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I was a Bad-Squidy today.

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Default I was a Bad-Squidy today.

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So lets start off a proper story with some background of my last 2 days of Professional motorcycling.
So last night me and the little lady go to see the new Twilight () movie. She paid - I went - honestly that guy Edward is ridiculous, he lacks marbles, what kind of pansy dude lets his girl run around with some other guy like that. Get your wench on lock Edward.

So obviously we take Isabelle up to the movie theater and back last night. Well this afternoon I get home from work and I have a doc appointment to get to, I figure its nice 80 degree day - lets ride .
But.. where are my keys ? Hmm oh well I grab my spare set and head down to Isabelle.

So I get there and what do I see? Keys.
In the ignition.
In the ON position.

You just have to try - so I tried to start her - of course it didn't work. So I take the truck to the doc, get back, and figure I'll push start her. Each ramp in my 4 lvl garage is probably 25yards and about a 35degree incline, from a distance these don't look so bad.

Luckily I had just filled up too.

So about halfway up this ramp after my running head start, I begin to lose steam. I'm not a small guy and in fairly good shape, but this was not the easiest thing i've ever done. To top things off there are some Safe window or whatever auto glass guys fixing a car at the top of the ramp sitting there watching me .

Well Luckily after I got to the top - I didn't have a heart attack, and I was able to get a nice little pace, jump on isabelle and head down the ramp - 1st gear, clutch drop, started right up no problem.

So at this point i'm still partially dressed from my earlier intended ride (to the doc which never happened) so I have on my riding boots and shift kevlar jeans, a smedium size tshirt and my helmet which I brought with me for the push starting - safety first - I figure the only logical thing to do is take her for a spin to get those RPM's up and make sure the battery is ok.

45 minutes later after some highly missed reinforced 90% cotton 10% spandex designer t-shirt armored riding I got home in one piece.

Just thought I'd share!

Oh Edit for my actual question - Any possible harm to my battery from sitting for 12 hours in the on position? It was still lit up and seemed fine after I ran her. I re-started her again once I parked and turned her off no problems.

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um...how was the movie?
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Good enough that he forgot to take the keys out of his bike.
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Riding squiddy feels so stupid while feeling so good at the same time. Although the flapping t-shirt at freeway speeds drives me insane.

The worst thing to do to a battery is to discharge it and not use it, (for weeks+). 12 hours is nothing and atleast you know your stator is working perfectly.
Old 07-01-2010, 03:57 PM
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well you survived twilight, so i think you had a good day
battery should be fine. a slow charger would put it back normal. or some longer rides
fyi: if you have to push start the bike again use 6th gear. you don't have to go as fast. and the rear tire won't lock up on you if it doesn't turn over right away
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Originally Posted by heyitsmelam View Post
um...how was the movie?
Haha! Yeah nate, did the volturi win? uhh, I mean...

It's okay, I have a girl obsessed with twilight too. She's knows better than to make me go opening night though. Thats when the weirdos come out in full force.

Listen man, I considered writing up a little post about not wearing gear recently upon reading an op-ed in the last cycle-world about it. And from my stand point, you're not a squid if you don't wear a jacket 24/7. And frankly, the past couple weeks have been too darn hot to wear my leather jacket. I've been riding in a T-shirt frequently lately and I'm not ashamed of it nor do I consider myself a squid. The guy at my local Honda shop told me one time, you're not any safer wearing a jacket if you pass out from heat exhaustion or dehydration.

My only caveat to not wearing a jacket is to ride more cautiously. But seriously, and part of this I take from the cycle world article, isn't part of the allure to riding a motorcycle the freedom and lack of constraint? Aren't we partly drawn to the idea of just hopping on and getting out there just to be out there? Now I don't wear full leathers, and unless I'm tracking I never will. And honestly, If I had to suit up like I'm going into outerspace every time I wanted to ride, I'd be blown and probably would just take the car.

I ride a bike because I like being "out there" and sometimes gear negates that feeling. However, as I said, prior to riding I decide my intended riding style and dress appropriately. If I don't wear my jacket, I take it easy. If I want to tear up some back roads, I put on my jacket and boots.

And personally, I would hate to be the doctor doing a physical on the guy wearing full leathers in the blazing sun.
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Having been wearing full gear from the get-go I feel naked without my stuff on. The helmet is a big part of that but something about a t-shirt and shorts makes me feel really nervous on a bike.

I will say that if you can't wear a jacket in the summer because of heat, you're probably not wearing the right jacket. That said I will add that I'm assuming that you're not in stop and go traffic while riding as the only way to stay cool on a bike is to stay moving. If you're moving, you can wear a jacket in any weather. My full leather dainese jacket is great even in 100 degree Texas summer weather. It is bearable at the occasional long stop light and downright comfortable at anything above 20mph. On the other hand another of my riding friends had a textile/leather combo jacket that was unbearable in anything above 90 degrees. Its all in getting the right gear for the conditions.
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Cool so I guess the battery is fine - and i'll remember that 6th gear usethefours next time I have another n00b (you're now on the list KdubyaH) moment.

DBEAU - Jeez i'm not sure what's gonna happen guess we'll have to wait til the next movie... get dragged to it kicking and screaming I mean.
And speaking of "local honda shop" - who do you go to around here?
Now that you mention it i'm sure my doc was appreciative I didn't gear up hah

iBang - i'm actually looking to pick up another lighter summer only jacket so I certainly get where you're coming from. gonna go tomorrow I do believe to try a few on
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Specifically I was referring to The Motorcycle Factory Inc. in Woodbridge. There is also Manassas Honda.

I used to only go to The MFI but recently I ventured over to Manassas Honda and they treated me very well and charged less for mounting a tire so I've been going there more often.

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