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*** CBR Forum Official Rules ***

Old 10-16-2007, 10:21 AM
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Question *** CBR Forum Official Rules ***

These are our CBRForum Official Site Rules and Member Guidelines.

The CBRForum membership and site visitors are comprised of individuals from widely diverse groups of cultures, ages and experiences. Considering this diversity, the public nature of the forum, and our desire to make the CBRForum a safe and rewarding environment for our membership and visitors, the following regulations and guidelines have been established:

1. Mutual Respect
The CBRForum excourages the free expression of personal opinion, discussion, and civil debate in a manner which maintains respect for fellow members. Rudeness, insults or personal attacks will not be tolerated. Members may not flame, harass, taunt, or be otherwise abusive or disrespectful of ANYONE, whether on the public forums or through private messaging or chat. Habitual violations or failure to observe any CBRForum staff instruction in this regard is cause for the revocation of member account privileges.

2. Trolling / Flaming
Trolling of any kind is unacceptable on the CBRForum. "Flame Wars" or "Board Wars" are not tolerated on this site or elsewhere. Derogatory or inflammatory posts by a CBRForum member against this site or any other site will be deleted. Any member found to be creating derogatory or inflammatory posts on this or any other forum will be subject to the revocation of CBRForum member account privileges.

3. Multiple Accounts
Each individual user is allowed one CBRForum login account. Registering for multiple accounts is not permitted and may result in the removal of both/all accounts without notice.

4. False Information
Members who deliberately provide false information to the CBRForum staff, or who engage in activities designed to mask or mislead attempts to verify the validity of a member's identity or activity on the forum will be subject to the revocation of CBRForum member account privileges. Attempting to gain access to another member's account or "hacking" the forum in any manner is cause for the revocation of member account privileges.

5. Illegal Activity
The use of the CBRForum to promote or engage in any illegal activity is strictly forbidden, including but not limited to: encouraging or requesting illegal transactions, posting links to illegal content, the selling or exchange of any personal information without proper consent, or posting illegal or obscene content. Any illegal content or activity on the CBRForum will be immediately deleted and the offending member's account privileges revoked.

1. Offensive Material
The use of indecent, inappropriate, or offensive material, including but not limited to: religious or ethnic slurs, nudity or pornographic images, or vulgar or profane language is prohibited. The CBRForum staff shall have sole discretion when determining what meets or violates the Board's standards for acceptable content.

2. Prohibited Topics:
a. Religious / Political Opinion
In the spirit of promoting an inclusive and unoffensive atmosphere, the CBRForum restricts the discussion of Political or Religious opinion.
b. Reckless or Illegal Behavior
The CBRForum can not promote unsafe or reckless habits or behavior. Traffic and safety laws vary by location; do not create posts encouraging behavior which falls outside accepted safe motorcycling standards, or which could cause someone to violate local laws or regulations.

3. Solicitation / Spam
The unauthorized solicitation of ANYTHING by means of the public forum, private messaging or chat is considered Spam, regardless of whether or not the member stands to make personal gain, and is not permitted in any case. Any member guilty of posting spam will be subject to the revocation of member account privileges.
Posting excessive links to websites or the use of "sneaky" advertising in any form will be subject to administrative action up to and including the revocation of CBRForum member account privileges.
Private party ads are to be posted in the CBRForum Classifieds section only.
If you have a business with a product or service which would be of interest to our membership, visit our Advertising Information page to learn how to join the CBRForum team and support our community. A variety of low-cost packages are offered which may provide a benefit to your business.

4. Affiliates
Posting a link which leads to an affiliate program, or that can in any way be used to earn money, credits, products, or item(s) of value from banner impressions or click-thru's is prohibited. If you feel that you have a service or product which would benefit the members of the CBRForum, notify an Administrator.

5. Item(s) for Sale
A user must achieve Senior Member status (minimum of 100 posts on the open forum, not including off topic) before posting any item(s) for sale on the CBRForum; the advertisement (in any form) of any item or service for sale by non-senior members will be deleted. Refer to the Sticky threads within the For Sale sections for specific rules and requirements regarding posting Item(s) for Sale. Do not post items for sale in sections other than the designated For Sale sections.

1. Double-Posting
Double-posting is not permitted. While some posts may address topics appropriate for multiple forums, choose one forum which best fits the topic and create only one thread/post. Posting the same information in multiple threads can result in the deletion of some or all posts.
Do not create two or more posts in succession within the same thread; to add information to a thread in which you are the most recent poster, edit the last post.

2. Post-Whoring / Frivolous Posts
Frequent, multiple, short or meaningless posts which add no value to the discussion, or creating posts for the purpose of increasing your personal post count are discouraged. Engaging in this type of posting activity may result in: a) locking the post count to prevent incrementing or b) the revocation of member account privileges.

3. External Links
The promotion of other related sites on the CBRForum is prohibited. Using the name of another site or posting a link to relevant content on another site is permitted where appropriate; repeated references to other sites is considered Spam and will be treated as such. Such links or references are not acceptable in signatures, member profiles, private messages or chat. Violation will be subject to administrative action up to and including the revocation of CBRForum member account privileges.

4. Contacting Other Members
To contact individual member(s) of the CBRForum, make use of the Private Messaging system or email; do not create any public posts for the sole purpose of obtaining another member's attention.

1. Reporting Forum Issues / Complaint Resolution
Problems or complaints should be directed privately to the staff, not to the general forum. The Moderators and Administrators are responsible for taking appropriate action, and have final discretion in all matters. This applies universally to all issues, whether involving the general forum or individual members.

2. CBRForum Staff: View a complete list of CBRForum Staff members
a. Section Moderators
b. Super Moderators
c. Administrators
d. Administrator Emeritus
While these general Rules address most common situations, it is not possible to anticipate every scenario. The CBRForum administration reserves the right to take any action deemed appropriate to ensure the site is not disrupted or abused, and that the experience is a consistently positive one for the members and guests. Interpretation and application of the Rules is at the sole discretion of the CBRForum staff.

The CBR Forum exists as a community for individuals with a common interest, and as a resource for the global motorcycling community. The CBRForum is a private forum and access is offered on an "at-will" basis; membership is a privilege and not a right, and the forum is no way liable to offer or provide a service of any kind.
These Rules and Guidelines are subject to change without notice; no rights are given or implied, and they do not serve as any guarantee for membership.

Entire Statement Revised & Updated: 2014-06-10

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Old 05-18-2010, 07:32 PM
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Default Some rules are not just right

I have been a member on here for almost a year. I have found alot of info that I am greatfull for but because I have not said anything "posted" I am being ban from selling parts that I have because I don't have 100 post. I don't feel that this is fair. Just because I look for info and do not post I am not going to sell anything here. I hope no one needed the parts that I have for an F3. Maybe I can sell them on ebay. Sorry but it is not my fault.
Old 05-18-2010, 08:49 PM
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Nobody is saying you aren't an honest person, but the bottom line is that we have people coming through here all the time who simply want to unload stuff.... whether they actually have the parts or not.
I personally feel better knowing that sellers have at least contributed to the site and are known a little bit before I buy stuff from them.
Lastly, since the rule has been implemented, there has been a DRASTIC decline in incidents of people being ripped off here. (in fact, I don't know of ANY since the rule change)

This isn't some rule that was just designed to screw people. I don't know why people insist on acting like it is. Why the heck would the admin want to do that??? Come on, now....seriously.
It's designed to save people from getting ripped off. Look at it for what it is.
Old 05-19-2010, 12:43 AM
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I would add that if you "gave " a little of your knowledge and experience to others in the form of posts, then we'd know more about you. But you don't contribute, just take information. Now you're upset about not being able to sell your stuff. It's a two way street, sorry.
Gee, 3 posts and one of them was a complaint, and the other two were adverts ................Pfffft.

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Old 07-02-2010, 11:45 AM
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RIGHT guys?

Nope !
I think you have a helluva cheek coming in here with TWO POSTS and making comments about how the place is run. The rest of the members have commented many times about the rule and how they help to prevent rip off's from happening.
If you had contributed a bit more, and been here for longer than 10 minutes, you may have garnered a small modicum of support, but this is one drum you can't beat.
In summary, you have the right to say your piece, but in this case nobody's listening...................

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Old 07-02-2010, 12:18 PM
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Shadow, I think you gotta a little blood on that hammer! LOL! (But whos maxwell and why do you have his hammer anyway?)
Old 07-02-2010, 11:54 PM
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Old 07-05-2010, 11:08 AM
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Old 07-12-2010, 07:29 AM
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well haha thats fun coming into just dropin in to say whats up and cant wait to conversate with other cbr enthusist yea i cant spell so....whats up and if there ne1 in the morgantown,ky area hit me up lets ride out sumtime

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