fuel pump running when bike is off 2016 650f

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Angry fuel pump running when bike is off 2016 650f

Changed my battery the other day and as soon as i attached the positive cable, the buzzing started. I read that this is the fuel pump charging, but the key is not even in. When i put the key in the ignition and turn the bike on, nothing happens. the gauges and cluster don't even turn on. As per my mechanic, i inspected the fuel pump relay. I actually removed the fuel pump relay and it's still doing it. Now my bike is in pieces and i have no idea what to do.

I've only had the bike for a year and there is 500 miles.
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I don't think it would be the fuel pump. It shouldn't get power until the key is turned. I'm guessing major electrical fault. I'd start with the battery and check the wires until you get to the dash. Check all the fuses. Poke around with a multimeter and look for heat damage. Confirm voltage. Give those common grounds a visual, and if it's making a sound, try and locate the source

I don't know that particular bike, but if you want to rule out the fuel pump, you can just unhook a fuel line downstream of the pump and hold it into a suitable container. if it's failed open it'll always pump, and if it's failed closed it'll never pump
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Did you have some thing like a temp battery connected to the bike's power lines with the removal of the old battery? Like the newer the bike the more of a pain in the *** are the security features, like if the bike is fully disconnected to it's power supply.So lets say with a some thing like a 9 volt battery still connected to the bikes neg & pos battery wires, so as the modern bike's ECU is still able to talk to all it's friends & think all is well, in the wiring loop? I'm not saying this is "it' as the most modern bike i have is a 2008, but even with this 08 bike the manual strongly states that before ever disconnecting the battery, I have to at least keep some power going to the bike with at least a 9 volt battery until the new battery is fully connected. C.Webb
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In collision I was taught that it's totally fine to disconnect the battery, but if it's gonna be disconnected for more than a half hour to put a charger on it

We were also told to disconnect the battery before doing a bunch on welding on the thing, which we rarely did. Even just the start/stop of moving the cars around the shop/yard would kill a lot of batteries. I never had a trouble with security features, but I know if my golf is disconnected for a length of time my stereo will ask for an access code

I think it should be fine, but a temporary power supply is never a bad idea
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