
493. YB with a street sign that has a berry name
494. YB at a bar/pub with a sign that says they have live music
495. YB next to a lychgate
496. YB next to a mobile food truck
497. YBNT A Cattlegrid (NC)
498. YB next to a wishing well (NC)
499. Ybnt a pizza parlour

more completed list below

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Completed list continued......

500. Ybnt a jail/prison
502. Ybnt a fire station.
503. YBNT any sort of cannon
504. ybw a slow children at play sign
505. YB wearing a wig
506. ybw a street sign with a state name
508. ybw a house with columns on the front porch
509. YBNT: A picnic table
510. YBNT a street food vendor
511. YB with an excavator
512. YBNT: a slipway for boats
513. YB at museum
514. Your bike with a CLOCK TOWER.
516. at a hobby shop
517. Your bike next to a motorcycle parking only sign
518. with a motorcycle dealer other than Honda
519. Your bike next to a capitol building (NC)
520. Your bike next to something Historical
521. Your bike next to your favorite turn/curve
522. YBNT one of those little Smart Cars (NC)
523. YBNT a vehicle with a custom license tag
524. YBNT a punny sign
525. YBNT: Any sort of Memorial... Statue, sign, building...
526. Next: YBW a metal retail newspaper box
527. YBNT a street address that is a "full house."
528. YBNT a Dam.
530. YBW a word on a sign, street or business name that is a Palindrome
532. YBNT cows
533. with a place that serves breakfast all day
534. YBNT: A Purple Vehicle
535. YBW a street sign, house number, milestone etc that has a number of a Volvo Model
536. YBW:A Vehicle Manufacturing plant
537. YBW a billboard with a woman or the word woman (NC)
538. with a low rider vehicle (NC)
539. YBW a beer truck
540. Your bike next to a spa/bathhouse
541. YBNT Football gate on football field
542. YBW a renewable power plant
543. YBNT: A Cement Truck
544. YB at a steakhouse.
545. YBW: A valley, canyon, gorge something scenic like that in the background.
546. ybnt a comic book store.
547. your bike next to a... Ducati
548. YBW: An ice cream truck
549. with a vinyl wrapped car
550. YB at a dojo
551. at a Game Stop
552. YB at a smoke shop
553. YB At Walmart with an employee
554. YB at a shoe store
555. YBNT A horse stable
556. YBNT any picture or billboard or poster that has a super hero on it.
557. with a private property sign
558. YB with a Neon sign
559. with a landscaping company truck with a logo on it
560. YB NT a terrible restaurant
561. YBNT an oversize number
562. with a flashing construction warning sign
563. YBNT a classic car (pre-1970)
564. YBNT a hot dog stand
565. YBNT a Big lifted truck
566. YBNT some piece of military equipment
567. YBNT A nice Porsche
568. YBNT a diesel
569. YBNT a shopping cart shaped like a car
570. YBNT a sign for a trail head of any type. Biking, running, hiking...
571. YBNT an ice cream concession trailer. (NC)
572. YBNT a street sweeper/cleaner.
573. YBNT an animal crossing sign (deer, moose, etc)
574. YBW A large crane in the background
575. Next: at a realtor's office
576. YBNT a Pho/Vietnamese restaurant.
577. Next: at a business with a giant replica of what they sell (giant donut or whatever)
578. with a visitors center.
579. YBNT something POW MIA
580. somewhere you have gone down, or a place where you know someone has gone down.
581. YBNT A supercar.
583. YBNT a Halloween store.
584. with a street named after a saint
585. YB at a "pumpkin patch"
586. with an inflatable Halloween decoration
587. YB at a supposedly haunted building
588. with an address the same as the date (NC)
589. with a poster for the McRib at McDs.
590. YB with a building in the framing stage. (NC)
591. YB at a mini mart (NC)
592. YBNT a "snowman" (NC)
593. YBW an empty champagne bottle.
594. YBN to a railroad crossing sign
595. YBNT a Mazda 2.
596. YBNT and GM (general motors) sedan, coupe. Must be packing 8 cylinders.
597. YBNT your favorite parts dealer.
598. YBW something permanently repurposed
599. Next: with a forklift
600. something "baja" (NC)
601. YBW a Vw Beetle.
602. with a self service ice machine (NC)
603. YBW a red sports car
604. something characteristic to your area behind.
605. YBNT the closest county line sign
606. YBNT : an abandoned or derelict building.
607. YB at your local dog rescue.
608. Your Bike With a gerbal, hamster, guinea pig or small rodent on the seat. (NC)
609. Your bike next to a bull dozer.
610. enterprise rent a car
611. YBNT: a building with dessert advertisement
612. with an Asian buffet under $10
613. YBNT: Spell out C, B, R, F using car/truck makes or models.
614. YB on a street that begins with "Y"
615. YBNT a city limits sign with population on it.
616. YBNT another non-bike vehicle with a similar paintjob.
617. YBNT a city limit sign showing a population of less than 300.
618. your bike next to or near a water tower.
619. YBNT a place that is known from a movie or a tv series.
620. YBNT a reenactor of some kind Renaissance, civil war, etc or even a cosplayer type as long as they are in costume. (NC)
621. your bike next to a bunch of trophies.
622. YBNT a windmill.
623. YBNT a roadside memorial
624. YB on "kings" street (or similar)
625. YBNT a restored antique tractor (NC)
626. YBNT a professional sports venue.
627. YBNT a coffee booth, hot dog stand etc. The shape of the product being sold.
628. YBW a bbq joint that serves RIBS (must say so out front)
629. YBW a race bike. i.e. not registered for street use. (NC)
630. YBNT an ice cream parlor.
631. yb at a Bevmo.
634. Your bike with something abandoned.
635. YBNT a car, or truck, with a mismatched CF hood. (NC)
636. YB at a sew n vac repair shop (NC)
637. YBNT and sign with the word "creek"
638. Your bike with a water tower in the background
639. YBNT a golf cart
640. YBNT a graffiti that's bigger than your bike.
641. YBNT A duck
642. YBNT coffee place that's NOT a Starbucks.
643. YBNT a fire hydrant that is not red.
644. YBW girl scouts selling cookies (NC)
645. YBW a sign that has a color word on it
646. Some wind activated device: Windmill, Wind vane, Wind Chimes, etc.
647. at Arby's
648. YBNT A Transmission repair shop
649. YBNT a fairground. (NC)
650. YBNT a shop that has a rhyming name.

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YBW a renewable power plant

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Cement truck

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A horse stable:

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Private Property Sign:

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A piece of military equipment:

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