Yaay! 125cc :P

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Default Yaay! 125cc :P

Ah! Finally, we've got our own 125cc area

I actually don't know the right word to ask, but I'll try:

Do anyone hereknow if it's some kind of "filling" in the CBR 125? With filling, I mean something in the engine that makes it go slower. I've had my 125 up to 119 km/t (73,94 mp/hI think it is).

If you wonder; I didn'tride that fast in my neighbourhood, but on the highway

BTW, I hope for american that the 125's will arrive to you soon
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Default RE: Yaay! 125cc :P

I think your "filling" is just a small 125cc engine. They don't have that much power, and are built for city commuting primarily. It's actually pretty good that you got it to 75 mph.
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Default RE: Yaay! 125cc :P

ok, that's what i actually thought, so thanks.
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Default RE: Yaay! 125cc :P

I hope it arrives soon too. Looks incredibly fun to ride.
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Default RE: Yaay! 125cc :P

We've got the 125 in Canada. Mine is black.
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Default RE: Yaay! 125cc :P

As far as I know the 'filling' (its called restriction or governing) on the 125R is in the exhaust. If you change the exhaust you'll get a slightly higher top speed.

It'll sound meaner too
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Default RE: Yaay! 125cc :P

Hey I just bought a 125 as well red and black I had people in my course who bought them as well the will do 130 - 140 km/h I haven't tried just started riding mine having a bit of trouble getting use to the gear shifting it is really jerky for me. But they will do highway speeds in Ontario I wouldn't want to take it out on the 401 where people ar doing 120 regular speed on the highway because these bikes don't handle well in the wind and that is from 125 owners who had problems on a windy day or get stuck behind a big truck.
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Default RE: Yaay! 125cc :P

Hi,i have a cbr125 an ive pushed it to 165kph(103mph)They do have restictions on the bike,i changed my exhaust system because it had metal washers spot welded in place to stop the exhaust gases flowing properly.Also i changed the jets and put bigger ones to allow more fuel to the engine and last i put in a k+n filter.
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Default RE: Yaay! 125cc :P

165kph on a CBR125 only with those mods? damn fast bike you got there!

i ride a CBR 150R, stock goes only up to 140kph...
with current specs (28mm carb, non-limiter CDI, 14 front sprocket, DBS exhaust), i can go as fast as 170kph...
maybe if i'm lighter and swap to smaller tires i can yield higher top speed, but IMO the point of riding a 125/150 isn't the top speed... it's about the quick acceleration, ease of moving in-between cars during traffic jams, and flicking through many corners. especially really fun when carving through the twisties and outrunning many 600's and 1000's, hehehe...

just my $.2 ...
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Default RE: Yaay! 125cc :P

i want a 125 so bad!!! damn the Honda for not shipping them here!

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