CBR 400 RR

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Default CBR 400 RR

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Default RE: CBR 400 RR

Does CBR 400 RR excist? I've never heard of it.
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Default RE: CBR 400 RR

Yes, they do exist. Had one a long time ago ('96) when I was stationed in Japan. You can see the most recent pics of such bikes here.
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Default RE: CBR 400 RR

just like stephygee was.... i am currently stationed in japan and have a 89 cbr 400 rr
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Default RE: CBR 400 RR

They look like a bunch of fun those.
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Default RE: CBR 400 RR

I was just about to say the samething, I'm guess a blast on the track, to throw around..... kewl
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Default RE: CBR 400 RR

I wish the servicemen would start shipping those bikes back to the states. I don't know why they don't sell the smaller models over here...I guess our V8 culture makes the states a poor market for such bikes, but it sure would be fun to thrash around town on one of those light bikes. I think they'd be perfect candidates for motardization and are really what an old motocrosser like myself should be riding. Sometimes, due to old dirt habits, I think I shouldn't be riding a sport bike. I still have to fight the tendency to 'back it in' with a leg extended forward.

Oh well, guess the marketing wizards know what I want and have said I want a 600.
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Default RE: CBR 400 RR

ORIGINAL: dorkbiker

Oh well, guess the marketing wizards know what I want and have said I want a 600.
No, you really want to step up to a liter bike. Haven't you heard that 600s are strictly little girl bikes?

Seriously, I totally agree with you, and I'm hoping that now that Kawasaki has finally updated their Ninja 250, the other maufacturers will decide to compete in the lower displacement classes.
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Default RE: CBR 400 RR

i have a cbr 400 rr.

cant ride it yet but its parked in the garden for wen i can lol.

its bloody quick compared to my rs125.

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