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Scorpion EXO 1000, Joe Rocket Airborne, Fox Dirt Paws, and $50 WalMart boots

Product Reviews Review various motorcycle products you have used.

Scorpion EXO 1000, Joe Rocket Airborne, Fox Dirt Paws, and $50 WalMart boots

Old 11-23-2009, 11:07 PM
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Default Scorpion EXO 1000, Joe Rocket Airborne, Fox Dirt Paws, and $50 WalMart boots

Well I had the chance to crash test my gear a few hours ago at about 40 mph so I figured I'd share the reviews.

Surface: pavement
Ride: CBR 600 F2

Scporpion EX0 1000 Helmet:
This took the worst of the fall. I hit the side of my head first then my shoulder hit and my hip to follow. The helmet smached against the ground and rebounded about 4-6 inches back so it was pretty hard. I got a kink out of my neck that's been bothering me for awhile too ....... The helmet has about 7 small chips in the side, and the accent vent was scraped. The shield latch was scraped a bit too but still functional as brand new and the shield itself isn't scratched at all. The helmet rubbing the wall in my house seemed to produce more damage when comparing impact vs damage. Physically I am very OK in regards to my neck and head. I felt a bit dis-ortiented and the impact itself left that residual feeling for a bit but my head and neck are perfectly intact. I'd almost say my neck actually moves better....
Crash rating: 10 of 10
Joe Rocket Airborne Jacket:
This jacket took a pretty hard hit to the front right shoulder and the right elbow. You can't tell it was hit at all except the abrasion coloration the jacket has from the asphalt in the colored areas around the elbow and back of the arm. My shoulder and elbow actually held up pretty well. I'm very happy I drank all that milk over the years! The bones themselves hurt and I have a scrape on my elbow but nothing serious at all. Not my favorite jacket of all but it did look pretty nice, and certainly did it's job.
Crash rating: 10 of 10
Fox Dirt Paw Gloves:
These are cloth with some rubberizing to give them some impact areas. One gloves has a slight black streak in the colored area but there is absolutely no damage to them at all. My hand took a good hit during the fall, and I got a small chunk scraped away from my thumb but all in all, just a bit swollen no pools of blood and I can type though the thumb is really only for the space bar.
WalMart $50 boots:
I just bought these the other day and you'd be shocked if I told you they went through a wreck. There isn't a scuff or scratch on them. Not the comfiest boots in the world though they feel a lot better after a month, but I'm damn impressed.
10 year old nylon pants:
These held up pretty well, not a scratch or scuff on em except for what they've accumulated over 10 years. The only thing that sucked was no hip padding which I could have really used. The hip is the only part of my body that really seriously hurts right now. It's bruised and cut up pretty bad. The pain goes semi deep, so now I wish I woulda bought those pants I felt like cheapin out on. Least I had the helmet and jacket, but damn those pants woulda made it so much better.

Lesson Learned:
Always go easy on a 45 degree slow to fast street turn, especially when it's right since you're leaning the most there. I took the corner nicely but once I was at the apex I increased speed, and my rear tire came loose. The tire seemed like it wasn't too thrilled about taking corners anymore last month before it was parked for a bit. I noticed the rubber starting to crack in the grooves today too. This is a fairly brand new tire in regards to miles but was a bit old and appears to have taken in some sun during it's time before my bike. So beyond the taking it wisely through the sharp turns, also if you ever doubt your tire, doubt it then and there and don't go back because if you had reason to doubt it, chances are you might pay for it.

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One other product I forgot to review was my Swiss Army backpack. Can't forget that guy, been lookin at it all night sittin here on the floor next to me. I have a work laptop I'm required to carry with me when ever I leave site, so naturally I had it last night when I was on my way to work. I also had two hungry man frozen dinners in the same compartment. Well the backpack outer portion that shows took some nice abrasive hits, worse than the rest of everything. The plus side is it's not that bad, though blatantly drug across the asphalt, my laptop was in perfect condition, and the tv dinners weren't even crushed. Also my iPod which is attached to the front shoulder strap didn't get a single scratch at all though it didn't touch I guess, the Ghost Armor on that thing rocks!
Crash rating: 8 of 10
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