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What to do when someone tries to kill you?

Old 05-18-2012, 05:55 PM
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Default What to do when someone tries to kill you?

This is probably something that many of you have encountered before, and I was curious as to what is the best thing to do in this situation. I was riding down a freeway off ramp that had heavy traffic. The right shoulder was very big and clear so I decided to slowly creep down that to avoid people darting in and out of the two provided lanes. As I come toward the front of the line a car darted out into the shoulder in attempt to run me into the concrete barrier. I had to apply heavy breaking to avoid being hit. When I looked at the driver he was nodding his head in an attempt to shame me. I just looked back at him and raised my hand in the "what is your deal?" fashion. After we both made the turn and were at the next red light I looked back and he was yelling at me while in his cage with his windows rolled up. I just waved back and drove off. I was wondering what you all thought the right thing to do is? Call and report it, (if that's even possible). Oh, and I was also in my Air Force ABU's, which is clearly a military uniform. Any ideas?!
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I wouldn't have been able to contain myself but here in Australia there's less chance of the other person carrying a firearm in their vehicle. Hopefully karma catches up with him soon. I nearly had a head on with a car riding home from work two days ago. The F wit overtook a slow truck on a blind crest with solid white lines in both directions. I saw the headlights early and pulled over almost onto the gravel to get out of the way. Back to your problem, if you rembered or wrote down his registration then report the a hole or find where he parks his car and drive a star picket through his bonnet, engine block and into the bitumen. I know for a fact this works with a long enough star picket. they "find" their way through the rocker cover, down through the valves and punch their way through the sump.
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karma catches up with him soon.
usually does.

I had a similar situation. i was on a freeway, construction up ahead. Cars were starting to turn the freeway into a parking lot. So what i did was i rode onto the shoulder to get off at the nearest exit, which was only 1/2 mile away. This piece of **** hated that i was not going to be stuck like the rest of the cagers decides to cut me off. Dummy's reaction was slow and I zip quickly enough past his attempt. I gave him a big **** you finger and i was riding happily home.
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Official CBRF Moderator Answer?

You relate all relevant details to your local law enforcement agencies and watch your six. If the route you took is part of yours and his regular commute, you may encounter him again.

Offcial "Damon" Non-Moderator Answer?
Been in a situation where a person got a couple feet off my back tire for a few blocks (no traffic forcing such close driving). I gunned it on a block but got caught at a light. The person caught up at the light, inched forward and proceeded to nudge my bike. My response?

I plead the 5th
Old 05-18-2012, 09:24 PM
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umm probably thought you were cutting to the front of the line, by illegally making your own lane on the curb... if he followed and kept messing with you then yeah, id be worried/ thought he went over the line.

id pull the same ish on a car if i were him.

edit. was probably doing a very badly timed 'blocking' not runnign you over... if not then id consider it attempted murder. even though without your 'safety darting' story you were just some ahole cutting to the front, and if you were in a car id consider you deserved it...

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Originally Posted by Kuroshio View Post
I plead the 5th

The Hangover Takeover-Chappelle Plead the Fifth - YouTube
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I don't think it's such a good idea to flip any driver off, like what Kuro said, you might encounter him again.

As you know, we are skin wrapping metal...they in their vehicle is metal surround skins...either way we are underdog.

This is where we must be patient...ride another day. For all I know, driver may be drunk, just caught his wife with another dude on a motorcycle...No matter what, how...it'll happen again so we must anticipate...and find exit route.
Old 05-19-2012, 01:37 AM
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^ This!

Until you actually talk to the other person, you have no way of knowing what is going on in their head (and sometimes you don't even after talking to them...). Person on bike -vs- person in car is not a fair fight. Sure the bike is faster/quicker, and can often get away, but a persistent nut-job/road-rager may be able to catch you at the next light. If they are pissed or think they have been provoked enough there isn't much you can do if they are intent on running you over.

It's always best to avoid provoking other drivers.

On the other hand, if confrontation is unavoidable, I would drive to a fire or police station and let the officials handle the nut. If that is not an option I would drive to a very public place, park the bike and get off, wait for the crazy bastard to take a swing at me and then display just a little bit of what the good old USMC taught me... :angel:
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You guys remember this...
Angry Women Hits Bike In Brazil - YouTube

Be careful! They are bigger/crazier than we are!!
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That's attempted....1st

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