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What A Ride

Old 04-30-2014, 06:20 PM
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Default What A Ride

Spoiler alert ... this might be boring

A lot of years ago I frankensteined a mitsubishi eclipse turbo with an '01 Busa. The result was a machine like no other I've ever witnessed. 305 ponies at the wheel at 15# of boost ... 140mph power wheelies in 4th gear (some very unplanned).

Joined my first bike forum, LABusas. What a disappointment. Absolutely no useful information and if I had to guess I'd say 90% of the idiots on there never rode a bike ... let alone a busa. Anyone who tried to ask a legit question would get pounded. Just a clique type environment of keyboard tough guys.

So I joined another forum that was a little better but still lacked any coherent form or function. And again if you weren't a poser or squid you didn't fit in. Considering all the possible information available on the web it was really a waste of time. Other than for some mod ideas and a few cool people it was pretty much a waste of time as well.

After shoulder surgery I decided having my arms yanked out of their sockets every time I showered down on the throttle a bit much. So I picked a nice slow bike that had great reviews: an '04 CBR 1000 RR And I had the intention of leaving it bone stock. People that knew me said "no way". But I was tired of the never ending modification of a toy.

So two weeks later I started searching the webz for exhausts

And I ran across a brand new forum called CBRForum. So I joined up and I guess the rest is history.

Now it's close to 10 years later and I'm proud to have been a part of this place and even more proud of all the fantastic people I've met through the years -- both in person and many I hope to meet some day. It is impossible to even hazard a guess how many hours I've been on this forum ... most behind the scenes doing all sorts of boring forum stuff. But a lot of rewarding hours greeting new members and helping out when and where I could. And I loved the ROTM ... it was my baby

Maybe you're wondering ... why the heck is he going all nostalgic? Well I'll tell you. This is my last day as admin. As rewarding as it has been leading the good ship Seabarf I occasionally have an actual life. And as the kiddies get bigger and my swamp gets swampier my available free time has shrunken to a point where I'm unable to give the old place the attention it deserves. And since the best thing I've done here is assemble an outstanding staff I figured it was time to let them take the helm and steer this ship into the future.

Sprock, Shadow and the new admin 74demon are already mulling over some great additions to the forum and I'm sure the energy level with some of our newest moderators will make for an even friendlier site.

I'll check in from time to time and see wassup but you won't see me haunting the admin control panel any longer.

But if you're ever in the west metro Atlanta area and you run across some crazy some-beeyatch riding a heavily modified v-rod like a lunatic and scraping parts. Be sure to say "hi" ... it's me
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Hate to see ya go, but life takes its priority. Good luck and hope you are as successful in your future endeavors as you have been here. Next time I go home I'll be sure to hit the Westside on the lookout for ya...
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Thank you so much for everything Chain. I joined in '06. When I first came here it was simply for information about how to do an oil change on an F3.

I'm sure I looked into which oil I should use and which oil filter I should use too.

But I really started to take an interest in this forum a while afterwards (I think it took a few years actually). I'm glad I did though. This place is such a great community - and you helped to make it that way. Now - I build motorcycles. This forum has had a big part in my education. I am (as I'm sure a lot of others are) really grateful for all of those hours you did put in, as I'm sure it wasn't always easy.

Sincerely, thank you.


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those of us who've been around for a while sure know what your tenure has meant to
the forum. gonna be weird not seeing those red letters around the office. best wishes!
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You are going to be sorely missed big fella!

Thanks for your widom, guidance and friendship.

May your bike tank be full, the sun shining, wind at your back and the road smooth and full of twisties

We'll do our best to keep the good ship Seebarf on an even keel.

Cheers and respect Bro, SB
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Hate to see you go as well, but as a member of the newest litter of newbie mods at least I can say I (and we all I trust) will be doing our very best to keep the forum what it currently is and possibly even better. I am a member of nine forums of which I actively use 5-6, and quite frankly if I would be asked to be a mod on any other of the forums I would decline. The ground work here is done so well there`s not much else to do than occasionally wipe the dust from the reception table and casually stroll amongst the users trying to look sharp

Hope we will see you frequently in the future as well, if "only" as a RAT (retired from active duty)

Just checked, I have logged in at 09-08-`11 and am not going anywhere for a LONG time even though I might not be owning a cbr for a while but I will surely keep that as an option when I`ll be looking for the next one.

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