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CBRForum Code Of Conduct

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Default CBRForum Code Of Conduct

This Is Required Reading For All Members

There is no test but you will be expected to abide by this code ...
Ignorance will not be an excuse. is a community for CBR owners and those who might not yet own a CBR. Please take time to read this document through to get a feel for what the forums are like, how to start your life among us and how to make the best out of your time here. We are often referred as CBRF. Its easier to say fast three times than "". If you have difficulties pronouncing CBRF convincingly in dinner table discussions just say "SeeBarf".


"There is not a good CBR forum on the net - lets get this place going!" were the first words posted to CBRForum back in August 2004. That phrase is just as relevant today as it was then.

The community has grown very large but I am very happy to see we have been able to maintain that helpful and relaxed atmosphere CBRF is famous for. And we do strive to keep it going. For this we should thank our excellent staff of moderators who are always here, and our large base of resident members who gently guide newbies to the community and into the finer art of counter steering.

The CBRF Culture

When you start your journey with us you will notice a strange combination of relaxed mood and serious dedication to motorcycling. You will learn why helmets and counter steering are important, you will get to know "big boy underpants" and that CBRF is spelled out "SeeBarf" (greasy, but good). You will also notice how people who know a lot share their experience and talent without hesitation. This culture has been developed and refined over years, combining witty humor and having fun is what our members value most: the CBRF mood is unique and enjoyable.

CBRF has members from all countries, both male and female, with diverse ethnic backgrounds. Please respect this diversity and do not push your views down other peoples throats - discussion, fun, knowledge, sharing and caring is what we value most. By the same token CBRF is an American forum and we ask that our world wide friends respect the way we do things. Be it right or wrong we have our own unique culture and ask that it be respected. This community was never designed to settle global issues and should not be used to advance any particular ideology.

Registering toCBRF

You must register as a user if you want to:

  • view attachments
  • create new threads
  • reply to posts use search
Registering is free.

When you register you will receive an email which you must read and act upon before your account is fully activated. That mail is often in your spam folder. Make sure that the email address you give is active, the mailbox is not full and you can access it.

Multiple registrations are not allowed. If you for some reason registered more than once, PM moderators about it. If and when we detect multiple identities all those accounts will be banned.

Think carefully in choosing a user name which describes you best. Do not use your email address as a username. Use only western alphabet and numbers.


We do have rules at CBRF. If you behave like you would normally behave with friends, strangers, family and elderly you will be fine. Please take the time to go over the rules HERE. Remember that every possible scenario can not be covered in those general rules. The moderators have the ultimate say on whether something is allowed. If you do not like their decision please feel free to contact an admin. Unless that particular moderator is on crack their decision will most likely be upheld.


CBRF uses the English language. We all do not speak perfect English (even those who are native English speakers), but with each try we all get more fluent with it. This is not a grammar nor a spelling test. Firefox browser has a good English spell checker if you feel you need one.

Take care where you post

CBRForum is divided into several subforums and they in turn are divided into specific areas.

Take the time to read the forum descriptions on the front page so that you know what is where. Pay close attention to the larger divisions:
  • General section/ most popular area. From the Newbie area to General Tech questions. Ride of the Month and of course Off Topic.
  • Current Honda CBR Models section/ just that. Discuss current makes. Pictures are always welcome.
  • Past CBR Models section/ ditto ... again, pictures are welcome.
  • This N That section / contains other bike talk to product reviews to riding gear. Racing and Recreational section/ all aspects of racing and regional area to meet up with members near you.
  • Honda CBR Forum Sponsors / these guys help keep the lights on. If possible use them for service or parts.
  • Honda CBR Classifieds / Sell your stuff. This is for your personal belongings BUT ONLY WHEN YOU REACH 100 POSTS ON THE MAIN FORUM AND ARE A sENIOR mEMBER. If you area for profit business you must sponsor the site before posting things for sale. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Other section / contains the forum help and suggestion areas. This area is often overlooked since it is a bottom dweller. If you need assistance quickly then PM a moderator and they will help.
When you post, you should take time to post in the correct forum as this will give you the widest and most interested audience for that particular subject.

Off Topic and Sights N Sounds

Contrary to popular belief, CBRF is a motorcycle forum and as such every post in every section in every area should at least vaguely be motorcycle related. This is not to say you can not post a thread wishing a member happy birthday or congrats on a baby or the like. There will still be some leniency in Off Topic for threads of general interest to the majority of the members. So if you post up a top ten things to do with green snot thread do not be surprised or hurt when it goes missing and you are contacted by the staff.

Think before you post

Think of CBRF as public plaza where everyone can hear what you say and everyone can reply to you. A place where you meet regulars every day and all the strangers know you even if you do not know them yet. Remember:
  • Do not post when you are angry or under the influence .
  • Respect members (especially newbies) by giving full answers, "do a search" or "rtfm" is not helpful to anyone.
  • Personal attacks or harassment are not tolerated at all.
  • Political and religious discussions are not allowed.
  • You are not obligated to chime in on every thread. If a topic is distasteful to you, ignore it. Should it violate rules or the code then report it.
  • Do not bait other members. As a close community we learn what buttons to push to get others going. This is destructive and serves no purpose.
  • Avoid chatting with your buddies in threads. This is a forum not an IM chat room. If you see a friend is online and posting either PM, email or IM them
  • Keep replies to a thread on topic. There is no rule that says a thread must end by being locked or moved to the basement.
  • CBRF is not a dating site. Members are disproportionately male. As such leave the leg humping at the door. You may think this behavior is cute and/or welcome by the females. I assure you it is neither.
  • Do not continue a locked thread topic in a new thread. PM a moderator if you just have to get something off your chest.
  • Duplicate posts are not allowed. For example: posting an item for sale and then an off topic thread directing people to the for sale thread.
  • Please keep in mind many members view this forum at work. If what you have to post is not safe for work then DO NOT POST IT! A **NSFW** in the subject is not a free pass to post objectionable material. As a general rule of thumb, if you would not show it to your mom or your 6 year old child do not post it here. If you must share then PM or email the joy to your CBRF buddies.
  • Currently the notification button of a thread relocation is not working. We make an effort to notify you via PM if your thread has been moved but in case we overlook doing so, please do not post another thread, look to see where your thread was moved by looking in your profile (recent posts section).
  • Post count is not a trophy and there are no awards. Quality over quantity is preferred any day. Short snarky replies like RTFM or Repost or +1s are unnecessary and make for cluttered threads. If you have something to add by all means put it out there ... otherwise clam up. We all know someone who is a drag to be around because no matter what the subject they have something to say whether it be helpful or not. Lets try not to be that person on the forum.


You seldom see any spam in CBRF. To fight it we rely on our members, you, to always report any post that is either:
  • spam
  • rule violation (too many photos, rude, racist, politics, religious, hate, personal attack and so on).
  • in a wrong forum
  • you want your post removed
  • you see in title spelling errors that matter
Marketing ANYTHING using forums PM or email system will be considered as spam, and that activity will end very fast into permanent ban for the offending member. Please report those as well.

By reporting you help keep CBRF spam free and flowing well. To report a post simply click on the triangle with the '!' in it ( at the top and right of each and every post) and it will be handled ASAP. Moving posts may not happen if mods do not feel it needs to be moved. Reporting a post is also a quick way to bring some urgent matter to moderator attention.

Thank you for reporting posts!

The Staff
The Moderator is your friend

Please respect and obey our moderators. They are volunteer workers, active members of CBRF, who help maintain CBRF. If they ask you to do something or else comment on your behavior just learn from the experience and simply comply. Remember: if you start a fight with a mod, you will ALWAYS lose. If you are polite and respect the voluntary work mods are doing, you will be treated well even if you blunder. Mods are here to help you.

..but when you are bad the moderator is your jury

Should it become necessary the moderators will discuss the member in question. We have found that often a member is having a bad time and one moderator may be in the know. Leniency here is the general rule. However having a bad day, week, etc. is not an excuse for bad behavior. If you need assistance, even if you just need to bend someones ear for a bit, PM one of the staff.


Shadow,Sprock & 74Demon are the active admins. They have absolute authority on everything that goes on at CBRF.


CBRF is free to all. We are vendor and ad supported. So in lieu of donations feel free to welcome noobs or generally help out around the forum.

Thank you for reading and we hope your stay here at CBRF is a long one and an enjoyable experience.

The staff

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Everyone should read this!!! ...I just did.....
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