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What are your guilty pleasures?

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Default What are your guilty pleasures?

We all have them. Some are the usual adult stuff like fine wine, guns, ****, cars, pizza, chocolate, and motorcycles.

But what are those little things that have carried over from your childhood that you just don't want to give up? You know, those things that you might not want to admit that you are still into, or at least the depth that you are...

Pictures are a bonus.

I will start.

I still love my trains. Had some of them for almost 50 years. Not the little ones either (even though having a entire layout is cool). I have G scale. All made by LGB before the china days. To set it up would take over an entire room, so it was a special Christmas tradition when I was a kid. They dont get up much anymore, but I still have them.

I still have, and use, my Legos. I'm a huge fan, avid builder, and collector. I'm always on the look out for more, so if you have some old ones laying around using up space, they could have a new home.

I also have an extensive collection of Hot Wheels. They are all pretty beat up for being played with hard, but being all 70's stuff it's a box full of memories.

Pics to follow.
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At 51, I am still a big fan of cartoons. I really don't know why, but I'd rather watch something animated than a sitcom.
Old 02-03-2018, 01:22 AM
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Love my music, I have a vast collection from Bessie Smith to Rag n Bone Man, still have a Rock Ola jukebox for the 45's, was a Train Driver for my working career , but the novelty soon wore off ,hated it in the end
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The term guilty pleasures makes me think of...something like eating horrible food or watching fringe p0rn; but I see that's not what we are talking about.

Different/unusual interests that I have:
1) I like having model cars (1/18 scale) that represent the best designs/looks in the supercar category. Don't want to be a hoarder on this one, just to have 10 of the best (I don't have much more of a display area than for 10).
2) Watches because they are a product of high design, art, engineering, history, craftsmanship, fashion. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on a watch to have something that is beautiful nowadays. Some $3 watches on eBay are better looking than some watches that cost as much as a new car, so it doesn't have to be an expensive hobby/interest if you know how to shop and do some minor work on them.

I strive to be a well rounded, cultured, intelligent person so...I try to be entertained by just about every means possible.
Pretty much every thing possible except for watching sports (I'd rather exercise than watch other people exercise or play their sport--that makes a lot more sense to me).
Old 02-07-2018, 05:14 AM
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Wow, where does one start?

Like Tony, watches. I've travelled extensively in the last 35 years and EVERY trip abroad I had to buy a new watch. At my peak I was overseas on major trips 2 to 3 times a year. I've given that up now, but still have a lovely collection.

Motorcycles: Every bike I've bought and ridden since getting my license, bar two. A Vespa 150 Super that spat me off at high speed (on dirt) when I was 21. I shot that bike so many times you could have used it as a colander. The second was much more tearful. My beloved 1974 Ural and sidecar in Vietnam because I couldn't get it imported to Australia. All others are under covers in my shed (more than 40).

Books: I've been collecting since I could read. Now have a house full and have just started selling them off. 99.5% non-fiction. Probably 10,000 or more books..........

Tools: I've been working on my own engines since I was 10 and have learned that you have to have 3 of every tool known to man. You lend one, you misplace one and that always leaves you one where it should be.

I too have trains and slot cars Demon, haven't used them in 10 years, but each time I look at the boxes full of tracks and cars/engine/rolling stock, I just can't bear to part with them. P'raps in my dotage.

That'll do for the minute, or I'll start to look like that eccentric old man who lives in the 170 year old cottage surrounded by his bikes and books. And yes, there is a bike in the lounge room.
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-Watching cartoons on a Saturday morning
-Playing video games when it's too cold to go outside
-Cheap yellow beer
-We have a breakfast tradition where you take a breakfast sausage (cooked) and wrap it in bread then dip it in egg like a french toast. Fry it up, then you serve that with honey for dipping. Our five year old calls it a 'honey dog' and it's definitely a guilty pleasure

Originally Posted by Sebastionbear View Post

Tools: I've been working on my own engines since I was 10 and have learned that you have to have 3 of every tool known to man. You lend one, you misplace one and that always leaves you one where it should be.
This is truth. I remember one time a customer came back complaining about a rattle in her driver's door. 99% of the time when a customer comes back with a rattle, it's pure nonsense. Anyway, I dutifully detrimmed the door and rolling around down there was one of my 10mm sockets. I own so many spares that I hadn't even noticed it missing. I used to put fineline tape on my tools so if a prepper found one lying around he knew it was mine. Every shop has 'that guy'

So I guess tools aren't a guilty pleasure, but being a damn slob might be

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I'm a gamer. I started in 1997 - first with Carmagedon and Need For Speed 2. For a time I had every single Need for Speed game ever made. There's a few I don't have now.

Sketching. I was one of those kids that didn't like school tech was boring and felt limited. I drew cars with flame paint jobs, V8's and turbo's, cross sections of engines and stuff. I look back and maybe 1 or 2 things are missing but damn the detail for a 8 year old - it was intense. I still draw when I plan out big things like custom bike fairings and stuff like that, I drew my car when I first got it how I wanted it to be in real life after I saw it in one of my dreams. Sure enough it looks just like my drawing. I just didn't get 2 sets of exhausts because I changed my mind with that but otherwise its 100% to the picture I drew years earlier.

Tinkering. Always liked Lego K'nex, Meccano and that stuff as a child, got into 1/24 and 1/18 model cars as a teen before I had licenses so surprise I now tinker with bikes and cars.

Still have a few scale model cars to do - a couple of Mustangs and Camaro's. I'd love to find a CBR model to do. I'd make a micro inspiration of what I plan to make.
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I came to motorcycles later in life, so theyíre really my biggest guilty pleasure, and Iím a bit of an amateur engineer/mechanic, so I love tearing stuff apart and fixing it. Although my enthusiasm is bigger than my ability!

Other pleasures include Sex (when I can get it) Malt Whisky, Watches, Music, and Iím huge TV addict, I love subtitled European dramas.
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