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Buying Advice For Wannabe 600rr Owner

Old 01-10-2013, 09:18 PM
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Default Buying Advice For Wannabe 600rr Owner

I've stumbled onto an black and silver 04 RR with 6k miles for 4500. I'm thinking I should offer something closer to 3800 considering it's an 04, iif there is nothing wrong with it when I go look at it is that closer to market? Owner says its completely stock and mint, will need new tires in a year though.

Do the 600rr's have any significant issues to look out for? What should I look at specifically on an 04?

How hard/expensive are they to maintain? I've never had a FI bike before. What would I expect within the next 10000 miles? It currently has 6k.

How is the reliability on these bikes? I assume being a sport bike they're pretty high-strung. Do the engines last a while?
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Well cared for, meaning do the maintenance when it supposed to be done, and Hondas are damn near bulletproof.

As for the price / mileage.... you're bout to get a whole bunch of ppl telling you to grab it NOW. Realistically, if everything is true, the bike is undervalued. My biggest play on knocking down the price would be the cost of new rubber... and I wouldn't be mad if rhe seller said "no, $4500 firm".
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Yeah, if tires are due in 12months, might as well do it now! Nothing is more important than the part that actually touches the pavement...6k is low for 8 year bike? But as Kuro said, maintain and they will out last us.....many times it is the owner's fault when bike get damage because of poor TLC.

How is your riding experience? Is the 600 your starter?
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Thanks for the advice guys.

I had a Ninja 250r for about 18 months. I sold it back in May, since I graduated college and it was a campus get-around/weekend toy. About the middle of December I decided that I regret selling it, and started looking again. I'm 6'3", so I did look pretty silly on the 250, and since I've got over a year of experience I feel I'm ready for a bigger bike.

I've been looking for a bike, preferably a DRZ400-SM for about 3 weeks now, and this one caught my eye. It might be a Craigslist gem. It's been listed for over 2 weeks now, and the guy said he has only had trade offers, no money offers. He claims he's had it since July, has changed the oil in it, and knows the previous owner who took care of it as well. It's completely stock and has no damage, also according to him.

The pictures he posted on the ad are terrible, only showing the Odo, and two poor side/rear angle shots, both showing it covered in dust. Hopefully I can get a good feel for it when I take a look tomorrow evening.

I still think I'll make an original offer at 3800, and move from there. Judging by your opinion, I might be willing to go up to 4500.

From what I've seen around motorcycle forums and completed ebay listings, 4500 is liter bike territory, that's why I thought it was too high.
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Here are the pictures from the ad. As you can see, a sales man this guy isn't.

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That's a great price on a great bike.

I'd hop on it at $4500. If you think that he'll take $700 less...

You might be low-balling the guy with this initial offer and he might become offended.
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Went and looked at it. Guy said he would take 3800. It was missing the clutch handle pin, and mos of the fairing screws. It also had been down at one point. I'm going to pass on it, although it did run perfect.
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I'm curious to know why you passed on this. Did you find something else?

If i do say so myself, you had the opportunity to steal from this guy at $3800.
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Agree $3800 is an amazing price for this bike. The issues described sound trivial as long as there is no mechanical damage he's hiding. At the least you'd be able to resell it at a higher price after putting a few bucks into it.
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Default Looking to get a CBR

Hey guys,
I'm in the process of looking around for a new bike. This will be my 2nd bike, my first one was a GS500F Suzuki. I'm looking at an '08 right now. I was part of the GS forums, and plan on joining the community here. Didn't know if you guys had any inside tips on what to look for when buying a 2008. I'll be buying from a dealer, most likely. The one I'm looking at now is listed at $7988 with 8769 miles on it. It's the graffiti one, and I looked at it in their dealership and didn't appear to have any damage/scratches apart from a couple little chips from road debris. I appreciate any input or suggestions you have. I'll do a proper introduction later, but I'm running late for a movie right now. Thanks for reading, I guess? haha.

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