2012 250R... Crashed. =(

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Default 2012 250R... Crashed. =(

Hi guys. I guess my first post will be a sad one.

I went through a motorcycle safety course that took me from never having ridden to passing the licensing exam in three days last week. After getting my license, I bought a brand new, 2012 CBR250R from a nearby Honda dealership that's family owned and very cool.

It was raining for the ride home and the owner cautioned me very heavily about the brand new tires and the slick conditions. I heeded his advice and watched my traction very carefully. About 8 miles into the 10 mile journey, getting back into Chicago traffic after being out in the western suburbs, I got too comfortable and reverted to my city bicycle riding experience. Needless to say, it didn't take very long to get into an unmanageable circumstance when someone popped a very quick right turn without their turn signal while I was riding the inside of the lane behind them. I did the noob thing and jacked the front brake and swerved simultaneously, tossing myself over the handlebars.

Fortunately, I already had a helmet I use for autocross (Snell SA2010 rated) and I very intentionally bought gloves and a jacket before leaving the dealership. I flipped onto my back, slid, and got up immediately, pulling my bike off the road. I picked up the pieces and got back on the bike, riding home all the more cautiously.

Now, onto the actual questions.

My front wheel wobbles and the handlebars are out of alignment with the wheels. Looking at it today, it's very obvious the shocks (forks?) are leaving the axle and approaching the handlebars at different angles. I presume this is what caused the misalignment, but what about the wobble? Did I seriously bend a rim on a ~20mph crash, or is that the alignment too? When I ride with it as it is (only around the block, don't worry) I can very clearly see the front wheel wobbling and I hear a gentle and rhythmic scraping noise.

Secondly, I thought I screwed up the transmission, but it appears I just jammed the shifter. The shifter foot peg snapped off during the crash, and while riding home I had it literally fall out of second gear, down into neutral a few times. Today I looked at it again and took it out for a test ride and was able to get it fully into gear by being very intentional and a little rougher with the shifter than I had been on my first ride.

So, my questions are as follows: Is it probable that I bent the rim? Is the handlebar alignment easy to fix? Can I take the shifter itself out to look at it and/or is there any way I can inspect the transmission?

My plan presently is to walk it to a very nearby shop and have them work on the front wheel. Then, I want to ride it to the dealership to have them do the rest of the work. Of course, if I can fix the alignment myself I'd love to, even if it's just to ride the 10 miles to have the dealership do their thing.

What do you guys think?
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First of all, sorry to hear about your misfortune but it does sound as though you put yourself in a compromising position in unfavourable conditions. I respect you for putting your hands up though and admitting your own fault. There's nothing you can do about anyone else's bad driving other than be prepared all eventualities.

Twisted forks is common in any off and you can usually straighten them enough to get you home by simply holding the front wheel between your legs and wrenching the bars in the opposite direction to the twist.
As long as the fork tubes are not actually damaged or bent it's just a matter of slackening off the bolts which hold the forks into the lower triple tree, aligning front and back wheels and then tighten the bolts up again. If you haven't down this before it would be worth having the bike shop check the alignment when you take it there.
As for the wobble, impossible to say without seeing the damage.

Transmission is not possible to inspect without splitting the crankcases. have the bike shop look at this problem given that it's a brand new bike.
Make sure you don't do anything to invalidate the warranty.

Lastly, take it easy. If you crash and walk away, consider it a lesson you should never forget. None of us ever stop learning.
Good luck man!
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Sorry to hear of your mishap. Most importantly, is that you're ok. I've known of more than a few riders that had 'simple' lowsides/etc, only to be run over by vehicles behind them or from oncoming traffic.

My recommendation for your bike is that you take it to the dealership & have it fully inspected & checked out.
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Sorry to hear about this. I think even in 20 mph crash, it is possible to somehow bend the rim. It doesn't have to be really bad to get a wabble. When I did the similar thing as you did, swerved and used the front brake at the same time, my clutch didn't wanna go into neutral. But after sitting there for a while, it was working fine. I really don't think anything is wrong with your transmission. But as other mentioned, I would take it to any Honda dealer near by and have them inspect the bike.
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