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How To: Clean your carbs

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Default How To: Clean your carbs

How to carb carburetorcleaning clean
Did a search and didn't see anything about how to clean your carbs, even though it's pretty easy to do some people think it's a fairly daunting task, so I decided I'd snap a bunch of pictures while I did mine and make a quick write-up. Having said that, don't try this if you're stupid or mechanically challenged, you can break expensive things and cause a lot more damage then good. However, if you know the difference between a screwdriver and a socket wrench you probably have enough mechanical know-how to do this.

This was all done on a 2000 CBR 600F4, it will be different on other bikes, but very similar. The only tools needed (except for the tools to get to your carbs) are a phillips screwdriver, 4mm and 3mm allen wrenches, and some spray on carburetor cleaner.

Start by removing your carbs. You can do this with the carbs in, but it's a lot easier and safer with them out. Basically: Remove gas tank, remove air-box, unplug fuel lines and vacuum lines, remove throttle cable, remove carbs. (If this is your first time doing this expect this to take at least2 hours, those band clamps are a pain the first time around)
Now you have your carbs removed:

In case you're wondering this little screw here is what you're looking for to do carb synchs (there's 3 of them 1&2, 3&4, and the 1,2&3,4 balancer):

First step is remove your float bowls.
Remove these little bolts (4mm allen) there's 3 per bowl:

Keep everything ordered (cylinder 1,2,3,4). Once you have the bowl off, clean it out with carb cleaner. It should look like this clean:

Next, very carefully slide out the retaining pin on the float, I used to pocket knife to get it started then grab it with your fingers (not pliers) and pull it out:

Once the pin is out the float should be resting on the float valve, very carefully lift out the float and floatvalve:

Clean off the float, the valve, and the interior of the bowl until they sparkle like new.
Reassemble the float chamber the way you took it apart, put the float valve into the carburetor and drop the float onto the neck of it (Sorry for the out of focus picture):

Gently lift the float up to align the pin and slide it in:

Put the bowl back on and tighten the allen bolts down (make sure the gasket is on there).

Alright, on to the opposite side of the carburetorto the vacuum chamber!
Slowly remove the 3 allen heads holding it on (3mm) (sorry no picture). Do it slowly because it is spring loaded.
When you take off the cover grab the spring before it shoots off. Once again set things aside by cylinder.
GENTLY grab the hard plastic of the diaphragm and slowly and carefully slide it out:

The needle in there is delicate, do not grab it by the needle, set it down on the needle, bend the needle... etc.

Clean out the inside of the vacuum chamber with carb cleaner, clean off the needle, and diaphragm, as well as the vacuum chamber cover

Reassemble things in the reverse order. Very Very Very Very car
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Default RE: How To: Clean your carbs

wow man! that is a definate asset to the site!! great write up!!
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Default RE: How To: Clean your carbs

Thats a brilliant walkthrough!

Thanks and Well done!!
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Default RE: How To: Clean your carbs

+1, very nice.
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Default RE: How To: Clean your carbs

Rabbit, is it customary to clean the carb jets during this project since everythings disassembled and accessible? I've watched a friend do mine, and he "boils" the jets in some cleaner before reinstalling them in the carb housings. Any input on this?

Also, is it the cleaning you describe here that returns the crisp throttle response or the jet cleaning? Thanks for an excellent tutorial.
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Default RE: How To: Clean your carbs

You can remove the jets to clean them, I just sprayed carb cleaner into them, no idea if removing them and boiling them would clean them more or not, that carb cleaner stuff is pretty strong by itself. And yes the cleaning here can renovate your throttle response, also can up your gas mileage if you notice that drooping, typically though it's just used if the bike has been sitting for a while, such as after winter storage (the carbs there had been sitting for over 2 years [&:]). If you continually have gas running through them, they'llalmost never need to be cleaned unless some sort of deposits start to build up in them.
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Default RE: How To: Clean your carbs

Thanks for the tutorial!
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Default RE: How To: Clean your carbs

awesome job! great addition to the "how-to" section.
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Default RE: How To: Clean your carbs

Dont you have to sync the carbs once you are done?...

iv never done this before... but plan on doing by next month... and maybe install a jet kit while im there...
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Default RE: How To: Clean your carbs

Yea this is a really great walkthrough. But what about unscrewing the needles/jets and spraying those out? I read another guide on how to clean your carbs and it said to make sure you clean the individual jets. So I guess my question here is should you or shouldn't you?

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