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I was upset the vortex rear sets for the f2 were discontinued so I searched amazon and found Protek rear sets sold by so I purchased them. They arrived, and the model is for a 03-05 r6, not my f2. Not a problem, I will just contact them and send them back.

Well No... As it turns out due the the time zones I first attempted to contact them on the number listed on the invoice and a receptionist answers the phone, and I inform her of my issue, and she says she will send an email to the management and I will be contacted tomorrow. The listing on amazon listed one part number that was listed for 15 bikes like the due 848 r6 car f2 f3 gsxr ect. I thought there was no universal rear set to fit the holes for all these bikes right? Well I give the women my part number and ask her what the system says for fitment. She has no clue what I am talking about, and frankly i almost thought I might be speaking to the wrong company, maybe one that sells tupperware or kites, who knows.
I ask her if she works for BigBadPowersports and she confirms. At this point I cut her some slack and confirm an email was sent and I will resolve this tomorrow when they call.

The next day, No call, so I visit there website for an alternate contact number, Listed, is another number which has a different area code than the one listed on the invoice, but both located in Texas. I call that alternate, no answer, so I call the first one, Receptionist answers, I reintroduce myself and she apologizes for management not responding to my emails and says she will again send another marked urgent (generally you only have 15 days to return the product) Much appreciated. With some time left in the call i inquire how the there are two listings, maybe another department? She says "I will send an email" Which wasn't what I was asking, so i rephrase and say again.. she replies with, I will send another email and management will contact you shortly." WTF.. Ohh she doesn't have a clue how to communicate, with her accent (indian) I assume all she does is send emails and was taught the phrase "I will send management an email" like a parrot. She can't speak english. I end the call with a thanks for emailing and marking urgent

The next day, no call.

The next day I call the store on the website number. I get ahold of someone who speaks english and knows about motorcycles. Excellent!!! progress. He says he will speak to management and call me back in a few. I go to work, get out, no calls all day.

The next day I call the store, no answer (during hours as well) then call the receptionist, At this point I am ticked off, both at the fact they outsource there calls to a company or person, who knows nothing about motorcycles, nor has any information on her computer about anything, she is only able to send "management" emails, that apparently disappear into the black hole. I ask her if she is outsourced by the company and if she works for an associated company. Guess what her response was ? "I'm sorry, I will send an email to management and they should contact you tomorrow" Holy **** !! call ended thanks for the 3rd email.

The next day, contact the company directly, no answer again, 3x more, no answer. Call the alternate, and ask why during business hours they company isn't able to answer there phone. She didn't have a reply but she did say she will transfer my call directly to the manager. YES !! She can do more than email... or so I thought, I waited on the phone for the transfer which never came, (7minutes with no ring then it disconnected) I called back, informed the hopeless lady it didn't work, please try again, she said they must not be in (@ 2pm??) But she DID SEND ANOTHER EMAIL... great.

The following day I call the company, no answer, and at this point I want to call the receptionist and ask to speak to her superior, to supervise this skilled lady while she sends an email and teach her how to CC my email to i can verify. The conversation went like this

Me: Are there other receptionists i can speak to who might be more able to resolve my issue
Her: Yes
Me: Can I speak to them or your manager
Her: No one is answering there phone, they must have left work early ( she was speaking about the company she previously tried to transfer me to)
Me: So no one is sitting next to you, also answering phones?
Her : Yes there are.
Me: Great can I speak to them please?
Her: Sure... (3 minutes later)... they are not answering there phone, I can however send another email to management for you.
Me: You have send 4 emails and several attempted transfers and I have heard no reply, can you please CC myself, so I can verify you are intact sending emails. Also what is your name?
Her: Yes I will send you a copy of our emails. MY NAME IS SALLY JONES.

SALLY JONES HUH? with the thickest indian accent short of apu from the simpsons, i think not but w/e.

2 hours later I get a call from the company and resolve the issue, its all good, i get 3 return tags sent for me to label the package and they will send the correct product.

I say to the guy, what is the point of outsourcing calls to a receptionist who does not speak english and has no other abilities than to send an email, and cannot answer any question, for a new customer who received the incorrect product, it leaves me with a bitter taste when your company is within there business hours and you are transferring the calls. Maybe you are so busy that an outsourced receptionist is a viable solution. Why are you continuing to sell products when 5-7 days prior customer received the wrong product and is trying to inform your company if the mixup. If anything it is extremely impersonal and exacerbates the disconnect that exists in your company, shows how disorganized and unprepared they are at conducting sound business. Mary at Sharkskinz is the receptionist and can answer every question you throw at her, and she sound about 65. Vortex also has a female non rider who is knowledgable, in addition to STT and various others. Customers want to feel good about there purchase especially when the incorrect product is sold. Speaking to an indian who cannot accomplish the simplest of tasks or answer the most novice of questions is something i expect when i call AT&T but not a private motorcycle company. Bad Business.

If anyone does do business with these guys hope you do not have to speak to Mrs. Sally Jones, she's a gem.

Solution, order from Protek direct not try and save 10$ off

Rant done

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